2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #25

Weeks later… Hello everyone! So sorry it has taken yet another weekend before I am getting to compile the round-up. Back in Ireland for a week, but with the weather beautiful, we set off to the sunny Southeast of the country. We actually went to Co. Waterford – a name that might be familiar to those of you who have watched Pilgrimage already. Indeed, Waterford is deemed the oldest city in Ireland – by virtue of having been a major Norman stronghold since 1170. In fact, the Norman conquest of Ireland started from there – with Richard de Clare the Norman lord to lead the fight. He is known in Ireland as ‘Strongbow’ – and his tomb is in Dublin’s Christ Church Cathedral. Anyway, we spent the weekend with friends who have just renovated a small Georgian house, perched above the harbour in Dunmore East, and had a lovely weekend with seafood binging and cliff walks.

But now in medias res. A four-week catch-up with what has been noteworthy on Tumblr. Since it’s going to be quite a lot, including reactions to Castlevania as well as Pilgrimage which are likely to amount to quite a few, I have decided to collect the links in various sections. Enjoy!


  1. A compelling visualisation of Trevor Belmont by Kukatimota2 – but on Facebook. So I am linking to con4cyn’s repost. In case of the unlikely live action version of the show, Armitage would really fit the bill
  2. Here we go, some fluffy Trevor fan fic that will warm your heart. By aboutthatcharacters
  3. For those of us who missed the boat on Castlevania the game – here’s a gif comparison… (tbh I prefer the show…)
  4. Trevor being bad ass, giffed by ethernalium
  5. LOL this takes the biscuit. Trevor B on the news. By insomniacs-inc.
  6. BTW, Samuel Deats, one of the makers behind Castlevania, has a tumblr. Here he has posted the title sequence
  7. A selection of Trevor’s snarkiest (and funniest) lines, by theunrequitedlover. As fans you have the added benefit of being able to imagine Richard’s voice saying these
  8. Never would I have thought that Trevor could ever count as cute… but this fan art Trevor by zebrafeets-art certainly qualifies
  9. I actually think that bitchykhaleesi has a really good point… (Listen right to the end!)
  10. No idea what dream daddies are (and probably not in the right target group for it, anyway), but this looked fun. By dream-daddiest
  11. LOL – 0arcadia takes a shot at predicting season 2 of Castlevania
  12. Riepu10 has caught Trevor’s introduction… I love hearing Armitage swear…
  13. Cuuuuuuuute Trevor by aberrantus
  14. Fantasy or anime – Armitage has got the rough hero down… Post by kevynthedevylman
  15. Yup. As I said above. Totally 100%. By fortunatelyclevercandy
  16. Have you already seen Sinnaminie’s latest Trevor Belmont plushie?
  17. Hm, some background, or lore, from the game. This is weird. Eh. Textsfromcastlevania
  18. Imagine Thorin meeting Trevor Belmont… nice idea by thorins-magnificent-ass
  19. A bit more Richard in this fan art of Trevor Belmont by youremyfanart

Ok, got to stop somewhere. The amount of Castlevania fan art is absolutely *stunning*. We are now getting into proper fandom territory! I’ll leave it at that – you can find plenty of it if you search for “Castlevania” or “Trevor Belmont” on tumblr. Let’s move on to the other new piece of work.


  1. Riepu10 has made a Raymond collage. Serious chain mail porn, if you ask me
  2. Who rode it better? You’ll probably guess *my* answer, but anyway… by Riepu10 again
  3. Anneofgreengables gifs Raymond
  4. Intense!!! Edits by ausschweifendemotte
  5. Raymond came, took of his helmet and checked his hair… Gif set by kendaspntwd
  6. Jahoe1960s comment on the pictures *rofl*
  7. Cro-gall puts her amazing talent into the service of Sir Raymond. Brilliant
  8. Shikin83 voices an often heard criticism by the Army as a reaction to seeing Pilgrimage
  9. Everytime I see a Pilgrimage gif, I hear Armitage’s voice with a French accent now… not sure whether that is really good *lol*
  10. Sinnaminie’s set of Pilgrimage plushies got something of a shout-out by the producers
  11. Ausschweifendemotte’s comment underneath her edit of a screenshot from the Pilgrimage BTS video 😂


  1. Riepu10’s moving Armitage filmography goes to part 5
  2. Is ‘Richard’ a good name for a romantic hero? mainhoonemily discusses the pros and cons
  3. Hell, if *that* stood knocking on my door… 😵 Gif set of Daniel Miller by ghisborne
  4. Throwback to BoF by Riepu10. PS: Richard can keep an eye on me anytime…
  5. *coughs* I think a lot of people felt like venusofsuburbia when it came to John Bateman/Lucas North

Right, that’s a start. I am staying home the next 2 months. Time to get back into the usual routine.

Happy start of the week,

Guylty ❤️


24 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #25

  1. Oh, I know who rode it better! *cough* Thank you and…OOOF! (When will you do another one of those, BTW? I miss them.)

    Welcome back! Glad to know you had a lovely break with Mr. Standring. 😉


  2. So glad to see the roundup is back. Thanks, Guylty. I’ve missed you. I can’t wait to dive into all your rich pickings. 😉

    I’m also pleased you had a fab holiday and relieved that you got back before the earthquake chaos.


    • Thanks, Jenny – nice of you to say 😘. And yes, I was stunned to see that there had been an earthquake in the Aegean. I checked but I think Crete was not affected.


  3. Schön, dass du zurück bist. Ich bin ganz überwältigt von der schieren Menge an Fundstücken. Wer hätte gedacht, dass ein “Zeichentrickfilm” 😉 derartige Wellen schlagen würde.Zu gerne würde ich eine Kostprobe sehen/hören. Diese Zitate aus RA’s Mund… hoffentlich gibt es bald Audiobeispiele.


    • Ja, wirklich ein bisschen zu viel, oder? Ich bin auch erstaunt, dass Castlevania so eingeschlagen hat. Und das nicht nur bei den Game Fans, sondern auch bei der RArmy. Re. Audio – guck mal hier, das ist eine Szene aus Episode 4 – da hörst du auch Richie:


      • Wow. herzlichen Dank für den prompten Service. Du bist ein Schatz! 🙂
        Ich würde mir das durchaus anschauen. Der Zeichenstil gefällt mir gut und ich habe eine Schwäche für’s Fantastische (von dem Spiel habe ich natürlich keinerlei Ahnung).
        Allerdings habe ich hier wieder mal das Problem, dass der Ton für mich ungünstig abgemischt ist. Die Sprache ist im Gegensatz zur Musik recht leise und das bereitet mir beim Verständnis große Schwierigkeiten. Das ist oft so bei englischsprachigen Filmen.


        • Hehe, sharing is caring… Ich konnte dich ja nicht dumm sterben lassen 😜. Das Ganze ist wirklich sehr gut ansehbar – trotz des Bluts. Und wer sich noch an alte Zeichentrickfilme aus der Kindheit erinnert, wird sich ganz zurückversetzt fühlen.
          Bei der Sache mit der seltsamen Sound-Mischung stehst du übrigens nicht alleine da. Ich habe da auch so meine Probleme gehabt. Und das ist besonders nervig, wenn man fremdsprachig guckt.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m glad you spend a nice time, the picture is beautiful! Is that the beach from the end of Pilgrimage? Thank you for the great collection of links, it was a good idea to make sections. For the moment I am stuck with Trevor, can’t have enough of him :):):)


    • Thank you Glady – spending time *away* from the internet means that there is less guilty conscience 😄. And makes it exciting to go back online and immerse oneself in fandom again.
      As for the picture of the beach – no, that is not the beach from Prilgrimage. The film was filmed on the West coast of Ireland, and I was on the East coast last weekend.
      As a Guy girl, I have to say that Trevor comes close…


    • Hehe, not *I* have outdone myself – it’s all the creativity that has been piqued by Castlevania, I suppose. And that fact that I have been absent for so long… But it’s nice when there is a whole lot of stuff to dive into.


  5. Yay! A round-up! Glad you are taking some time to enjoy the sun.
    I love #1 in the Castlevania section! I couldn’t quite imagine it before, but that’s a great image!
    So glad Sinnaminie’s Castlevania plushies got such a prominent display!


    • It really has been ages since I last posted an RU. Four weeks! That’s why I decided I had to actually do one this weekend, even if a day late. Too much stuff had accumulated.
      And #1 really proves that RA would fit so well in a live action dramatisation of Castlevania…

      Liked by 1 person

  6. After a week at Comic Con, I might catch up with the roundup in time for the next one. Just wanted to say I am glad to see it back, and can’t wait to read it.


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