2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #21

Hello, weekend readers. I took the liberty of scheduling the weekly round-up a day late. Not necessarily because I only got back from London on Friday afternoon, but really because I wanted to ride out the unusual level of attention I was getting since late Friday evening when I posted my Observations on the SD with David Tennant. Here are my observations on the posting of my observations: The David Tennant fandom (what are they called btw? The Tennantettes? The Tennanters? The Tens?) certainly have some impressive reach. My post was quickly picked up by a fan on Twitter, and my “stats are booming” ever since as WP calls it. As always, my pictures are gifts to whichever fandom, so I don’t mind them being reworked and reposted, but I have to commend the original re-poster for crediting me via @ mention. That’s proper netiquette. Thank you!


There’s a definite spike in my traffic due to those frankly not very good pictures I took of DT… Not complaining. I just find it interesting, and it puts our own jokes about “the mighty reach of the Armitage Army” in perspective, particularly when you compare the usual traffic on my blog with the days since posting the “Observations”. Why, check the screenshot of my stats from last night – I racked up almost twice as many views yesterday (the orange column) than on the best post in May (the blue box)

Anyway, sorry for rambling on about that. Let’s move on to *our* man instead. Here’s a compilation of noteworthy posts from Tumblr this week:

  1. Sooo, Castlevania. Judging by maryjanezigzag’s picture of the game DVD, the Trevor part *always* had RA written on it…
  2. An amusing little story, written by life itself, recounted by hannibatchsmuse… I guess that could only happen in the US 😉
  3. *coughs* that scene with *that* line really made me laugh the first time I saw it. I remember thinking that Fuller fudged the line by putting an unnecessary “with” in there *coughs*. Giffed by riepu10
  4. A still from Pilgrimage, edited by ausschweifendemotte. We’ve seen it before. But I put it in here because I noticed something. Check the teeth! That’s the hair/costume dept at its best. Certainly not the pearly whites we usually see. I actually like the fact that they have thought of adjusting the dentistry to the middle ages because it always annoys me to see medieval films with 21st century perfect dentures…
  5. Ok, I really, really dislike the word ‘dork’. (I just think Richard is about 20 years too old for that adage.) But I really really *don’t* dislike this gif set by tinkertailor1212. A mood enhancer on a dark day!
  6. Mh, nice edit posted by guest2x2. I hope you retain control, too
  7. Muhahaha, yeah, I bet, Guy. Another naughty What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  8. Tinkertailor1212 subtitled this “pure”. Pure fun? Certainly makes me smile
  9. Ghisborne turns Sir Guy into a modern!AU. Convinced!
  10. Riepu10 finishes the filmography with part 5
  11. This one was put out there by thewolfsbaneofmylife. Discuss!
  12. Let’s remember one of the *essential* scenes in BS. Thank you to ulmoides for bringing this back to our attention. I’ll definitely be watching for *that* plot in season 2…

Hope you enjoyed that. (I deliberately ended on that aprés-shower scene… maybe *you* need one now? 🛀)

So, I am back home in Ireland after four days of summer (SUMMER!) in London. And yes, I am mentioning that *deliberately* because whatever happened there last night, we can’t let terrorism keep us from enjoying London, life and any place we love. Gosh, it was gorgeous over there. I had a launch event to attend and a few business meetings, and one of my pair of “the best bosses of all” put me up in my favourite hotel. Pop!Thorin was appreciative. He hopped under the covers as soon as he saw the bed (see right). Of course, he couldn’t stay on his side of the double bed. Noooo, he had to sleep right in the middle. Likewise, he also tucked right into the scrumptious breakfast, served – as always – in bed (see below).

Cheeky bugger.

As always he was a great companion, though, cheering me up and watching over me, even at work.

Lording it over my laptop, so to speak (see below right):

Mind you, that may be the last time he is lording it over Little Miss Bling. Because the *other* best boss of all is insisting on replacing Little Miss Bling after I mentioned some problems with the Macbook due to the latest forced-upon-me MacOS update. Annoyingly, the laptop keeps running out of battery power – even when it is plugged into the mains. (Do other Mac users have similar problems? It has doesn’t connect to iCloud anymore, the keychain doesn’t work, and the CPU appears to be overworked.) In short – it’s a pain in the ass. Boss-man immediately said “let’s get you a new one” 😂. I’ve heard that before. I’ll actually try having it repaired by an Apple expert first, but it’s good to know that there is the option of getting it replaced…

Anyway, I’ll leave you now with two architectural gems from London. I have increasingly begun to ignore the tube in London and explore on foot instead. Florin Court is Hercule Poirot’s magnificent Art Deco residence in the David Suchet ITV series. Located on Charterhouse Square is very close to my hotel and office in Smithfield. The opposite direction is Charles Dickens’ House in Doughty Street, Camden, is about 15 minutes by foot from the London office. I just love the mix of architecture in London…  And I will not stop going there because extremists are using violence to get their way. It’s got to stop. Let’s not allow them to bully us into submission.

Guylty ❤️

33 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #21

  1. Ich habe erst das Pilgrimage-Bild angeklickt ohne deine Anmerkung zu lesen und blieb sofort an den Zähnen hängen….. quasi…. örks….. 😬
    Gut gemacht. Obwohl die fürs Mittelalter wahrscheinlich immer noch zu gerade ausfallen. Aber da er eher eine non-smiling-Rolle hat, kommt es sicher nicht dazu, dass sein gerader Frontbiss in Erscheinung tritt. 😉


  2. Good catch on the Medieval teeth on Richard Armitage for Pilgrimage. If the teeth are a removable mouth prosthetic–we see lower, but he probably had an upper, too– that probably made his speaking French for the role that much harder–or maybe, they just rerecorded his during post production. Thanks for sharing!


  3. das Hotel sieht so richtig gut aus, ich beneide Dich in so einem Bett will ich auch schlafen!
    Nr. 8 gefällt mir, da hat er überall so gute Laune ❤
    Finde ich ja lustig, dass Du jetzt die Tennant Fans auch mit eingefangen hast 🙂


    • Och, die Tennant fans sind ja nur für einen Beitrag hier ;-). Alles weitere interessiert die ja nicht. Passt aber. Ich habe nicht so richtig Platz für einen zweiten Crush…
      Und ja, das Bett ist wirklich toll. Vor allem die Tatsache, dass ich das für mich alleine hatte. (Mal abgesehen von Pop!Thorin 😉)
      Gute Laune-gifs sind immer die besten!


  4. re MAC, have you tried resetting your SMC? That cut the problem by about half for me. (a launch process, watchdogd, seems to be overusing the CPU — essentially it searches for the file every 10 seconds). Anyway, I was able to cut CPU usage for that process by about half (80 percent to 40 percent). I also deleted a plist file called “undecreed” although it didn’t have much effect. I’m starting to think that I need to do a clean system reinstall, except that when I use the thing as a different user I don’t have the CPU usage problem, which has made me wonder if the real issue is Google Drive …


    • The SMC reset was the first thing I had to do when the laptop initially crashed without warning. The battery problem persists, and is really annoying to deal with. The laptop never charges any further than about 40% – then the charging process gets interrupted even though the laptop is plugged in. I’m gonna have to have this seen to.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I also repaired permissions (though you’re not supposed to have to do that anymore — and I don’t think it had any effect) and I reset the PRAM (not sure if that played a role as I didn’t check between that and the SMC). However, mine is still charging the whole way. It just takes about three times as long as normal if it recharges while the computer is on. It still recharges promptly if the computer is off.


        • The PRAM might be a good idea because I am having constant issues with the permissions. (I keep having to type in my password all the time.)
          I am just immensely frustrated that an OS update actually has made the computer function less well. Contradiction in terms.


          • It’s frustrating to me b/c I’m used to lousy Windows updates (the Windows 10 DL bricked my dad’s computer and I had to talk him through it over the phone), but this isn’t the standard for Apple. Good luck.


          • However, if you can get it repaired maybe you should — I was just reading an article about the i9 18-core chips. Given how much Mac wants for its products, I’m not sure it would be worth buying another Pro at this point until they have an i9 in them — sounds like it’s a year off or so. Teraflops!!


  5. Thanks for showing the back of Raymond’s head lol I guess that’s the latest Norman cut!
    I’m in London twice this week, must keep going.


  6. Thanks for another great roundup. Really liked the castlevania art. And of course everything else. As for DT, did you realize dear Thorin could not have been autographed under the rules of the DT SD? A quite frightening thought. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • It would have made the job of the autograph resellers much more difficult, though, presumably, and it would have prevented that crush on the weekends in London and NY where ComicCon coincided with his plays …


      • True. But I like the quirkiness of getting weird personal items signed. It was fun getting my shrine signed. Of course he had no idea what it was but that was part of the fun of it.


        • I am one of the minority who has no real problem with the presence of autograph resellers (as long as they don’t take it over) and I am pleased by the idea that Hobbit fans came to the stage doors. Still, I bet we’re in the minority there.


        • I think the latter is the main attraction of having him sign unorthodox material. Just the titillation of having him sign that shrine – and him not knowing what’s inside, makes me laugh out loud.


    • It is a really scary thought, indeed. What a pity that would’ve been.
      BTW, that rule came into play when I was at the DT SD. Because I have this mini-Doctor key ring, which would be the only thing that I would like DT’s signature on. But well, it was out of bounds…


  7. I think I did so well at the London premier of The Hobbit because I had a very old copy of the book, my daughter remembered Sir Ian refusing to sign something unrelated.


    • I would’ve thought that quirky/unusual things would be entertaining for the “signees”, too – I mean, they get to sign across their face any day. But a special copy of a book, or a funky little puppet do not pop up every day…


  8. that old building on the left is famous? Blimey! will catch up on links later.. and by he way my little key ring guillotined itself too and there are no more replacements, too bad!


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