RA Challenge ♡ #22: Drinking Buddy

Right – there is a big caveat for this question of the challenge, because by and large I do not drink. Alcohol, that is. Beer doesn’t agree with me, and since I don’t have a particularly good sense of taste, wine is pretty much wasted on me. If pressed, I would probably order something “spiritual” – a) for a civilised session it would be a G&T (preferably Hendricks, with thinly sliced cucumber, please). If we were going for b) a drink-to-forget session, my spirit of choice would be Whiskey (Bushmill’s Black Label, please) or Whisky (Talisker). I know surprisingly much about Whiskeys for someone who purportedly doesn’t drink…

Either way, my drinking buddy of choice is…

In case of a) Mulligan puts on quite a nice spectacle when he is imbibing. Terribly good at flirting – I would like that. And in terms of b) he’d probably not be disinclined to moving on the session to the comfort of a bedroom *coughs*… In both cases, I think Mulligan could be an interesting drinking buddy, with interesting stories to tell. (No matter whether they are true or not. Just keep talking, Mulligan, you have a way with words – and with the wine glass/beer bottle. And your choice of take-away goodies is not to be scoffed at, either. Please cover all angles with me, too 😍)

Who would *you* like to spend an evening drinking with?

42 thoughts on “RA Challenge ♡ #22: Drinking Buddy

  1. I don’t drink much, but I’d choose Guy. He doesn’t seem the kind of person who likes to get drunk (except when he kills the person he loves), but he’d need to spend some time away from the sheriff. I’d take him somewhere quiet and spend a few relaxing hours with him, drinking some wine and just talking of light and funny things.


  2. What about alcoohol use by Kenneth and his family in LLL! Buddy or bad friend?
    Very occasionally as a family tradition too: spirits after meal, but always keeping my own spirits light!


  3. Can I choose Rchard himself? And coffee.

    Breakfast with coffee sounds good.


    What do you mean, I misunderstood the question?


    Oooookay: I’m going to have a beer or ten with Daniel.

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  4. I’m a tee-totaler (sp?), so here’s the deal: he (my 1st choice would be Porter, but am flexible!) drinks red wine, BUT he HAS to look at me like Mulligan there is looking at whateverhernamewas. And I’ll just watch him drink while my ovaries explode. Oh and OK I’ll order some Virgin Mojitos if he insists..!

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  5. I’ d prefer JM too, nobody takes a glass of wine with more sex appeal than he does. And since I like red wine, too, this will fit. A civilised evening….
    For one or more beer, I would accompany John Standring to the local pub and after that, we would take a walk to his house in the village…no need to drive home with a messy SUV. Could be an exciting evening, depending on the amount of beer!


      • In this case we should change to something stronger. But I’m afraid I would be the first who becomes embarassing before he looses up.


        • Hehe, same here. Totally not used to alcohol. Plus, alcohol always makes me sleepy. Chances are, I’d snooze off before anything interesting – or embarrassing – happens.


  6. I would like to spend an evening ( hm, only one? What a pity) with Lucas and Daniel. It would be nice to have a discussion about the modification of their profession as a warm-up and then….wait and see!
    But I must not drink beer, because I get tired after drinking a pint.


  7. I’d like to throw back a few flagons of ale with Thorin at the Green Dragon. With a break from trying to reclaim his homeland, it would be a chance to loosen up his braids and have a good time. He might even break out his harp and get a dwarven sing-a-long going. He would have left his map at home so we would (hopefully) get lost on the way back to Erebor. 😉

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  8. Lots of good suggestions here. I was going to go with Porter, too. Great to look at across the table, and he knows how to handle himself in case any rowdy revellers spoil the atmosphere. In a mild but persuasive, strong and silent way of course. rather than his fists.

    He’d probably know some good jokes, as well — “A blonde walks into a bar” perhaps. 😉 And he’d be the perfect gentleman when he walked you home. Unless you suggested otherwise.

    Sorry, Guy. I’d love to sup a beaker of mead with you, too, as long as you weren’t in a drowning your sorrows kind of mood.

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    • I briefly thought about Porter, too – but yeah, I guess he’d be too much of a gentleman… But he’d definitely be the drinking buddy of choice if there was only a rough bar at my disposal.


  9. It’s Porter for me too. I agree Mulligan is seductive behind a wine glass but… so many other issues (including his dress sense).

    With Porter what you see is what you get, and who can forget that seductive look when he’s being a very good boy… I think that would be even more of a killer over a glass of wine…

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  10. I don’t drink either….. but when I have in the past it has been a mudslide. I did try whiskey when visiting Scotland and did not mind the whiskey with honey. Forget the characters, I would just go with the original RA.


  11. There are so many noteworthy contenders. Not fond of beer. It makes me belch. So, as much as I’d love to drink Thorin under the table (with me on top), I think I’m going to have to go with Lucas because I know he drinks vodka which is my drink of choice. Okay, rum, bourbon, and iced tea are also my choices. I’m an equal opportunity drinker. Laissez les bon temps rouleur.


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