2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #27

Thank you! It took much less than 24 hours for you to react to my auction announcement. Since posting on Thursday evening, I have received money via paypal to go towards postage costs, as well as two offers for auction item donations. Also, many thanks for the RTs and reblogs – publicising is part of the success of this fundraiser, so I am appreciative of your support.

Without further ado, this is this week’s tumblr round-up:

  1. First of all, Sinnaminie did a photo shoot with Trevor plushie… this should interest you… *coughs* auction *coughs*
  2. These are 58 Guy icons, posted by helpersofroleplay – but you never know, they might be handy for non-roleplay purposes, too
  3. Glady71 reminds us that not only Trevor Belmont is handy with a whip…
  4. Here’s a sweet reader insert fan fiction involving Thorin – and hair. By igotanaddixon
  5. Moodyhedgie posts a chibi Trevor – awww
  6. Who needs words when you can get the Brerlin Station set interview of RA by AP in endless gif… Thank you, riepu10
  7. Anybody in need of a poster boy for the month of August? Check this edit by screwtheprinceimtakingthehorse
  8. Sometimes Trevor looks straight out of Erebor… Gladys71 compares Trevor and Thorin
  9. LOL – short and funny. By lgbthranduil
  10. Intense Raymond de Merville. Collection of pics by ausschweifendemotte 
  11. *coughs* Naughty nfcomics with a cheeky What a Guy wants
  12. Hold on – this is supposed to be something called “The Witcher”. A computer game? But the character in the first couple of gifs really looks so much like RA! Deliberate?? Post by ghisborne
  13. I suspect that this manip has been around before, but just because I don’t remember posting it before. Guy and Marian. In a compromising pose *coughs*. Posted by angelpretend

Sorry ladies – I’ll leave it at that lucky number…

Have a nice weekend,

Guylty ❤️


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