Teasers #CelebRAtionWithPurpose

Let me lead into today’s teaser post with a good-mood tweet courtesy of Get Reel Movies, the Canadian movie site which had called for submissions for interview questions. Unsurprisingly, the initial tweet received many responses with interesting questions to ask Mr A. Yours faithfully also fired off a question, which elicited a “like” from Get Reel *fistpump*. Does that mean they asked him my question? That would be a first for me… In any case, following some banter, during which Get Reel also teased some news on the eagerly awaited upcoming theatre plans of Mr A, Get Reel certainly had the attention of the RArmy… And that prompted a final tweet from Get Reel that I cannot help but embed here:


Thank you, Get Reel, and nice to hear that, for a change! I can actually vouch for the RArmy being one of the nicest fandoms out there, because in the run-up to the birthday auctions, there have been further reactions to the initiative, and several items have been donated by Armitage fans.

Teaser #1

I see a theme developing… lovelovelove

The particulars will be given at a later stage *teasetease*, but just to say that some lovely peeps in New York (DaphneHS and Mooseturds) and London (Hariclea) have donated some unique, collectible items…

Also, following yesterday’s shrine reveal, Sinnamin has thrown another plushie into the bargain. Looks like we will have a Pilgrimage set in our auctions – with a RAPS and a Raymond plushie!

Teaser #2

Lastly, I will leave you with a teaser for another up-coming shrine reveal…


18 thoughts on “Teasers #CelebRAtionWithPurpose

  1. 11 more days… *crosses off days like a criminal in a jail* (I have to say something since I had commented on twitter 😀 ).


    • Hehehe, yes, I am counting the days, too… The next four days I will have a visitor, so I won’t have much time for shrining and organising, yet I have an urge to create a few more auctionable items… We’ll see how it goes…


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