Auction Update #1 – Promising Start

from Mina Tander’s Instagram, 21 August 2017

Before I go to bed tonight, here’s a quick update on day 1 of our charity auction. We are off to a promising start, ladies and gents. The last of the auctions was started this morning at 9.10am. Within minutes, the first bids came in, and by late afternoon all eBay auctions had received at least one bid. In eBay’s words that means we have 14 “auctions that will sell”. If we were to add up the bids so far, we would already have a donation of 419.00 € (492 $ or 383 £). That is enough to buy two Lanvin Koi Fish Print Men’s Shirts depending on where you order on the internet…!!! Thank you!



So just for the fun of it, here are a few stats, as of Sunday, time of posting:

Interesting insights – that the least expensive item should also be the most-viewed item, is surprising. Yet it comes as no surprise that the item that attracted most bids is also the one that has experienced the biggest price hike… Here’s an overview over the auctions as they stand at 0:25 am:


In any case, it’s all very exciting!! I can’t wait to see if and how things have changed when I check tomorrow morning.

Thank you all for watching, bidding, spreading the word. 


Good night 🛌




8 thoughts on “Auction Update #1 – Promising Start

  1. Great job on providing diverse items to bid on! I fell in love with the bag and the plaid RA RAPS. But they quickly became way out of my price range. Ha!

    So I was wondering if eBay allows you to set up an “auction item” wherein people who don’t get to contribute to your fundraising via a winning auction bid, can do so by making a one time donation in the amount they choose?


    • Oh, glad you like the bag – it was a little experiment of mine, but I was pleased with how it turned out.
      As for your question re. donations: No, eBay won’t allow that. But there are easier ways of achieving that: Auction winners will pay for their items by Paypal, and likewise, donors could send donations via Paypal to me, too. That makes more sense, anyway, because eBay takes a cut + a fee for every transaction done via their platform (Paypal, too, but only once). So people who are interested in donating can e-mail me and I’ll tell them the Paypal account address.

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  2. I’ve been outbid on 3 items. Especially sad to see the plaid RAPS get out of my reach this morning but I’d been expecting that. So happy it’s raising a lot of money already!


    • Aw, sorry to hear that. (And of course simultaneously not sorry, as it means that there is demand, and demand creates high bids.) I have long been thinking about other auction models that will generate similar amounts of money, yet provide opportunity for *all* budgets to have a chance at winning a bid… Must research that again.


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