2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #26

Good news almost every day. I had a lovely e-mail yesterday from a regular commenter and auction contributor who has promised a shipment of fan items for the auctions. I was gobsmacked because I hadn’t expected any item donations coming in – after all I hadn’t even asked – but there she is, thinking on her feet. As I said to my anonymous benefactor, this kind of support is extremely valuable to me. Not just in terms of collecting items for the auctions, but also in terms of feeling I am on the right track with what I am doing. My own experiences with this lovely fandom actually give me a glimpse into understanding and believing Richard when he says he values his fandom’s support. He (or I) may not extol the fandom all the time, but there is a clear understanding how the support of others can motivate, gratify and delight the recipient… I’ll keep you posted once I receive the items…

And now on to the weekly round-up. This week I’ll present a mixed bag again, no separate headings.

  1. Starting us off with a rather delicious little prompt from fixedwithbrokenparts. I like Nutella. Because it’s got nuts
  2. And now imagine this. Pointed out by blackwatchboys
  3. Riepu10 has giffed us ‘The Messenger’. If we didn’t know this was the cruel Sir Ray, it could be a much sweeter scene
  4. Imagination is in full swing today. Consider this – if you dare. Posted by fullvoidmoon
  5. A gorgeous edit of Mr Thornton by queenoferebor1204
  6. Nfcomics has What a Guy wants down to a tee. I bet that is what he wants…
  7. Glady71 finds more evidence that Trevor Belmont is Sir Guy’s twin
  8. A powerful scream… RA is good at that. Compiled by orangesinnumerable. Note: Catchy tune warning!
  9. Posting these gifs of the Hannibal gag reel courtesy by sirenja-and-the-stag – only for the Armpitage in gif no. 5
  10. Loveofromance posts an appreciation post of John Thornton covering his face with his hands. While I disapprove of any obstructing of that gorgeous face, I can’t help but enjoy the hand porn…
  11. Loved this pairing post/character sketches by tinyglassarl – especially as they are quite funny in their own right… Sparkly bastards *LOL*
  12. Sorry, with all respect to RA, but this uncanny likeness, spotted by siennamargeaux, had me ROFLMAO
  13. Continuing on the theme of like-ness, here is queenoferebor1204’s comparison of a recently-emerged picture. I say ‘UNF’
  14. Not sure what the theme of this gif set by thorinarmitage1985 is, but apart from all that eye-candy, I was almost shocked when I saw gif no. 9. Worried, that I might spot myself, actually
  15. My, you really know how to handle that sword, Sir Ray… 😍. Pilgrimage gif by prefernot2
  16. I’d like reply to paula73aquino with the wise recommendation to avoid any food intake while watching such footage
  17. And a naughty quip from Sir Guy in another one of nfcomics’ What a Guy wants series
  18. Especially for Elanor: Another soundbite from Trevor Belmont, recorded by riepu10
  19. And for the bagginshield lovers, here’s a bit of fluff by quadrupedum
  20. And lastly, to keep those dreams going, a heartwarming Daddy!Armitage scene from BoF, in a gif set by ksei-zmrk

Twenty is a great number, isn’t it? Hope it has got you entertained today.

Have a nice weekend, lots of love,

Guylty ❤️

18 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #26

  1. How wonderful that someone is donating items for the auction! Let’s hope it translates to more money than ever for the charities Richard sponsors. Thank you for the links. Some days I miss tumblr, if only for the gifs and fanart. 🙂


  2. Herzlichen Dank für deine Mühe und besonders herzlichen Dank für den Spezialservice. 😉 ❤
    Muss ich mir gleich mal näher anschauen. Ich hoffe, du hast ein erfreuliches Wochenende.


  3. Nice roundup! I really like the Screaming Armitage.
    By the way, looks like #2 has deleted their post.
    Fandom generosity is wonderful, isn’t it… looking forward to the auction!


    • Oh, account deactivated 🙁. This is what it said:
      ‘Every time I think about it I imagine him saying “I’m thorin fucking oakenshield and I’ve never lost a fight to man not fucking beast” ‘

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Twenty is a very impressive roundup number. Too many for me to pick a favorite. I am sure the auction will be great. Can’t wait to see what turns up. RA fans are so creative, as well as generous.


  5. Great roundup. So many goodies, I’m spoilt for choice. #3 was a bit poignant as you say, having heard what Sir R is all about.😩 But maybe there’s a smidgen of good in there somewhere with a man who’s gentle with our feathered friends? *deluded*

    Thank goodness for some comfort blankie Guy. I’m wondering now where Trevor figures on his family tree. 💀 And it’s always good to see what he wants set down in black and white via NF Comics, just so there’s no mistake. 🔥❤🔥

    Thanks, Guylty, for everything else as well. You brightened up my dull weekend.💐


    • I happily join you in Delusion City! I’m always ready to search for the redeeming qualities in RA’s characters. (Much like the man himself seems to do.) In fact, I think we need a spin-off from Pilgrimage. A little prequel that tells us the story of Raybo and the Mute… 😉


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