Auction Update #5: The Final 12 Hours Have Started

Sorry for the amount of spam you are receiving today. It’s all in the name of fundraising. And in the name of applauding all bidders who have contributed to the proceeds by bidding for one or more items. They have actually been very active over the whole day, with bids increasing on many an auction. As the first of the auctions are now going into the final 12 hours, here is an early evening overview of bids.

Also, just to bring to your attention that the Custom RAPS is currently at 100 Euro – bids are accepted by e-mail to

As for my customary milestone appeal – adding it all up, we are now at 964.52 Euro. The magic four-figures are beckoning. Some auctions have attracted staggering bids. See above. But I am wondering whether we still have a little bit of leeway for the slightly cheaper items? I know, I am being cheeky – but with a purpose 😉 . Check out the Richard III Magazine, a steal at 21 Euro. Or a fabulous, genuine Armitage autograph, framed for 38.50 Euro or unframed for 39.50 Euro, but equally beautiful. Added bonus: you’ll also own a piece of art created by yours truly. Priceless! *just kidding*. And maybe Trevor Belmont needs some love, too – two Trevors for the price of one, actually, with a plushie and a RAPS in a set plus a hidden Gisborne in the bargain

Here’s Trevor having a crack at the milestone:

Back later!


4 thoughts on “Auction Update #5: The Final 12 Hours Have Started

  1. Wow! I do no doubt that over night we will reach that number. ❤
    I wish I could bid further but I am out – those of my interests have gone over my limit, (sadly for me, good for the cause 😉 ) . But I will send you an email, I will contribute with some amount to final result. ❤
    And once more, fandom, I applaud you! ❤


    • I’d like to repeat here what I just replied on Twitter (to someone else): I hope you (and everyone else) know that there is no need to apologise or justify. We all have our very own budgetary restraints. Some of us can invest a bit more, some less. There is neither obligation nor expectation from my part for anyone to bid beyond their means. One of the reasons why I am so happy to organise these fundraisers, is that I have my own budget restraints and therefore ‘donate’ my time rather than a monetary value. I believe your attention and support is very valuable indeed. Thanks xx

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      • I know that,don’t worry! ❤ Just sometimes my urge to get involved in something surpasses my budget limit, and then I feel a bit down, which is perfectly reasonable reaction, I know. 😉 I could have gone with something a bit higher, to be honest, but my mind told 'Stop' – I have that Weta book I pre-ordered to be paid in October (83 euros) XD. So I have decided to save money for next year's auction 😀 And for a trip if our birthday boy decides to do a show sometimes next year 😀


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