Fan Matters

On a personal basis, today was a great day for fan matters. So I thought I would make a fan post today. Eh, do you ever post anything that is *not* a fan post, Guylty??? A few bits and pieces have accumulated over the last few days, and it was topped by a creative flash, so I’ll compile it all in this one post.

My notebook arrived

A week or so ago I decided to test Society6 and ordered myself the Plushie notebook from Sinnaminie’s collection. It arrived today, and it is über-cute!

You can never have too many notebooks, right? It’s really sweet, and this is designated to be my next notebook, once my current creative book runs out of pages…

Talking of Society6… I compiled a…

Collection of Fan Essentials

So, while I was setting up Society6 – it occurred to me to look for other fans’ work on that platform. I already knew Sinnaminie’s and Circus Doll’s work, but I was delighted to find a few other fan artists as well. For the fun of it – and just because you *can* – I made a collection of Armitage Fan Essentials. Click the link and have a look at all the goodies. Those are the things I would buy if I didn’t have to take my lovely hubster into consideration 😉  Wait another day and Society6 will probably have another 20% off promo on.

It’s fabulous to see so much truly great creative work!

Talking of creative work… Here is a…

RAPS Sneak Peek

Mean, I know. Only a corner of the latest little treasure box, because I am saving the reveal for another day since I haven’t been able to set up a little shoot for it yet. But finally, after a long time, the creative urge hit today. As soon as Mr Guylty and daughter had left the house, I ran upstairs and got started on the shrine. And no sooner had I finished it, and the family returned from their outing. That’s time well-spent…

Reveal to follow tomorrow, I think.

Lastly, a question regarding upcoming festivities

RA Birthday Week?

So, it’s four weeks *exactly* to the big day. I mean August 22, also known as Richard Armitage’s birthday. I am already hearing that there may be presents planned for our special man (if you would like to know more, please send me a DM on Twitter or e-mail me and I’ll pass on the info), but I was wondering whether there is any interest in marking the birthday the way we occasionally have done in the past. Last year there was no official fandom activity, and I did a birthday week on my own. Anyone interested in doing something this year? Maybe RA needs a little love after the so-so reception of BS in Germany, Pilgrimage *outside* of Ireland, and BoF pretty much everywhere. Good thing that Castlevania is such a hit…

Also, I was wondering whether another charity auction would be an idea? I have accumulated a few special items over the last while that I would like to give away for charity – and I’d love to have an outlet for some of my creative exploits. What do you think? Or is everyone out-of-pocket due to summer holidays? Let me know in the comments.

So that’s it – hope there have been some fan items for you in this post. Tune in tomorrow – to check whether I have lost my RAPS touch or not…







25 thoughts on “Fan Matters

  1. Can’t wait to see what you have done! And charity, why not? (Though I won’t have a 100 euros for a RASP , I warn you 😛 ). And do expect my email, I am intrigued 😀 .


  2. Once again, you’ve come up with an excellent post. Of course, now I’ll torture myself wanting all the goodies. ;p I’ll think about a post for RA’s birthday. The auction is a must, of course.


  3. Love the little collection of RArtifacts! Fan frolicking around his birthday is usually giddy fun. And if you do an auction/raffle again, have you thought about what charity (or charities) you might donate the proceeds to in his honor? And there are also RA’s charities on this Just Giving site, in addition to any others we might thinkg of. Helping others in need is a very good thing. Cheers!


    • Aren’t those fan art items great? So much lovely stuff, as I said, if I weren’t sharing a house (and a life) with a lovely man, I’d surround myself with these things.
      I’ll definitely do a raffle for RA’s birthday – and the auction, too, seeing that there is some interest in that. I actually haven’t thought about the charity to benefit from the proceeds yet, but I am open to suggestion. In the past two years, I have always donated to Save the Children’s Syrian children’s fund, and I usually like the idea of focussing on *one* charity – that’s the best way of getting the most bang out of the bucks. But as I said, I am open to suggestion. JustGiving is great in the sense that donating via the platform is so easy…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Indeed! When I donate to RA’s Just Giving site, I do tend to donate to Childline. Children’s charities are dear to my heart. And this past year with the need for refugee relief for children and families in Syria and elsewhere, I have focused our donations to UNHCR and UNICEF.

        I will also urge donations to charity in RA’s honor for his birthday via my own blog, as well as highlight your blog’s charitable campaign. Every little bit helps. Hugs!


        • Thank you for the suggestions, Grati. I am a regular donor to UNICEF, too, through a monthly contribution. Childline is another worth-while charity, indeed.
          I hope we can raise some much needed funds through our combined efforts this year again. Thanks!

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    • Hehe, maybe I shouldn’t have linked to the goodies – your budget may be gone by the time my auction happens ;-). But good to hear you think an auction is a good idea. I’ll work on it then.


    • What a great idea – those artworks as RA wall clocks. I can imagine some of those designs looking really cool on the wall. (And pssst – I actually have a RA wall clock. A unique, custom-made one of RA. It hangs in my kitchen – and occasionally draws confused comments by visitors 😂)
      Cool, the auction is on then!

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  4. All you Armitage lovers never cease to amaze me with your creativity! V. impressed by the Great Red Dragon print. Just lovely. And the notebook… I am a sucker for any and all forms of stationery.


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  6. I’m sorry to write this comment so late, I was so excited about the TB shrine and I forgot to read all the post! I think you should do the auction, it’s already tradition. I think this is like the list of messages from RANet, “we” do it for ourselves, it does not matter if RA reads them and it does not matter how much you donate with your action. I will support the action, but if you have some specific help in mind we can discuss. I didn’t realize that BS had mixed reviews in Germany, I didn’t follow the news and I assumed it was a big hit there. I am disappointed and I do hope the second season will be better, at least in terms of RA. As for Pilgrimage, I saw it twice, second time with my daughter and she liked it more than I do. I think part of that cruelty was completely unnecessary and illogical, Sir Ray is deadly handsome but he’s not the guy of my dreams, although, with a different development, he could have been. Trevor is a love, I plan to make some fan stuff with him when I return from holiday, but I don’t know if I’ll be ready in time for RA’s birthday. Anyway, you have my support for whatever you plan to organize.


    • You are absolutely right, Glady – we are doing this for ourselves, and for fun. And I like how you put it – the auctions as a tradition ;-). I’ll keep it up then.
      BS has received mixed reviews in Germany – I can only think of one good review. The rest have been quite critical, calling it bland and boring, the characters lacking depth. Must be a German thing – that was what I felt, too, even though I look at any Armitage vehicle usually with plenty of extra credit…
      Kudos for watching Pilgrimage twice, Glady! I (literally) can’t stomach it a second time. That might change when I look at it on DVD – at least I can fast forward the gory scenes… The violence may have been in keeping with the time and place, but still, I think they could have toned the graphic violence down a bit. As a character in the film, Sir Ray definitely doesn’t elicit much feeling per se. Except, with the fangirl imagination in the background, I can think of a hundred reasons why he is the way he is. Plus, I really thought his attitude was the most modern in the piece – hence understandable. Yet, that doesn’t excuse the means he uses to get what he wants. He gets his rightful come-uppance.
      I’m really looking forward to seeing your Trevor fan items – he is a cool character!


  7. Es gibt eine Armitage Fan collection, nicht zu glauben aber wahr. Wenn man es so im Bild sieht wird es real!
    Diese Fans sind doch echt die kreativsten!


    • Ich fand diese Fan-Artikel auch irgendwie klasse. Wenn ich alleine in meinem Bett wäre, würde ich ja auch nicht davor zurückschrecken, mir meine Bettwäsche mit Plushies oder Thorins zu bedrucken…


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