(Some of My) Favourite Men (in Formal Attire)

Here is Richard Armitage waiting for you in the foyer to take you to the ballet.

A thousand new fantasies have been born, just by one simple tweet by Michelle Forbes. Wouldn’t you love the idea? A man to invite you to see a ballet, and such a romantic fairy tale at that, with gorgeous music by Tchaikovsky. You’d be swept off your feet even before the first note was danced and played, just when encountering a dressed-to-the-nines Armitage *dreamboat*…

I also like the slightly less formally attired young man in the following picture.

I cried a few tears today – he’s flown the nest. He’s finished his exams, he’s off on a two month holiday in Europe, and he can’t wait to go out into the world. Where did the years go???

And for the day that is in it, I am today thinking of my father

Is it already three years? To this day, actually. This picture was taken at home by the local newspaper, 2 months before he died, after a ceremony where he received the medal of honour for building the local municipal archive… Hence he is not in suit and tie. But he spent half his life formally attired, always spick and span for his work in the office. A man of integrity, of many interests, fair and considerate, measured, quietly authoritative, unassuming, confident, leading by example, tirelessly volunteering.  My papa remains my biggest example, and he deserved every award he was ever given. I miss him so much…


Three men. Young, middle-aged, and old. Loved in different ways, for different reasons. But sure rocking a stiff collar…

PS: My husband rocks the informal wear, btw…

34 thoughts on “(Some of My) Favourite Men (in Formal Attire)

  1. Ohhh the last 2 are such nice photos What lovely memories too. Love the pic of your dad! And hope C will share his impressions and adventures with you guys soon. You’re great parents to give him wings 😊
    As to nr 1 he’d have to ditch both his terribly stuffy attire and his old fashioned and boring choice of show to be my ballet date! Only the Nutcracker would be more un-exiting in my book. I’d expect him to do better and give me a more adult night out.


    • I had long discussions with myself yesterday – on the one hand, we raised our kids to be independent and open to the world. Getting them ready to stand on their own two feet was always the aim. And yet, when the day comes, it feels as if your heart is ripped out of your body…
      Funny, I’m usually the first to dislike formal attire, but when prompted by Forbes’ tweet, my imagination totally went for the tux photos …
      And really, you don’t like Tchaikovsky? Sure, staple for the Christmas panto programme, but still a lovely thing to look at…

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      • I do 😊 but if it’s gonna be old fashioned romantic then Swan lake has class. In that cat Giselle would be ok as well but not quite like Swan lake. There is feeling and magic and meaning in that. I nearly left at interval at Bolshoi Sleeping Beauty i was so bored. Only Nutcracket bores ne more. Don’t get me wrong i deeply respect the technique and skill involved but it’s the stuff where they put balls on stage just to see how fast a ballerina can twirl or a ballet dancer can jump. I would totally take kids to see them to get them into ballet because they’re likely to be mesmerised by pretty costumes and twirling. I just don’t get off on the pure show off style of it. It certainly is less than romantic. For Tchaikovsky give me Onegin any day and the ballet version is one of my favourites! Now that is romantic 😊 but I’ve always been partial to more modern ballet or dancing driven by feelings rather than pure athletics.


      • Oh so sorry it’s so hard to see him go but i think because you taught him to be independent he’ll always come back! And you have the holidays with the little one coming up and she’s still i the nest a few more years 😊


  2. What a whirlwind — your father would no doubt have loved to celebrate your son’s success with you. Sending hugs your way and lots of deep breaths.

    re: Armitage — he looks great, but I don’t want to go if I have to dress up.


    • He would’ve been so proud and happy. That is one of the big regrets for me, knowing that he never got to see how his grandchildren are developing into two nice adults…
      Ha – you are raising a very good point there. When my imagination dropped Armitage in a tux into the ballet scenario, it never took into account that I am not one for dressing up, either. Well, looks as if this fantasy has failed *hehe*.


      • My feet hurt just thinking about it 🙂

        That my mom could not be at my niece’s confirmation last month was really hard on me. I still want to believe she knows about it, though. Hugs to you.


  3. Such a thoughtful post, Guylty, made me teary. My father died long time ago, I’ve just realized I’ve spend almost half of my life without him and I have the feeling all happened yesterday. He didn’t see any of the kids, I’m so sorry, but kids know him, we speak about him, he’s here with us and it will always be. What a handsome boy you have! Congratulations! My daughter is 17, tough days are coming, I cannot imagine the house without her! But they to fly, to find their way, as we did! Michelle’s tweet was a trigger indeed, I could not stop imagining how would it be. I wouldn’t mind to wear something special, but I think he does not pay to much attention to such things.


    • Oh, you must have lost your father very young; I am so sorry to hear that. – I find it a great consolation to talk about my dad with my kids. I often bring him up in conversation, making a quip that he would have made, or just telling little stories about him.
      Yes, they fly, and they have to fly, too. I am excited for them, even, but I am also feeling regrets – and almost guilt, too: I should have done more of this, less of that, I didn’t use the little time we had, I wish I had been a better mother etc etc… Too late now.
      You are right re. RA btw. He probably doesn’t give a toss about what he is wearing when he is not on official business. And good for him, too!


    • I was pregnant with first child when my father died it’s very hard I remember crying so hard after the birth and a heartless nursing assistant telling me off saying it was too soon to have the ‘baby blues’


  4. Beim ersten Foto habe ich nach Luft geschnappt! Hey sieht er da gut aus!
    Aber die folgenden Bilder sind viel schöner! Glückwünsche zum erfolgreichen und flüggen Nachwuchs!
    Sie werden groß und es ist gut so! Zur Zeit habe ich einen Satus auf WhatsApp:
    gib denen die Du liebst Flügel um wegzufliegen, Wurzeln um zurück zu kommen und Gründe um zu bleiben….
    Und sie werden immer wieder zurück kommen ❤
    Es ist sooo schade dass Dein Vater das nicht erleben durfte, wie stolz wäre er gewesen. Aber wer weiss, vielleicht nehmen sie ja doch irgendwie noch an unserem Leben teil.
    Du kannst richtig stolz sein auf Deine Familie !
    Von wem hat der Jung die Locken?


    • Das hast du aber lieb gesagt, danke. Und ich finde den Whatsapp Status wirklich schön. Sollte ich mir auch klauen. Genau das ist auch meine Hoffnung – dass ich sie zwar selbständig gemacht habe, aber dass sie gerne zurück kommen.
      Ich hoffe irgendwie auch, dass mein Vater irgendwie metaphysisch an unserem Leben immer noch Anteil nimmt.
      Die Locken sind übrigens nicht so hundertprozentig erklärbar. Eigentlich hat die keiner bei uns.


  5. What a lovely post and photos S! And each photo resonated with me. To read that RA went to the ballet turned me to mush – I love the ballet! And where do the years go with our children? My son (only child) didn’t leave home until he was 27, saving to build a house on the land he had bought, and I missed him terribly, but it helped to see him come into his own as a mature, truly independent young man. Congratulations on your own independent young man!
    Like Glady, I lost my beloved father many years ago, in fact I too have spent half my life without him. My biggest regret is that my son never knew his grandfather, but he does know what kind of man he was – patient, loving and kind, with a dry sense of humour. We are fortunate daughters indeed ((hugs))
    PS have a wonderful holiday!!


    • Oh Mezzie – are you still at home or are you already travelling? Have been thinking about you!
      I think that seeing our children growing into independent, well-rounded individuals, is the reward to the heart-ache of letting them go. It’s silly anyway, because we all went through it before them – and we would not have wanted our mothers to cling to us and hold us back. I reined in my sadness of course, and did not let on to him – but I cried some hot tears in front of my husband…
      Fortunate daughters – yes. I cherish my dad more than ever.


      • Tonight is our last night in Scotland, we’ve been here eight days, off to the south of Germany tomorrow.
        I cried buckets after my “baby” left home, and I had to keep the door of his empty bedroom closed for a week or so. Furnishing it as a guest room gave me a purpose and that helped.


        • Oh, you shared some time in Scotland with my daughter then… She came back from the Isle of Skye on Sunday. And now we are off to Germany, too. Alas, to the other end of the country than you. Heading home for a day and a half, then flying out to Crete.
          I hope you have a lovely time in Bavaria. Temperatures are set to cool a bit, I hear. Since I lived in Bavaria for a good chunk of my life (my student years), I know it well. Maybe you will see some of my favourite places, too – like the “Romantic Way” and Rothenburg/Tauber, or the ancient Roman remains all over the place, and maybe even the amazing palace in Würzburg, where I was a student. I look forward to hearing more when you are back!
          Safe travels xx


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