Monday Mirth: Where Pilgrimage Got Its Look

Sadly, up until recently, my daughter’s geekdom had a massive gap. Although a big fan of all things Monty Python, she had not seen Monty Python and The Holy Grail yet. Aside: For a change, I like the German title of the film much better. It is called Die Ritter der Kokosnuss (The Knights of the Coconut). This deplorable lack of education had to be rectified. After all I don’t want her French cousins to taunt her on her parents’ negligence – go to 1.48 and you know what I mean.

As we were watching this highlight of visual art, my thoughts wandered to the other cinematic representation of the middle ages that I had recently watched. Look, feel, setting, cinematography were strangely familiar. And suddenly it came to me – was The Holy Grail the blueprint for Pilgrimage? The gory, violent fight scenes in the latter – straight taken from The Holy Grail.

“It’s only a flesh wound” – King Arthur fights the black knight

Gorillas Knights appearing out of the mist.

The latest in French helmet couture…

But the clincher is the unmistakable styling, taken straight from Monty Python…

There we have it. Brendan Muldowney’s bow to Monty Python.

Guylty approves.




28 thoughts on “Monday Mirth: Where Pilgrimage Got Its Look

  1. If I recall, Richard said he had a huge hand in the look of his character.

    Obviously, Richard IS a Monty Python fan! LOL! I think this movie needs revisited. It’s been a long long long time and I don’t think my son has seen it. Time to rectify HIS education!!!!


    • Oh, *did* he? 😳 Well, maybe he researched The Holy Grail for inspiration 😂.
      And yes, you definitely show Spawn this movie. We were in tears of laughter here. Plus, it always feels good when your über-cool kids concede that you’ve shown them a gem…


  2. That hairstyle must have really tickled their fancy since they gave it to Sir R’s horse as well. IMHO they went one better than Monty Python with the mist scene. Theirs had pixie ears.
    *Still giggling hysterically at the Knights of the Coconut*


    • To my shame I have to confess that I was already having these blasphemous thoughts while watching Pilgrimage in the cinema – every time the Normans were traipsing through the mist, I kept thinking of The Holy Grail. There actually are scenes in the Monty Python film that would’ve better illustrated the parallels – only I couldn’t find any clips of those to screencap. Hence the knights that say ‘ni’ had to do 😉
      LOL on the horse mirroring Raybo’s haircut. ‘As the tree, so the fruit’, as they say. And we all know that Armitage has a hair thing going on with his horses… 😂


  3. Die Ritter der Kokusnuss gehört jetzt wirklich zur Bildung die man genossen haben muss 🙂
    Ich glaube allerdings nicht dass Pilgrimage zu so einem Klassiker werden wird, da fehlt ein bisschen der Humor……


    • Da kann ich dir nur vollumfänglich zustimmen. Monty Python ist einfach genial – und auch nach 30 Jahren immer noch witzig, auch wenn so manche Sketche heute politisch unkorrekt sind. Und die Ritter der Kokosnuss ist einfach so absurd, da kann man nur lachen. Versaut einem allerdings auch die Freude an jedem anderen Mittelalter-Schinken. Ich habe gestern abend “Excalibur” geguckt und die ganze Zeit an Ritter der Kokosnuss gedacht. Dabei wurde Excalibur 6 Jahre *nach* RdK gedreht…


  4. LOL. This is really important education. And Monty Python is probably even more popular in Germany than it is in the English-speaking world.


    • Yep, priorities. I have been using Monty Python to explain post-modern art to my kids.
      It’s funny to think that Monty Python is so popular especially in Germany with the “humourless” stereotype…


  5. Love that movie and all things python. I don’t mind if it creeps into my mind during Pilgrimage. Although people might hear a snort or two at inappropriate moments or think I’m choking on my popcorn.


    • *chuckles* I was *definitely* snorting aloud during Pilgrimage. I turned to my hubs a few times saying “straight out of Holy Grail!” I think Monty Python have ruined the medieval action genre forever 😄


  6. ROFL, Guylty!! Great catch! 😉
    What’s next in her education? Life of Brian? It’s my fave Python film. Can’t think of comparing it to anything RA has done, though….


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