RA Pocket Shrine 139/? – Gentlemen Wear Plaid

After some teasing on my part, I’d like to lead into the weekend with a shrine reveal. Before I get to it, a word about the cause which the upcoming fundraiser auctions are intended for. In the past, several of our fundraisers benefitted Save the Children. This year, I’d like to funnel our donation to a different cause. Suggested both by Yve and Hariclea, I think Young Minds will be a good match, given that mental health support is a worthy cause, lately even taken up by the young English Royals. It also fits in nicely with Richard’s latest role – a warrior clearly traumatised by warfare. Since Richard is also fundraising for Young Minds on JustGiving, which supports PayPal payment, I will donate the raised funds via his JustGiving site.

Onwards to the latest RAPS – also intended for the auctions. I already gave you a teaser in my last post. The little key ring was a by-product of the shrine production, so it will accompany the RAPS wherever it will end up… However, the image used in the key ring (see right) already provided a clue that today’s shrine is a RL RAPS. Hence…

… a simple lid design that will blend in surreptitiously in your handbag. The contents, however, may not…


Yes, it’s *that* photo shoot by Leslie Hassler… Napecurls and plaid. Cos gentlemen *do* wear plaid. To tell you the truth, I am not even a particular fan of checkered shirts on men. However, I get the impression that many a fan particularly likes that look on RA. I suspect it is because it the ordinary, every-day packaging conceals the extraordinary contents, i.e. a very attractive man…

Fifty shades of plaid? I’d like to see *that* story written! Bring it on!

Right, hope you like this little shrine to the man himself. Up for auction, soon!



71 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 139/? – Gentlemen Wear Plaid

  1. Squee!!! Definitely have to bid on this one, also known to some of us (*cough cough*) as the “naughty Professor Armitage” shoot.
    And yes, I do love that man in plaid!

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  2. SQUEEEEEEE! I cannot wait. August 20 is the start date? Big fat grin on my face. Excited for the RAPSs. Excited to about to see Pilgrimage on the big screen. It’s a good day when The Armitage is around. Will have more sweet dreams tonight.


    • Yes, auctions to start on Sunday, 20th of August, running for two days so that we get a final result on the big day…
      Did you have sweet dreams – of the violent knight, of all people???


  3. Fab design on this one, inside and out. I am fond of the plaid and the checkered (and the naughty professor look, oh yes). It works perfectly with the casual “could use a haircut, but can’t be bothered right now” look that leads to nape curls 🙂

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  4. He looks great in plaid, although I prefer him in plaid shirts rather than the plaid suits. They seem a little overkill.But your shrine – proudly plaid, irresistible, and ode-inspiring.

    Ode to the Man in Plaid

    There once was guy who was clad,
    In many creations of plaid.
    Was it his shirt,
    That drove ladies berserk,
    Or some other charms of the lad?
    Lumberjack, professor or Scot,
    Wearing cute checks or not.
    In plaid or out,
    He was without doubt,
    Always smokingly hot..
    Kathy Jones

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  5. Oh. My. God. Just seeing this now! I think this may be one of my fave shrines of yours evah! THUD!!!! Not just the plaid, but the longish hair as well… Did I already say Thud? If not then I’ll say it here: THUD!!!


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