Raffle Results

Good morning!

Before I am flying out of London, leaving beautiful summer in the city behind (reminded me so much of the summer of ❤️ 2014…), I’ll just quickly announce the raffle results.

Thank you for your kind comments, all! Looks as if the grey/lilac combo is the new favourite… That gives me great impetus to make a few more bits and pieces for future gift-bombing sprees. Or another charity auction? Anyway, the raffle has finished and the winner is…

Mezz 🇦🇺

Hooray and congrats! So, Mezzie – you have the choice now: Pick whichever fabric you like best and tell me what you would like to have made. The choice is yours:

Let me know your choice 🙂

Thanks again to everyone who took part in this, yet didn’t win. Hard luck – but as you know, there is always another reason for me to put on a raffle. So maybe it happens next time!

PS: Draw protocol via randompicker here:


14 thoughts on “Raffle Results

  1. Wow, I nearly fell off my chair when my name scrolled up! Thank you Guylty! Difficult choice to make now….. I love the grey/lilac fabric as you know, but the blue has most of my favourite chaRActers represented by the symbols – Thornton, Thorin, Lucas, Porter, Harry and Guy, so I will say zipper pouch in the blue fabric please. It will come in very handy for carrying my RAPS and other Richardy goodies. 🙂 Now all I need to do is come up with a project of my own for which I really need the grey/lilac fabric!! 😉 Thank you again for your generosity and for the opportunity to own one of your wonderful creations *mwah*

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    • Wenn ich gleich mal mit meinem Verwaltungskram fertig bin (wegen Dienstreise sind die Rechnungen liegen geblieben), könnte ich eigentlich mal ne Runde nähen…


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