RA Challenge ♡ #25: Favourite Prop

Hands down, this is an easy question:

Original – sexy Guy in leather with gloves

The gloves. Because they are a recurring theme. Exhibit 2 + 3:

And in full motion double whammy:

Need I really say more???

Just this one thing: I am sometimes wondering whether these little gems have become a bit of a nudge-nudge moment for RA, cheekily giving his fandom a little wink… It is as if he is quoting himself, because he knows that his fans enjoy this little recurring motif so much… I’m not complaining! I love this prop. There is, of course, something very suggestive about this particular motion, however practical it appears to be. Maybe it is the anticipation of seeing the previously hidden skin suddenly revealed, the contrast of black leather and white skin. Or it is the implied sensitivity and sensuality of the bare hands. In any case, it works. I hope RA has many roles in his future that require him to take a pair of soft buttery black gloves off with his gleaming white teeth. Make it happen, Hollywood!

What’s your favourite crop… eh… prop?

31 thoughts on “RA Challenge ♡ #25: Favourite Prop

  1. Good choice!! I like to think it’s a little kind of salute to his fandom. It would be just as easy to pull his gloves off with his hands. And less unsanitary 😉

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    • Glad I am not the only one who thinks it is a conscious nod at his fans… (I sometimes wonder whether I am merely “hearing fleas cough” – German expression meaning ‘to hear the grass grow’)


      • When his sign-in alias at the museum in Hannibal was JOHN Somebody and then he pulled his glove off with his teeth, I laughed out loud and thought “Oh, yeah, he is ‘working’ us.” (And Bryan Fuller, who is also a cheeky guy, is approving every bit of it.)

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        • That was exactly my reaction, too, Besotted. I noticed both the name as well as the use of the gloves. Iconic! Ha, and totally opportunistic… but I love being ‘worked’ like that…

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  2. I love Guy’s shield and all his yellow and black flags. And his sword too.
    I’m actually a little obsessed with the shield and I recreated it in cloth, in wood in various sizes, painted it on a yellow t-shirt (and I wear it), had it carved on a necklace, painted on my nails etc 😀

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    • Interesting – that fits your interest in fencing, too, in some way. While I do think the coat of arms design is somewhat fitting for Guy (it has an aggressive, slightly threatening feel to it), I am not really into the colours. I wish they had chosen gold instead of yellow…


      • Probably Guy would have liked to have gold in his coat of arms, but I think that having all the shield painted in gold would have been too expensive for him, so he had to settle for yellow. Then we should see which one is really Guy’s coat of arms, the one with the geometric pattern, or the one embroidered on his servants’ tunics (a shield, half black, half yellow, with two wolf heads)? The second one is more similar to a real coat of arms, but it’s the first one that Guy uses on shields and flags.


        • Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he had a ‘proper’ coat of arms – i.e. not the (modern) geometric pattern but the historically slightly more correct wolfs’ heads…


  3. Oh, YEAH! I love the gloves too. Nothing beats the thrill of that first time, though. Let’s hear it for Guy; after all, it’s GuyDay! *swoon*

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  4. And what about shoes: town shoes, walking shoes, richelieu shoes, brogue shoes, berby shoes, Monkstraps, boots, laced boots, dress boots, mocassins, sandals, sneakers?


  5. I think you’ve hit the nail with the subtle recurring use of the glove. Who would have thought such a simple gesture could be so sensual? Another prop that is often seen worn on his characters that I like is his various neckwear. Thornton, Proctor, Deeming, Porter, Harry, Daniel and even Guy have all used this accessory to advantage. It frames his face nicely while still allowing a glimpse of some lovely neckitage. Special mention should also go to his tattoos 😍


  6. Goodness, I didn’t reaiise the Armitage oeuvre contained so much gloveliness. It’s quite striking, isn’t it, when it’s all up there together.

    My favourite prop has to be the swords. I’ve even looked online into buying one for myself, but they’re a bit pricey just for a whim and our courier guy would have a conniption fit.


    • gloveliness – oh, I love that coinage. Jenny. Spot on!!!!
      RA’s swords are certainly very impressive *coughs* – personally not my cup of tea. Mind you, we have got a hideous, authentic bayonet from WW1 in our house, as well as some ceremonial swords…. so that is a bit of a hypocritical statement…


  7. I was thinking of all his jackets but I think I like the gloves more. And don’t forget the black gloves worn by Ricky Deeming. Too bad John Thornton didn’t use his teeth on his black gloves.


  8. I already answered on Twitter, but I want to complete the challenge here, where we can develop more. So, number one is definitely Guy’s shirt (https://ro.pinterest.com/pin/529243393689536667/), followed closely by the black top of Lucas North (https://ro.pinterest.com/pin/529243393694062763/) and by John Proctor’s scarf
    (https://ro.pinterest.com/pin/529243393684385966/). Btw, I have a real prop from The Crucible, a piece from Elisabeth’s warrant (https://ro.pinterest.com/pin/529243393684455278/).

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    • I’m glad you are answering the challenge here, too – it means that others get to see the links. – And what a special souvenir! A piece from the play. Cool!!! (I think the only thing I got from the play were a couple of those black scraps of paper that “rained” from the ceiling…)


  9. ah, how could i forget about the glove! but only in combo with his teeth is it elevated to its special status 🙂 Would a horse could as a prop? Then that would be my second choice! Swords are nice but horses nicer 🙂
    And my third would definitely be the jeans! The Lucas ones and the Porter ones and hopefully some more to come.
    But i think the gloves will be special, i think he does know we are attached to them as well as to his ‘Johns’ 😉 That will always be an insider nod 🙂
    Thanks for the great illustrative gifs! The way he nibbles on that gloved finger is always fascinating to watch and study 🙂


    • That’s a valid point – the gloves are only so cool, because RA always uses them in conjunction with his teeth, the cheeky bugger.
      LOL – when you used the word “Johns”, I had to read the sentence twice, because ‘johns’ is a synonyms for the toilet and I was wondering what kind of toilets the fandom was attracted to…

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