Auction Update #4 – More Milestones for #CelebRAtionWithPurpose

We have this proverb in German that says Man muss die Feste feiern, wie sie fallen. It translates into something like “One has to celebrate the occasions as they come” – meaning that one should not hesitate to celebrate but take the opportunity whenever it presents itself. And we have occasion this morning in more ways than one.

First of all, it’s Richard’s birthday – so congratulations to the birthday boy [separate post to come later]. And then there is the fact that the auction bids have moved a good bit overnight again, which is always worth celebrating. Bids on eBay increased by about 80 Euro, with the Raymond de Merville fan set amazingly passing the 200 Euro milestone. Amazing! And in the e-mail auction, the custom RAPS bid received a boost and is now at 100 Euro. The total auction proceeds are currently at a staggering 917.00 Euro!

However, it occurred to me that we have hit a major milestone in the process, and in the spirit of the German proverb (which also implies that you are allowed to manufacture reasons to celebrate), I am ruthlessly switching the currency of the bids for the purpose of proceeds calculations. A desperate grab for attention, more like…

The thing is – converted into dollars, the auction has hit a major milestone: The total of all added up bids is 1082.20 $. I am stunned!

At this point I’d already like to say thank you to all bidders – you have been great, coming together for raise funds for a good cause. I was particularly touched last night when the eBay auction bids stood at 699.99 Euro and my cheeky suggestion to tide us over the 700 Euro mark met several responses within minutes! You know who you are, and you rock, Armitage fans!

For completeness’ sake, here is the eBay overview of current bids (time of posting):

24 hours to go on the fundraiser auctions. You can find all of them HERE.



29 thoughts on “Auction Update #4 – More Milestones for #CelebRAtionWithPurpose

  1. I’m very happy to see this. As you well know, RA is the name of the ancient Egyptians’ God of the Sun. It seems fitting, then, that the Solar Eclipse seems to have brought an influx of bids in honor of Richard’s birthday celebration. Hurray! 🙂


    • It all would not be possible with you – supporters, donors, followers, readers, fellow fans. It’s a pleasure to put work into this. In fact, it doesn’t even feel like work.


  2. Fantastic! and have you noticed that the fan made items are really racking it in, which i find great!!! How come i feel tempted by the LLL signed playbill? LOL but i dooooo That Glamour mag is a total collector’s dream..


    • Yes, it always seems to be the fan-made items that attract most attention. Well, they are unique pieces, not mass-produced, and that is something well-worth coveting ☺️.
      As for the LLL playbill – well, it is a nice souvenir, isn’t it? Especially with so many signatures on it. The Glamour mag should definitely not miss in any serious fan collection… I love that photo so much, and the headline… *touché*

      Liked by 1 person

      • me too!!! but it’s put of my reach now; but it will be a lovely addition to anyone’s collection 🙂 I am so glad the love and desire is still out there :-)) Keep looking as his ‘biological’ photo and giggling and at the same time i still find him so handsome, those cheekbones, those eyes!!! Must be fan love to find somebody beautiful while physalis is sticking out of his ears LOL


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