Auction Update #3: We’re Half-Way Through #CelebRAtionWithPurpose

At this point (Monday evening) we are half-way through the 72 hours of our #CelebRAtionWithPurpose. And boy, was this an exciting day. If you read the update from this morning, you already know that I had double the joy this morning. First I was already pleased with new bids that had got in overnight and pushed us over the 500 Euro-milestone. But then, while I was actually writing my post at 8am, more auction action happened, and within 30 minutes we had suddenly crossed the semi-milestone and were nearing the 650 Euro mark. An hour later, and we had even conquered the 700 Euro milestone. Hooray.

How cool is that???

There were a few other highlights today, including Pilgrimage write Jamie Hannigan tweeting an impressed “whoa” our way, upon seeing the top bidded auction on Twitter. He no doubt recognised Sinnamin’s Raymond plushie. (He has tweeted at Sinnamin before when a group shot of her Pilgrimage plushies made it into the sales deck of the film production company at a lecture during last month’s Galway Film Fleadh.)


And I got a slight heart attack when Plushie Richie decided to tweet the auction announcement directly at @RCArmitage 😱  😓.

No, it’s all good – and I am already very happy with our auction so far. As we are now entering the second half of our three-day fundraiser, here are the bids as they stand:

The stats:

Including the e-mail auction for the custom RAPS, our current fundraising total is at 742.99 Euro (877.72 $ or 680.63£).

Will we make it across another milestone to 750 Euro? Raymond is already eyeing it…


Ok, I better post this quick before I have to screen-shoot the auctions for the fourth time 😂



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