RA Challenge ♡ #23: F*ck Buddy

Ah yes… sorry for the terminology. And mild NSFW warning for a… let’s call it “off-colour”, if not downright raunchy, post. (But we are all adults here, so let’s say it as it is.)

The character I’d want as a f*ck buddy

This question is pretty straight to the point, I guess. But before I disclose who I would like to buddy up with for the purpose of an exchange of bodily fluids, I think it is necessary to say that *I* think a f*ck buddy is not a man one has a romantic sexual relationship with. He is more like a “friend with benefits”, someone one is loosely attached to, for more or less regular satisfaction of physical needs. No strings attached, though, just pure lust. Someone who rocks your boat – but doesn’t necessarily provide the emotional stability of a relationship. Heck, you don’t even need to *like* him that much, never mind *love*.

In that case, my choice is…

Daniel really does the trick nicely. Certainly has the goods, yet doesn’t elicit much emotional entanglement from me. He’s a little bit too unmoved by everything for my taste to be a candidate for romantic feelings, yet is an interesting acquaintance to have. Which makes him perfect for the occasional fulfilment of erotic desires that do not come with the responsibility of full involvement. Definite plus: travels a lot and occasionally vanishes for whole stretches of time. Plus, I’ve seen evidence that he’s pretty good in “that” department. I will spare you the gifs… So he brings everything to the table or living room wall that a casual lover should: Good in the sack, no strings attached.

Definite bonus: Indulges in post-coital smokes. And really rocks one hell of a belly chain… I just can’t get that thought out of my head 😂

PS: Reminder for Daniel:





60 thoughts on “RA Challenge ♡ #23: F*ck Buddy

  1. My f.buddy would be Lee Preston aka Speedo Man from Cold Feet. He seems like fun, up for anything! (no pun intended lol) Daniel is a good candidate too! He’s v probably smarter than Speedo Man but then again we wouldn’t be doing much talking would we???

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    • Lee Preston is the personification of f*ck buddy-ism *lol*. Someone who will make you have lots of fun in the sack – but nothing more. And you are right – talking not required.

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  2. belly chain??? woo den??? wie habe ich das verpasst? and totally with you! I’d be very tempted by Porter or Guy, even Proctor.. hmm.. but those i’d fall for immediately too and that is not the point of this 😉
    And no gifs??? really??!!! i thought the whole point of the challenge was to illustrate with gifs 🙂
    like this one 😈😈😈

    sorry blame it on the Nurofens and my overheated brain from yesterday

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    • The belly chain is my imagination only, of course – it’s just that the way he is lying there on the bed, those little creases look like a belly chain. And once that had crossed my mind, I couldn’t unsee it *hehe*
      As for the gifs – you know, they are playing in my kopfkino all the time. Yet for some prudish reason I feel hesitant about posting them. Not sure whether I am sparing RA’s blushes or my own…

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        • Well, *Daniel* wasn’t blushing. But is RA, upon seeing the peaches in action, on endless loop? I don’t mean to imply he is a special little snowflake, but… butt *giggles*

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          • Yeah i agree doubt he really fancies seeing his splendid naked butt in action subsequently 😋😍 ‘giggle’ however very recent experience just confirmed that having your behind hang out on stage or screen is no big deal at all for actors round here. Maybe mr A is less fussed personally too than we might think… it’s probably the endless looping which would be erm…tiring 😂😂😂😂


        • I always wondered: is it possible for an actor to blush on demand?
          Because of the scene in N / S episode 4 where after the announcement of the death of Richard Hale, at the restaurant table, when Nicholas Higgins replied on Margaret’s destiny, John Thornton blushed from cheeks to ears.

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          • I think that is very difficult indeed, i guess you could achieve it with make up but a genuine reaction is special. I guess if one were able to recall memories, instances that would provoke that reaction it would be possible. Kudos to our OOA 🙂


            • His red ears are transparent, it is not the make-up.
              Maybe by depriving yourself of oxygen? Try to pinch the nose with fingers while trying vainly to force the exhalation of air through the nasal cavities. But the effect is only brief. Other methods are dangerous.
              It is the sympathetic autonomic nervous system through adrenalin which is responsible for redness while the parasympathetic nervous system is overwhelmed . Is this parasympathetic system SYMPATHETIC or ANTIPATHIC? Kudos to shy emotive people!

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  3. I have to choose John Mulligan. I like his bad boy ways and, if I knew what he sold, I would definitely not fall in love. I am sure he is one heck of an experienced man and could provide hours of hedonistic pleasure! And fish and chips (just chips for me, thanks)!

    PS. Thanks for providing the added fun of a translation challenge. (You little minx!)


    • Yeah, he looks like he’s got a bag of tricks at the ready… which can be quite nice when we are talking a casual relationship for only *one* purpose…
      *coughs* Do you mean the postcard? Hehe, yes… when I initially spotted it in the series, I just had to laugh out loud because it was so fitting – as Daniel was trying to get into Claudia’s pants at the time…


  4. Hon, hon, hon! I’d go for Daniel, but he smokes…and then I wouldn’t be able to breathe for two reasons instead of one. 😉 I’ll go with Mulligan this time around.


  5. I’m a long way off from answering this challenge question, so how you define the term f*buddy at the top will help me to choose 😉 Certain chaRActers I’ve become very attached to emotionally – Porter, Lucas, Proctor, Thornton all tempt me, but I love them so they’re out. What I’ve seen of Daniel Miller in action *cough* makes him very tempting. And belly chain? I love that squish in his tummy!!


    • Yep, I am too attached to the other characters, too. It would be a shame to waste good men on a casual relationship ;-).
      That squish is pretty endearing…


  6. I have to go with gorgeous Guy of Gisborne. He trips my trigger in the lust department but would focus more on his ambition to further his career rather than being in a romantic relationship. He’s not my idea of a dream boyfriend but I wouldn’t turn down the occasional castle tryst or romp in Sherwood Forest… as a friend mind you with no strings attached 😆


  7. I don’t think I could be a ‘buddy’ with any man. If I tried to choose someone ‘no-strings’ I’d get myself tangled up like old fishing line anyway….so I’ll just go with who I really desire for his intense and raw masculinity and that would be John Proctor. (Yes I know he’s married but in my perfect world Lizzy is nowhere in sight so………mine!)


  8. Decisions. Decision. At first I was thinking of who I wanted to emotionally and sexually involved with. Then I remembered the term was f*ck buddy, a friend with benefits. I’ll go with Daniel. He’s intelligent. He can carry on a conversation. He seems passionate but also a bit aloof. And we’ve seen him “perform”.

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  9. I chose Thorin, too, provided I am of dwarvish size. He is pure virility and that thrills me. I am also a bit spoiled by the fabulous fan art. However, I don’t consider a romantic relationship since the smell and his rustic manners would turn me off in the long run.


    • Just based on use of language, yeah. And I can see how Porter may be partial to a bit of casual fun… I am too much into him to just use him as a f…buddy.


  10. I’d always need some emotional atttachment as well for a f***buddy, which is probably why Daniel never even occurred to me. But, I agree, he would make a very nice one. 🙂


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