RA Challenge ♡ #17: The Character I Love To Hate

Ok, let’s keep Daniel Miller out of this although his latest hairstyle looks like a crime against humanity. There’s still hope. But otherwise it’s this feckin’ eejit:

Deeeeerp! Yes, because you deserve it, Bateman! Picture sourced from RAnet

Yeah, right. Nothing adds up about you, John Bateman! For starters, you look ten years older than Lucas North even though you are supposed to be a flashback younger version +- 15 years. But otherwise you neither look similar to the supposed “Lucas North” original, nor is it likely that you managed to pass all the MI5 background checks in order to take Lucas’ place as a new MI5 recruit. I mean – maybe you share the same blood type, and you are of identical height and build. Documents can be forged – particularly pre-digitisation – but did no one check-in with North’s family, or did they just read on the Lucas North application file that your daddy was a protestant minister – no need to doubt and check a ‘man of god’?

Highly moralistic Lucas North – all his daddy’s son – suddenly going rogue, killing unsuspecting girls and threatening to drug his female colleague to death in a bid to blackmail Harry? Pur-lease! Pulling the “love of his life” out of his hat as if marriage with Elizaveta never happened? And being unable to somehow get Harry on his side – the mentor who is deeply in Lucas’ debt? This is a hot mess of plot holes the size of Lake Victoria.

I’ll repeat here for all to read: Season 9? A complete nightmare. From which Lucas is waking up while taking a hot shower in episode 1 of season 9 11. Actually, let’s throw season 10 and the Spooks movie into the nightmare, too, and continue after Lucas has just saved the world – once again – by identifying the teenage terrorist in the UK and stopping the bombing of the Houses of Parliament. Returning home, Lucas is in need of an extra hot shower… *cue steamy bathroom and tight undies* Breathing in deeply, Lucas steps into the shower cubicle and luxuriates in the spray of hot water. Leaning back, hot rivulets of water run down his extended neck. Lucas exhales. “Just another day in the office…”

37 thoughts on “RA Challenge ♡ #17: The Character I Love To Hate

  1. You said it all. Many of us love to hate Bateman so much we try to deny he ever existed. He is a horrible plot bunny that hopped right off a roof.😉


  2. I know what you mean. John Bateman came out of nowhere and I feel like I’m still trying to reconcile him against Lucas North. But, I saved all my hate for the despicable writers of Season 9!


    • Yeah, I’d rather like to hate on them, too. – I do wonder what RA truly thought about Lucas’ end. He was always his true professional self in the interviews – admitting he was surprised by the ending, but bigging up the surprise ending.

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  3. Hm.
    Mit “character people love to hate” wird doch eigentlich eine Figur umschrieben, die so herrlich fies ist, dass es Spaß macht, zuzugucken. Oder? So habe ich jedenfalls die Verwendung der Formulierung bisher aufgefasst.

    Eine RA-Rolle, die in diese Kategorie gehört, fällt mir nicht ein.

    Bateman kann es jedenfalls nicht sein, denn diese Figur ist nicht unterhaltsam-bösartig, sondern einfach nur absurd-unrealistisch innerhalb der Spooks-Wlelt.
    Mit einem anderen Unterbau hätte die Idee umgesetzt werden und gelingen können, aber nicht mit Lucas – das ist einfach nur völlig bescheuert.


    • Hm, nee, die Definition von “love to hate” ist ein bisschen anders. Wiki sagt ” an interpersonal relationship involving simultaneous or alternating emotions of love and hate”. Ich bin da mit meinem Ansatz aber auch nicht 100% dabei, denn eigentlich hasse ich Bateman ja nur – die Liebe erstreckt sich ausschließlich auf Lucas.
      Absurd-unrealistisch. Bingo. Und das auch noch bei Lucas. Schande!


  4. I have three boxed sets gathering dust, I was so devastated by series 9 I cannot bear to re watch any of them.
    And completely off topic, have you had time to watch Frozen yet?


    • Ha! Thanks for the reminder, Yve. No, I haven’t watched it yet. But now that I have a bit of enforced down-time, I should really put it on and watch it.


  5. LOVE this so much! I do watch Season 9 with the sound off- because he looks so good. But otherwise, I too pretend it was all a bad dream. The whole Bateman thing never made sense with what we knew about him up to that point.


  6. Like Yve, I have the Spooks dvds gathering dust. Series 9 spoiled it all for me. I suppose I should get them out and watch the first two again because I did like them and I could try to pretend 9 didn’t exist. John Bateman was just non-sensical *sigh*


  7. so here in all honesty, i have them all 3 recorded on my cable box at the ready, should i avoid S9 altogether? is he that evil? will i hate im and best left unwatched? Happy to stick with S7 and 8 in that case.. or does it redeem him in the end? sounds to be as if Lucas was supposed to not have been Lucas but replaced in prison by somebody else who comes back if i gather? I felt betrayed enough when the old lady turned out to be a spy don’t know if i can take 9 eps of evil RA 😦


    • You will definitely be disappointed. Season 9 is so NOT Lucas. I mean, there is some Lucas action in there, but as the season progresses, Bateman takes over. It really is painful to watch. No redemption really, either. There is an awful lot of pain and drama to witness at the end. (You almost feel sorry for “Bateman” – he did it all for love, he is protecting the love of his life. Yet in the end it is all for nothing… well, I won’t spoiler it for you…)
      So, if you don’t feel the absolute need to see previously unseen material, then leave it and hang on to the vision of Lucas North as uncompromised hero.


  8. Good call here, Guylty. I agree with you and everyone here on the Bateman debacle. I’ve managed to blot the whole thing out of my mind so I can still enjoy series 7 &. 8.

    Mind you, if Bobby Ewing can do it

    why not Lucas North. And to better effect. 😮 ❤

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    • That was the episode that drew me to Armitage. Precisely because I liked the strange, mysterious interaction between Lucas and the hacker left so many question marks for me – I hadn’t seen the run-up to the episode and didn’t know that Bateman had popped up.


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