RA Challenge ♡ #31: Dear RA…

[Turns out I was right to hold back on my final RA Challenge post – I was sitting at the airport, my flight with British Airways delayed by at least half an hour, when I started this post. The IT mess from last weekend apparently was still causing afterpains… Finished the post 18 hours later.]

So here we are, 31 questions – one topic. Mr A and our own reactions/reflections about him and his roles. It’s been great fun, thank you all for reading, commenting and answering the questions on your own blogs. I really enjoyed this little topical yet informal community event. It has been useful to see how my opinions have changed (very little) and to actually think about some of the more controversial issues candidly. If anything, the challenge has totally reaffirmed my crush – because it’s fun to be a fan, and it’s certainly worth-while to be *Richard’s* fan. Here’s to five more years of uncompromising fangirl fun! 🥂

If you haven’t done so yet, read what my fellow fans have to say about the challenge questions. Here are links to the latest RA Challenge posts by…

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There were also several takers over on Twitter who replied to the challenge as my posts were tweeted on my Twitter. Unfortunately I did not come up with a hashtag, but in any case, thank you to your answers over there, too.

You can find a link list to all my posts on this challenge HERE.

And now finally…

RA Challenge ♡ #31: What Would You Like To Say To RA Right Now

Dear Richard!

No time for love letters. There’s just this: No other celebrity actor has ever held my attention for this long. Your smile makes me smile, your voice makes me shiver in a good way, of course!, and your performances on stage, on screen and on TV make me think. You are *irrevocably* my favourite actor. That counts for something because it is a sign that you must be doing something right if you can sustain the enthusiastic interest not only of myself but of a highly heterogenous group of people for a length of time. It doesn’t get any better than that!

I just hope that you can enjoy your fandom just like your fans can. Because if you allow yourself, you can actually get the energy that you are putting in your work, back from those who appreciate your efforts.

Sending you lots of thanks, goodwill and creative vibes,

ever your fan,


PS: You’re gorgeous.

Jesus. Almost literally. Actually: Richard Armitage in full-on ladykiller mode…


28 thoughts on “RA Challenge ♡ #31: Dear RA…

  1. Dear Richard.
    Sweet man. Yes don’t argue, you are sweet. You are a kind, considerate gentleman. Even when saying no, your gentle. Never harsh or rude. I liked you from the get-go. 1st scene – Hobbit. Your eyes😥 that voice😥. I stayed to watch credits to find out who Thorin was. Yes I’d never heard of you before. Well Richard, i googled and my world was changed. I’d been *armitaged* i discovered and devoured all your projects, even ones ppl said don’t bother, it’s only a bit part. I bothered🙄 You bring your characters to life, well your an actor, that’s your job but so many don’t. All you see is the actor not the character. Oh god I’m rambling. Your my favourite actor. Your simply the best. Your not a headline junky type actor. Which is such a refreshing quality. Your genuinely humble, kind, generous and funny. Oh just a side note. Having met you 3 times – your photos do not do you justice. Much better looking in person. I know i didn’t it possible either but you are.
    Love and respect always.

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    • That’s a lovely and heart-felt message, Joanne. RA won’t read it, but I hope that there will be some sort of energy exchange instead…
      PS: Yeah, I also thought that he was much more attractive in person than on the screen. I think that has to do with getting a sense of the personality underneath the handsome face.


  2. Dear Mr. Armitage,
    Grateful thanks for taking me to places I never thought to go before. I hope you’re enjoying your own personal journey just as much.

    And thanks so much to you, Guylty for all your hard work in organising this for us, and to everyone who has made such interesting comments. I’ve had a great time. Now I’m off to follow the links and find out what I’ve missed.

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    • Lovely message, Jenny – I also hope that he enjoys the journey, with all the ups and downs and detours it takes.
      And glad that you enjoyed this little project. It’s nice to create our own fun, or to concentrate on ourselves a little bit.


  3. Dear Richard,
    I am not in your army, well not the regular army, maybe the reserves. But since I became a fan of yours a few years ago, I had wonderful experiences thanks to making friends with other fans of yours. I just want you to know what wonderful people you have following your career and wishing you the best that life offers in your personal and professional life. They are an amazing group. Thank you for taking time to greet us at stage doors. We appreciate it. There might be a medal in your future. For meritorious acting perhaps. I hope having fans is half as much fun as being a fan of yours.

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    • Yup, that’s something that will always endear him to me, too. And you are right in thanking him for doing the SD. Even if I have had a few niggles, I still think it is not a matter of course.
      Yeah, we really need an opportunity to hand over the acting medal!


      • We will. Are we allowed humor at the SD if his next play is tragic? I can’t remember if the general mood was jocular in the Crucible line.

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  4. I’m in the mood of love letters so bear with me 😘
    “Dear Richard,
    I’m not supposed to love you but I do. One might say it’s silly, one might say it’s sin, I say it’s magic. I was happy when I felt that you were happy, I was sad when I thought you were sad. I was kind because you were kind, I was daring because you were daring. I have new friends and I care more, I am better because of you.

    This is a letter I would never send him, the ones I actually sent are down-to-earth. It was a pleasure to be part of the challenge, thank you so much! 🌹🌹🌹

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  5. I agree with Herba,cih hatte sehr viel Spaß beim lesen auf den Blogs die sich beteiligt haben. Leider fehlt mir dazu einfach die zeit *heul*


  6. Dear Mr. Armitage,
    From the moment I first saw you in 2006’s Robin Hood I was fascinated with the man who could make such a mean person as Gisborne sympathetic, could make us see the hurt behind his actions. I’ve now watched everything you’ve ever done and realize you are exceptional in bringing out the humanity in all your characters. But you are more than just an actor. You are responsible for good friendships forming around the globe. We may have met because of our mutual admiration of you, but the relationships have evolved. I want to thank you for that. I will always love you for your kindness and the respect you show people.
    Now may I make a selfish request? Could you tweet whatever books you are reading? You’ve mentioned several which I never would’ve discovered if not for you, such as “Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers” by Mary Roach and “The Daughter of Time” by Josephine Tey. You could lead a discussion of the books on your Facebook site.
    I hope for only good things in your life. May all your dreams come true.
    With much love and affection,


    • That’s a beautiful message to him. And I second your request for book recommendations – it’s always interesting to hear what other people read because it gives added insight into their lives and interests.


  7. lovely letter and i think more of the messages shared here should go his way too 🙂 Somehow he strikes me as more than man to occasional take the time to go through them and smile 🙂
    We do too little letter writing anymore as is.. i love them… it’s thoughts and things you really feel as it takes much longer and more thought to put things to paper than it does to just say out loud
    I hope people still write and i hope he will keep getting them in years to come. I think he would like to know if and how his work impacts people 🙂

    thanks for the lovely challenge, it was so enjoyable to walk down memory lane and also read about how people got into it what they like, i think it binds us all together again and that’s a great experience 🙂


    • Can’t believe I never answered this comment. Sorry!
      Yes, I agree, I think that RA does look at letters – when time allows. Which probably isn’t often. And I can imagine him keeping letters, too. I certainly keep letters, and I reread the favourites. When enough time has passed between individual readings, they feel like entirely new messages. Win-win 😉


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