2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #18

Seriously, but “there is not enough Armitage on my dash”. That’s what they used to say on tumblr when there wasn’t much by way of RA happening on the tumblr TL. It’s a sign of people having moved on, I guess – and of me subscribing to the wrong people. One of these days I must go on a following spree…

So, short but sweet, also due to lack of time. In case you need some time fillers, may I suggest reading one of the recommended fics from yesterday’s RA challenge #20?

  1. I totally love silhouette graphics – this one by rabentochter is nice
  2. A little conversation between fans about Thorin and Richard’s performance as Thorin. By lovelylilpup
  3. From BS season 1, yet a nice Miller scene – as he explores Claudia’s flat. Giffed by ghisborne
  4. Riepu10 brings us part 2 of her gif-illustrated filmography of RA. Some of our favourites are popping up!!!
  5. Fatummeum is selling some fan items – including some official Thorin bookmarks. Just in case you are looking to complete your collection…
  6. Hahaha, I bet that is *precisely* What a Guy wants… This quip fits so well with the pictures… by nfcomics
  7. Circusgifs spoils us with a close-up gif of Daniel Miller, looking incredulously worried. Or worriedly incredulous?
  8. An interesting Bagginshield fan art – there is so clearly Thorin in it, yet… Fan art by shipsicle
  9. A throwback with soft focus. Sir Guy, expertly giffed by mabelalexa
  10. Bagginshield bed scene. Not the way *you* think. Fan art by kurosmind
  11. Aw, and this one… so cute… Bagginshield again, by teenntee
  12. Sporty Thorin. By gonzonr3

Have a nice weekend, all!

Guylty ❤️


24 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #18

  1. It’s Mother’s Day weekend here in the USA, so I wish those of you who are mothers a wonderful time.

    As for the scarcity of RA material, he’s to blame, since he’s decided to disappear. It’s a bummer.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Crap, I forgot it was Mother’s Day already 🙇🏻‍♀️Oh well, my mother is used to me forgetting. She knows I work a lot, and I am sure she will survive it again 😈 don’t get me wrong, she was a pretty good mom, I’m not a good daughter. That and the fact that I’ve passively avoided telling anyone in my family I destroyed my face last Nov when a shelf fell on it after getting back from NYC. Been seeing a plastic surgeon and putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. Mom would freak, drop a brick, become unbearable if she knew. I hate drama too, so I am not telling her and counting on you all here to not tell her either. Heh🦋


      • Oh yeah, the scar(s) are visible. It was a train wreck to the nth degree, but looking (somewhat) better, now. Bruises are long gone and the swelling has also gone. I had a really swollen face, two black eyes, and bruises down my cheeks and right jaw.

        The first emergency room doctor refused to touch me. The second plastic surgeon I saw sat back after examining me and said: “For the record, I cannot perform miracles.” Great start. I didn’t tell my Hubs at first either because I was not going to tell him over the phone and he wouldn’t see me right away. So I waited until he got back and he was pretty upset that I didn’t immediately phone to tell him. He then assured me that he would still “do me” even with a torn up fat face. (sigh) Men and their priorities. He is lucky I cannot resist him. 😈


      • Oh, I forgot to say how it all happened. A shelf of books fell on my face after I’d closed up for the night. Stunned me so much, I crumpled to the floor for a few minutes, but then my face felt wet so I went to the bathroom and saw the horror show (mostly blood) that was now my face. It really was a horror show.


        • OMG – that sounds horrific, Mimi. Plus, were you there on your own when it happened, after all the other staff had left? That could’ve gone really really badly. Please please take good care of yourself!!!!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Ha, yes, I was alone. It was probably for the best tho cause it would have really freaked anyone else out. I phoned Marnie, (wife of a brother from a different mother) and she brought over an ice pack and drove me to emergency


              • Someone would have found me the next day if I had been knocked out. However, I have _never_ been knocked out. I’ve had the wind knocked out of me, but never lost consciousness. 😈 Yeah, I was a bit of a rough-housing tomboy growing up


    • For many of those works I only know fan cuts and never watched the whole show. Unfortunately a lot of content has been removed from YT over the years. For instance, I watched basically all of RH on YT – full episodes. They’re all gone…


      • BTS full episodes are there, though. But yeah the rest are hard to find, which is why I haven’t watched them yet. I think I’d prefer to see the scenes in context if at all possible.


        • Agreed. Ideally the full work is better. I have often found that I was missing bits of information because I lazily relied on the RA-only summaries.


      • I’m very old fashioned and kind of collector, so I have everything (what is possible to get) on DVD. But there are still things I’ve seen only once and probably not going to watch again.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I like that kind of “old fashion”, riepu, although I actually don’t have any DVDs, apart from NS. Mainly because my laptop doesn’t have a DVD slot…


          • I think my DVD-shelf disagrees 😀 But I love to have physical copies. I bought a new laptop few months ago when my old one broke down and it took ages to find suitable laptop because DVD slot is something I can’t live without 🙂


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