2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #29

Am I wrong or is tumblr gearing up for the birthday of the week? For some reason it feels as if things have picked up on the platform recently. Well, that is probably also due to the fact that there *was* new work out there, in the shape of Pilgrimage and Castlevania. Anyway, that’s good news for us who are impatiently trying to pass the time until the #CelebRAtionWithPurpose starts. Watch out for the kick-off tomorrow!

  1. Two out of Sinnamin’s Armitage plushies will be part of the auctions tomorrow. Check her whole body of Armitage work in this picture
  2. With Armitage’s latest role, Raymond de Merville, compared to his Guy of Gisborne, it’s time for a blast from the past with a gif set by riepu10 that shows Guy at his most menacing – yet also at a great moment in his character trajectory
  3. I’ve been looking out for more fan fiction lately, and here is a bit of Thorin fluff for you, by igotanaddixon
  4. More fan fiction with another reader insert by igotanaddixon – this time it is Contemporary!Thorin as a neighbour
  5. Over time, my soft spot for John Porter has become mushier and mushier. So I was really pleased to see riepu10’s gif set of Richard talking about John Porter. I am wondering whether this is part of Richard’s own backstory imagination or whether the writers provided this background info
  6. Fizzy-custard is providing some RPF fluff here which fits quite nicely with the focus on Richard’s voice we had going on Twitter
  7. In fact, fizzy-custard is looking for prompts for further fluff. If you have any particular requirements, let her know…
  8. Have we had this piece of Thorin fan art by moody-hedgie before. L’Oréal Erebor at its finest…
  9. In case you missed it, Glady71 has gone among fan art creators, too
  10. This is actually an Instagram re-post via marrasquutamo who brings us the poster artist who created another official version of the Pilgrimage poster for XYZ films. The artist is called variantcreative. I am including this here because it contains the poster image without the words
  11. Ok, this doesn’t surpass the side-ways view of Guy of Gisborne riding out of the gates of Nottingham, but here is riepu10’s gif set of Raymond coming dead-pan at you, on a horse. Don’t mention the helmet!
  12. I’ve seen variants of top-less Thorin, but I am not sure whether this edit by ladyoakenshield157 on deviantart (reposted by astroverted) has already been linked to here. Hot
  13. I quote armitageadmirer who posted this: “Again cuz he’s so beautiful” – Jim Halterman’s recent selfie with Richard, focussing on the essentials *coughs*
  14. I really liked this edit by lauraday61 – with some of our favourite heroes on it

There – 14 is a good number, as I said yesterday 😉.

Hope you found some nice things in there.

Talk to you later,

Guylty ❤️

PS: #IRefuseToBeAfraid

15 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #29

  1. 5: I can definitely say that none of that is in the novel that gave rise to the story. (Admittedly, the series departed fairly radically from the novel.) However, because of that I think it’s unlikely that the writers would have provided it.


      • It’s not a very good novel. But it is much more brutal (the parts in the Middle East) and much less realistic (the parts in London).


          • There were one or two really good moments, but most of it is revolting. I think the basic idea — betrayed soldier trying to reclaim his past and future — is really compelling. A lot of the legacy fans were horrified at the time. Afaik there is not a series — this novel was a standalone for Chris Ryan and the other stories in the series were all created by the writers.


            • brrrr, ‘revolting’??? That sounds pretty bad. Although you are right – the story itself, a journey of redemption (as RA described it himself), is always attractive. Generalisations are bad, I know, but I suspect that Chris Ryan novels are probably not targeted at us… Anyway, I’ll give it a miss…


              • The torture is MUCH worse, Katie and Layla are much less appealing characters, I found it all very cynical and laddish. The TV show cleaned up it up a lot, made it quite a bit less overtly sexist, and made it somewhat believable (I did not find the story in the book in the least credible). But he also survived the end of the first book (I did not know there were more), so there’s that.


  2. The Strike Back book is indeed very different. They kept characters and few main points from the plot, but that’s it. It covers only first two episodes (the first mission). And like Servetus said, the book much more brutal.


  3. Great roundup, thank you Guylty. ❤ The collection of plushies is phenomenal, and so is Porter of the eloquent hands. I really must revisit him some time. There was just the one novel in those days, but Chris Ryan has recently written two more, bringing the Porter character back with new adventures. He mustn’t have liked what they did to him in season two of the show.. ☠️ I haven’t read either, though.

    Oooh, #2 shivered my timbers right and proper. Guy can menace me any time. ☺️

    I’m not so sure about Raymond riding straight at me, but I can see that horse thinking ‘Not fair! I let them give me the haircut, why can’t the cheapskates give me a helmet as well?” He already seems to have missed out on that superior silver nose bag Claus was rocking in your previous post.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, interesting – Chris Ryan basically rewrote the story? Well, if that means that Porter survived, I am all for it.
      LOL on the horse’s thoughts. Yes, another case of Armitage + horse having a hair thing together…


  4. Shirtless Thorin was a sight to behold. What a shame he never had to opportunity to give his chest an airing on his quest for Erebor. He might have become known as “the chest of Erebor”.


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