2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #20

Summer has arrived in Ireland. Since it is likely that it will only last for about 72 hours, I am foregoing a long Round-up post and make hay while the sun shines – almost literally. (Not really making hay, but enjoying the sunshine.) Besides there has been lots of words in the various RA challenge posts in the last while. Here, have a new round-up header instead:

  1. Some characteristic eyelash acting, giffed by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  2. In case you missed Richard’s appearance in Spooks season 2, riepu10 has got the evidence 🐸
  3. Here, have a bright Kennedy smile, courtesy of ghisborne
  4. *snorts*… nfcomics puts more snark into Guy’s mouth… (this kind of applies to many men imo)
  5. Who did Richard miss the most after the filming of TH ended? Thorinds has the answer
  6. Totallyradioactive’s answers to questions #18 – 20 of the RA challenge – including some nice hand porn!
  7. Yeah, I see lightning when Thorin pops up, too… Gif by ladymofgisborne
  8. Digital art eyelash porn by moodyhedgie
  9. *coughs* sorta NSFW. Interesting mash-up by begitalarcos
  10. Creepily effective dragon sickness gif of Thorin by calaverna
  11. Riepu10’s filmography in gifs, 2009 to 2013
  12. Get ready for the second half of 2017 with totallyradioactive15’s RA calendar
  13. LOL – distinctgoldcalling has got a checklist to identify Armitage main characters. Touché
  14. This must have slipped through the net a while ago. But boy, this topless post by riepu10 is recommended fangirl material
  15. Faceless Lucas is strangely evocative… a collection by some-thrilling-heroics

Enjoy the weekend!

Guylty ❤️

14 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #20

  1. Netter Header, er hat schwer zu tragen der Arme 🙂
    Hier ist auch endlich Sommer, 30 Grad, Wind – gut auszuhalten so kann es bleiben!
    Genießt den Sommer Mädels und danke für die anregenden Fotos, esp. 14


    • Habt ihr es gut. Genießt es, sag ich nur. Bei uns war schon nach 48 Stunden wieder Schluss. Ich freu mich jetzt auf London – da soll das Wetter nächste Woche besser sein.


  2. Der neue Header gefällt mir. *g*

    Und schöne Sammlung, ein Danke dafür. Besonders der Frosch. 😛

    PS: Wenn dein Sommer nur 72 Stunden dauert, kannst du meinen bekommen.


  3. I love the new Round-up header! I thought it was related to R&J, but I thought I’d “Search for this image on Google”. This is what I found:
    “Best guess for this image: invisible woman air force 1”
    Lol. Google is not such a good guesser!


    • LOL – what a weird Google result. Although ‘invisible woman’ could be interpreted as all the fangirls invisibly gasping for air under the force of the onslaught of ‘the one’…
      But you are right – it’s a picture from the RJ promo. (I sneakily deleted the audible logo from it.)

      Liked by 1 person

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