#CelebRAtionWithPurpose Starts Tomorrow 8am BST

I spent several hours today getting the listings for the #CelebRAtionWithPurpose auctions ready for eBay. So much for “it’s much easier on eBay”… Writing the descriptions and uploading attractive photographs was much more time-consuming than I thought. But now all the auctions – bar one – have been drafted and can be activated tomorrow morning. (When I say tomorrow morning: that is morning in the BST time zone.) One auction has yet to be drafted for eBay because we have had a late-coming contribution to the auctions, thanks to another generous donor. So the final number of auctions will now be 15! Here’s a little sneak peek:

I’d like to take the opportunity and already thank the donors and contributors to the auctions here at this point. Items have been donated by fans based in the US, the UK, India and Turkey; there have been contributions for postage costs, too, so many thanks for your support, dear anonymous donors. You rock!

Thanks also to all of you for spreading the word on social media. Much appreciated! Without you drumming up support, our reach would not be as far.

Lastly, a word on the proceedings tomorrow:

  • I am going to start activating the auctions from 8am (BST) tomorrow, Sunday 20th of August 2017. I had initially planned to have the auctions finish after two days on 22nd August – in order to have a final donation number ready on Richard’s birthday. Unfortunately eBay doesn’t allow custom auction length, and so I am extending the auction run-time until 23rd of August. The alternative would be to have a 1-day auction, but I think that is too short as not everybody is online at the weekend. Sorry, bad planning on my part; I was unaware of the pre-set auction times. That gives each of the auctions 72 hours of bidding time. All auctions should be online on eBay by 9am.
  • The auctions will be staggered with a few minutes in between each auction – this is to give me time to process the final bids etc.
  • I will post a post with descriptions of the items/sets some time after 9am here on my blog once all auctions have been activated. There will be links to the individual auctions for easy click-through. Alternatively you can also follow the auctions through my seller page on eBay.
  • Since eBay is a bit tricky on made-to-order items, I am going to conduct the auction for a custom RAPS here on blog. Instructions for that to follow in tomorrow’s post.
  • You will find that the auctions are set with starting prices. These are based on current prices for comparable items/material costs of the auctioned items, the intention being to get a minimum donation amount of 325 Euro (380 Dollars/300 Pounds) in. My hope is we will surpass this number.
  • Like in previous auctions, I will post updates with current bids over the duration of the auctions (most probably once every day). Highlights and milestones will probably also be communicated over on Twitter where you can find me as @GuyltyPleasure.
  • The auctions are open to all, items are shipped anywhere in the world, free of charge. eBay fees to be covered by me, too.
  • Finally, just a reminder that the auctions are a charity fundraiser. All proceeds will go to Young Minds, one of Richard’s designated charities.

I’m already excited – and nervous. One more auction remains to be listed; tomorrow’s big post has to be drafted and ready, just to be updated with the links, so that it can be uploaded quickly tomorrow.

You will see the fully glory and content of the various auctions tomorrow. I am still keeping the suspense 😇 although you can probably make out some of the exciting fan items on offer in the gif above. I hope you will find something that is of interest to you and may inspire you to place a bid. Let’s indulge in our needs as fans of Richard – and do good at the same time! Remember – any bid is welcome, not least because every bid drives the auction a little bit further.

Looking forward to it all…


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