2017 Armitage Weekly Roundup #19

Hooray, I am having the first of a string of holidays. I am off this morning on a little trip over to the West of Ireland, accompanying my visitor who has booked us into a holiday flat in the picturesque little town of Westport. Wi-fi willing, I will still be slow to react over the next four days, but I will have a couple of posts scheduled to keep up the momentum of the RA Challenge ♡. I am surprised how much fun I am having with that challenge. And with posting every day. The latter is something that I have always refused to do over any length of time (a week here and there for a charity drive the honorable exception). For exactly the same reason that I now find it so utterly irresistible – I love the constant on-blog-chat, and I feel the strong pull of that little orange dot on the bell symbol that notifies me of new comments… Thing is, I probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with daily posts if it wasn’t for a ready list of topics that I have to write about every day. But well, I am enjoying it while it lasts… Only six of them to go, though 😥…

Well, once that is over, I may have more time left for another of my vaguely RA-related schemes. My sewing project came to a stand-still because I had run out of fabric in early March. I could’ve re-ordered my fabric, but I wanted to wait with another shipment until I had designed the third version of my fabric design. In the meantime, I stacked up on lots of sewing material – I ordered new wax cloth, bought lots of lovely trims and ribbons in Germany, and a trip to Ikea yielded new scissors and thread. AND I finally got my third design done. The printed fabric showed up on my doorstep yesterday, and now I am itching to sew another batch of bags for another round of gift-bombing fun. Fingers crossed that I get to it upon my return on Wednesday.

Right, after all this, let’s dig into the spoils of this week’s tumblr dive.

  1. Guy Day was yesterday, but heck, it’s *always* Guy time. Check out lyledebeast’s Three Reasons Why I Love Guy of Gisborne
  2. Not sure whether this is just a filter or a digital drawing, but this vaguely cubist picture of Thorin by ausschweifendemotte is beautiful
  3. Forgive me if I am losing track of the RA Challenge posts on tumblr – here is #9 by mezzmerizedbyrichard – and it is always worth while being reminded of the funniest scenes…
  4. Miss Quick Response strikes again – no sooner is Richard seen with green parka reminiscent of German 1980s TV detective and Sinnaminie creates a new plushie. I have to say, in this case fiction is cuter than reality…
  5. Riepu10 takes her extraordinarily useful gif filmography to part 3 – from Shakespeare Retold to Spooks
  6. Hehe, orangesinnumerable seems to have a similar obsession with gloves as I do (see my post from yesterday) – here’s a handy gif
  7. And she tops it off with hands-UP the strongest forearm porn since 2013
  8. In lieu of all her other answers to the RA Challenge, here is totallyradioactive15’s numbers 15 and 16
  9. Nfcomics is as cheeky as always. Hint hint. What a Guy wants…
  10. A moment with Francis Dolarhyde that makes my heart strangely miss a beat, captured by riepu10 – just that wide-eyed amazement when Francis understands something…
  11. Ok, I admit – since #20 in the RA Challenge, I have been obsessed with NS fan fiction. I welcome this gif set by thedamnstars
  12. In the same vein, I was looking at this gif set, thinking “oh, Margaret only reaches up to John’s shoulder”, when I noticed that that was exactly the point of this gif set by the aptly named loveofromance
  13. Ok, last one, I swear: Riepu10’s character study of Mr Thornton… *swoon*
  14. I hope I haven’t already linked to number 25 of clematis70’s RA audio quiz
  15. For some reason I really didn’t appreciate this photo of Richard at an EPIX event 2016. I am glad marrasquutamo has reposted it

Hope you have enjoyed that!

Due to my absence, I have scheduled #26 of the RA Challenge ♡ for tomorrow.

And now keep your fingers crossed that my freshly healed toe will actually see some action on my trip to the West. I want to get some beach walks and hill hikes in, tick off a few castles and prehistoric monuments from my membership card for Irish Heritage, and enjoy the great Atlantic outdoors…

Guylty ❤️


24 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Roundup #19

  1. the #5, when you open it up and go to her blog(the dragon’s lair) the third gif photo(harry kennedy). it freaked me out, he looks like a evil clown without the makeup/


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this edition of the weekly roundup! Hope your mini-break is everything you’re hoping for and much more. I want to see the pictures when you return! 😉


  3. I am very jealous of you being in Westport! Have a fabulous time and I hope you get some nice weather 😃

    Great roundup as ever… #9 😂😂😂 And I’m swooning with you over #12 and #13… ❤️


    • Thanks – it’s great, actually. Although I have to say that I am glad I brought my laptop along so I can have a sneaky session right now while my travelling companion is taking a rest…


    • The toe is doing ok. Luckily my travel companion is even lamer than me – she had a knee operation a while back, so massive big hikes are out of the question. At least that means my toe is getting rest…


  4. Mmm those furry arms of Charmitaged just make my nose itch from wanting to run my face up and down said fur.
    My cousin now goes 2x a year and spends weeks to months in a place she found on airbnb. She was afraid the townies wouldn’t remember her but they did. They treat her like family. I think I must go there sometime.
    Have a wonderful holiday.


    • Your cousin goes to Westport, you mean??? All the way from the US??? Well, actually, if she does, I can only say it is well worth it. It is just beautiful here. I mean, I have been around these parts several times over the years, and yet I can’t get enough of it…


      • LOL. Yes. My cousin goes from California to Westport and stays. She wanted to experience what it was like to live there so she stayed several months the first time. This last time she only stayed for 3 weeks.


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