[Monday Morning] Auction Update #2: First Milestone

Thanks, Armitage Army, I can always rely on you. Didn’t I say last night I was looking forward to getting up this morning? Indeed, after the last count shortly after midnight, the auctions got moving overnight. When I checked the auctions again this morning, bids had come in, pushing us over the first milestone: We have crossed the 500 Euro mark!!!

Here is an overview where the bids stand at the moment (ETA: This was this morning at time of posting. See more comment on that at the bottom of the post):

However, that is not all!  The first bid has come in for the Custom RAPS. The current bid is 40 Euro. Instructions on how to bid on the tailor-made pocket shrine are HERE.

That brings us to a Monday morning total of 547.50 Euro! We are now actually nearing a semi-milestone!

John Porter approaching the 550 Euro milestone

ETA at 11am: What I wrote above was already out-of-date by the time I posted this post. During the 30 minutes it took me to write, a number of bids came in, pushing us not only past the 550 € semi-milestone, but adding a massive 100 € in bid value onto the total. I blame my notification settings on my iPhone for missing the developments – I had not yet re-enabled notifications after switching them off for the night. (I am currently keeping my phone switched on and near-by at all times because a good friend of mine is expecting her second child any minute now, and I am on stand-by to take child #1, my 7 yo god-daughter, over in case baby #2 kicks off labour in the middle of the night.)  Here’s the top-scorer in direct comparison:

With the latest eBay auction total (11:05am) at 671 Euro plus the e-mail bid for the custom RAPS at 40 Euro, we have now breached the magic 700 – which had been my initial (unvoiced) goal. So the new question is,

Can we take the auction total across the next semi-milestone to 750 Euro???


PS: You can find an overview over all eBay-based auctions HERE.



11 thoughts on “[Monday Morning] Auction Update #2: First Milestone

  1. More bids came in because fans on the other side of the world from Ireland woke up. I’m late looking at the auction because I spent Sunday in my jammies comforting myself after getting trapped by an elevator last night. I don’t do well when I’m trapped. Almost an hour later 8 calendar centerfold gorgeous tight tee shirt-clad firemen with fantastic chests rescued me. I was a sweaty red-faced dripping mess but I still noticed one of them had The Armitage’s eyes. I knew right then I was going to be okay.
    It’s 2am here in Houston. I’ve placed my bids. I’m going to bed. Tomorrow we’ll try to adult again, but I’m not doing elevators for a while.

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    • OMG, Tommie – are you okay again? That is horrific! Even though I don’t suffer from claustrophobia, I would hate to be stuck in an elevator. Were you stuck in there on your own? I hope the house wasn’t too high… knowing that I am stuck between the 54th and 55th floor would totally freak me out.
      And those 8 ripped firemen were well-deserved. Plus, it’s good to know that they come to the rescue.
      Big hugs from here and a massive thank you for pushing the bids! xx

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    • OMG is right – I was obviously taking too long in composing my post, and in the meantime, the bids shot up. AMAZING!!!! I am thrilled – and will have to update the post.


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