2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #24

I think, silly season is firmly on us. Gosh, it’s quiet. Never mind that Pilgrimage had another showing on Thursday in Brussels, facilitated by the Irish Embassy *yay*, and that Armitage himself actually tweeted that he had seen the film. His tweet almost sounded as if he was surprised about the level of violence in the film. How so? Surely, acting the act means he should’ve known that there were depictions of extreme violence in the film?!!?? I am wondering whether RA travelled to the Embassy event to see the film. It’s easily done, I guess – a quick overnighter from Berlin, only 1 hour 20 minutes and you are there. – Pilgrimage is being shown again tonight at the Edinburgh Film Festival, and I do hope that we will get some reviews coming in, as well as release dates for the cinema. I still haven’t ordered the DVD – I am much more hoping for an opportunity to see this film in the cinema…

You’ve come here for the round-up, so I’ll give you the round-up.

Header 4

  1. Let’s just start off with some simple truth, voiced by friendoftheood
  2. A nice look at Daniel, including some neckitage, courtesy of freya-asatru
  3. Agreed. Or what do you think about stelstephanic’s opinion?
  4. It’s been a loooong time since I read a new fan fic. This one by xxxthe-grammarnazi-xxx is set in Erebor with a young, free and single Thorin… Part 1
  5. Sinnaminie has got TWO new plushies for us, and they are cutesy-patootsy as always. Which one do you prefer?
  6. Armitage looks really good with fire… Gifset by beyond-the-nights-world
  7. How about a little TBT 2008? I have always had a soft spot for this photoshoot, even though I usually prefer Armitage in a slightly more substantial shape. Posted by mariislava
  8. I can’t thank circusgifs enough for this gifset. It is exactly the *one* scene from BoF that had me swoon because I can *just* imagine what it feels like to do that…
  9. And another one by circusgifs, just because… close-up… lashes… 
  10. Sorry, slightly shamelessly advertising my own stuff here, but I have to say I really like how that character design turns out on a phone case. Totallyradioactive15 ordered it
  11. Old, but pretty season 3 Guy is pretty irresistible
  12. Eh, you had me at “I”, Guy, love… Gifs by gisbornes-heart
  13. Just leaving this here for plenty of objectification opportunity… Thanks to secretstarfishpirate

Right, that’s it girls and boys. I hope you’ll have a nice Saturday. Oh, and just a little warning that I will be heading on holiday on Tuesday, so the next couple of Saturdays may be round-up-less as I will be hotting it up in Crete.

Dayum. I wish this hottie would be hotting it up with me…

Guylty ❤️


And now bye-bye, see you in July!



59 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #24

  1. Oooh, Crete! I’ve watched ‘The Durrels’ and have fallen in love with that island. How fun for you; hope to see some fabulous pictures of the landscape and the ocean.

    The content of Richard’s tweet surprised me too because I had the same reaction as you: “Hello! Didn’t you notice all the gore while you were filming and your character was killing people?” He’s such a nerd, but I’m glad he is considerate of who he’s called his “most sensitive fans” in the past. Some of us are more easily affected by graphic violence. If I get the chance to watch it in the cinema, I’ll make sure to bring along someone who can tell me when to close my eyes! 😉

    Thanks for the round-up. I’ll take a look later. Happy weekend!


    • Even if the film isn’t *that* great, Armitage sure was great in it. Some very nice new material for us to swoon over, and mainly because he plays a truly normal man – no heroics, no superpowers, no mindgames.

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  2. Crete! I am going there in October! Hope you have a great trip. Love the Hellenic shrine, perfect for a little devotional drooling 🙂 I like the 3-D effect and the tiny handbag, LOL


  3. Mmm, #8 and #9 make me want to watch BOF now! And do I *need* to say I was a sucker for #11 and #12? Thanks for the best fun I’ve had today. 😉 ❤

    Have a fabulous holiday in such a fabulous place and don’t forget to pack plenty of suntan lotion, or you’d end up feeling too much like poor Dolly in #6. 🔥


    • BoF is worth watching for Armitage alone.
      Funny how Guy never gets old… That character has such staying power…
      Sunscreen is already packed, as is some after-sun care…


  4. The new fanfic in 4 looks good… I’ve saved the address for later. And Season 3 Guy does look good – I was just rewatching those scenes this week and thinking how majestic he looks.
    Have fun in your vacation! (Mine is coming up in two weeks. Can’t wait!)


    • It’s been a long time since I followed a fan fic as it was written. This one looks good (although I do have a few niggles, but that’s facetious of me), and I am looking forward for more.
      I tend to prefer Season 1 + 2 Guy, because I am not into long hair, but I have to say that Guy looked really, really PRETTY in some of the season 3 episodes…
      Where are you heading for your holiday?


  5. I was thinking about the comment, too, as Raymond de Merville does the by far and away most disgustingly violent thing in the film. However, in thinking about how they shot it, I can definitely imagine that he wasn’t the one doing it (if that makes sense). He acts all the dialogue up to that point and tells the other character what he’s going to do — but then the camera shifts to a shot of it being done. He probably didn’t have an idea of how it looked. And then he’s not even in one of the most violent battle scenes, so … But I was amused by the comment as well.

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    • That makes sense – and is exactly how I explained his remark to myself. I assumed that he didn’t think that whatever he was acting was going to be caught on film. Fair enough.

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  6. I love your Porter/Crete shrine! Although he´s not my favourite character he looks very appealing with the shades and the glamourous handbag! Have a pleasant trip and enjoy the heat (next time, you could visit Germany, we had 37 degrees this week :). Crete is really nice with its beautiful landscapes and lots of good food!
    Thank you for the Round-Up, as always a delight. I prefer the Tom Cahalan plushie from Sinnaminie. I like those details like the exact hairstyle and the cute green shirt (I guess, it´s the only non-checked one in the whole movie). The flaming GIFs with Francis are superb, and season 3 Guy is always worth looking at.
    The phone cover with your design strikes me, is it only available for iPhone? I have an old-fashioned flappable cover for my HTC One but I would change it for this stylish yet discreet fan stuff!
    As I have preordered the Pilgrimage DVD I am very curious about the violence and somehow glad to be able to skip the most disgusting scenes. And, yeah, slightly implausible that Mr. Armitage doesn´t know about the gory scenes (as in Hannibal, did he close his eyes while shooting?).
    Enjoy your summer vacation!


    • You know, Porter really grew on me over time. He was not an instant favourite. It took a while for me to look beyond the soldier and see the man…
      Just checked the forecast for my hometown where I will be spending Wednesday. 26 degrees forecast – hooray! And then 32 degrees in Crete *fistpump*. Hopefully a few more warm days upon our return to Germany again.
      Glad you like the phone cover. Unfortunately Redbubble only makes iPhone and Samsung Galaxy cases 😕.
      I might have to resort to ordering the DVD of Pilgrimage, too. Just by the lack of any further reviews coming along, I get the slight impression that the commercial release of this film may be very short-lived…


  7. Have a lovely time in Crete. I have never been there but it looks wonderful, loved the roundup but my fav has to be Porter with his gold handbag. My mom used to carry gold bags everywhere, always with matching gold flats. Topped off quite often with a rhinestone- encrusted cowboy hat. Unfortunately I didn’t inherit her flamboyance. Well, wardrobe choices, anyway.


    • Thank you – I will be thinking of you in Greece, though. Our holiday together will be at the back of my mind every time I eat tsatsiki. (And that means: every day…)
      And what a wonderful description of your mum. She sounds like a right character. Fantastic!
      PS: I think you are wonderfully flamboyant in your humour, Kathy!


  8. The Greek RAPS is just adorable ❤️ Have a wonderful holiday and give my regards to Crete – I haven’t been there since I was a student! Many, many years ago. Where will you be staying?

    Btw thanks for the roundup as always! 😘


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