2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #22

Hey, you fantabulous fellow fans! How cool is it that I uploaded the grey/lilac chaRActer design into Redbubble on Thursday night, and by Friday morning several sales had been done and a commission of over 12 Euro had been racked up? I know *one* person who has ordered something, but to everybody else – thank you, too. As soon as the proceeds have been transferred to me, I will donate them via Justgiving. Any preferences/suggestion as to which charity I should go for?

And now without further ado – this week’s tumblr goodies. Plenty of pictorial fun courtesy of BoF and Sleepwalker. Enjoy!

  1. Ok, let the BoF screencap fest begin. Here are b-a-g-g-i-n-s-h-i-e-l-d’s offerings
  2. And the same for the Sleepwalker trailer. This is petruchiolucasthorin’s screencaps
  3. Another proof that the level of detail in sinnaminie’s plushies is fantastic. Check this custom tatted Lucas plushie
  4. Totallyradioactive15’s choice of drinking buddy
  5. Hooray, and here we have a first gif from Sleepwalker. By ausschweifendemotte
  6. I think I share that sexual orientation with idlesuperstar
  7. Breathe in deep, riepu10 brings you Tom Cahalan in plaid
  8. Mentioning totallyradioactive15 again because she has some fanfic recommendations to you
  9. With these ten (10!) RA gifs from BoF by ghisborne you may even be able to avoid watching the whole thing… Yay. 
  10. Hooray, a nice edit of Sir Guy! By ladymofgisborne
  11. Ouch!!! Orangesinnumerable has put together some painful scenes in one handy gif
  12. I’m usually not a fan of vests, but well, ghisborne has me converted…
  13. Intense. Caught by ausschweifendemotte
  14. Ok, here’s a little TBT a lesser known chaRActer. Riepu10 gifs gives us Philip Turner
  15. Sometimes tumblr posts are just so dead-on… Yes, afro-elf, yes
  16. Beard? No beard? Check this thread. You will be rewarded
  17. Mezzmerizedbyrichard reveals her song choice as part of the RA Challenge
  18. I know how you all hate smoking, so I’ll claim this one by ofgreengables entirely for me. And now try *not* to take a shower…

Have a nice weekend, peeps!

Guylty ❤️



19 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #22

  1. Beard, preferably, but all good! Looking out a window as Thornton… who knew there were so many shots of this?
    And you may have to share those smoking pics with me! I could watch the gif of him getting into bed with his cigarette and getting comfy in the covers over and over ( in fact I just did!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Smoking hot RA. Love the way he inhales that lucky cigarette.

    Ode to Smoking

    I’d like to be, just for kicks,
    A cigarette lodged between RA’s lips.
    Lovingly held quite tenderly in bed,
    While my curling smoke wreathes his pretty head.
    I could even forget an hour or ten,
    That I was an evil carcinogen.

    Kathy Jones

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  3. Ah wonderful lunchtime reading this :-)) Forget the plaid, i was fascinated just by the deep breaths! i swear he breaths like nobody else, his full body is into it 🙂
    And that Guy edit.. those eyes……
    I like him with a beard and without, as long as it keeps changing from one to the other to keep it interesting 🙂
    And it really pays off to drag the smoking bed scene out again and again and again. This is the first time i stopped to admire the movement before getting drawn in by the chestitage. There’s the dancer again! He’s so graceful and at the same time intense in his physicality! Having such a long body helps but just look in those gifs at nr 3 how elegantly he pivots just on his one arm, well almost more like one wrist , keeps his legs elegantly together without odd throwing feet in the air and lands with a satisfying thump perfectly on top of those pillows. It’s a thing of beauty jst that movement! Makes me want to knpw if he practices it and figured out how to do it just right. Because there are a million ways that jumping on the bed could have looked utterly daft and ridiculous, and yet it is just perfect. And that control over his body translates into that whole mini scene.. beyond irresistible! Truth be told i never knew what hidden gems where in the BS material..


    • Yeah, I know. I am guilty of staring a ‘breathing Armitage’ for several minutes, too. There was a particularly good ‘breathing’ gif in context with ComicCon for Hannibal a couple of years ago. Or somewhere else where he was wearing a white t-shirt… Fascinating stuff. (Obsessed? Me? Nooooooo!)
      That Guy pic is pure porn.
      And christ, did I just spend several minutes staring at that bed twist gif? Maaaaan – thing of beauty is right. Did you notice the way the incident lighting from the window puts his ribs and pectorals in relief? *theregomypants* Not to mention that he actually manages to do all the acrobatics with his cigarette burning, only to end up as cool as a cucumber and slap-bang in the middle of the cushions. Honestly, I am beginning to find a whole new level of appreciation for this series. If some able fangirl could gif every single Daniel scene for me, I would surely learn to love this show…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Me too! See we just need to focus o the essentials I bow i respect of the director for that ep.. who was it again? Well delivered though i secretly hope that bit was choreographed by himself And haven’t noticed the lighting in detail.. man! Now i have to watch it again!!


        • I doubt it was choreographed – it’s just his natural talent *hahaha*. Looking good from any angle. Should be part of his CV… “Special skills: Looking good. From any angle.”

          Liked by 1 person

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