Let’s Celebrate #RichardArmitage

Birthdays are great opportunities for sentimental, soppy posts, with lots of compliments, adulation and idealisation. So let’s celebrate Richard!Dear Richard,

I was just about to launch into a 46-point list of things that I like about you when I realised that adulation is not something you deal with easily. So here’s the thing – I’ll give you my honest opinion on why I think you deserve lots of birthday praise. I promise, I won’t mention the speedos!

Even though most (if not all) of your fans don’t know you, you still come across like a decent sort of chap. Someone who puts in hard graft and strives to do every job as best as he can. Who appreciates the opportunity and attention that comes his way and attempts to give back. Who is aware of the world and is doing his bit to make it better – as an artist through his work; as a human through his treatment of other people. That’s all conjecture on my part, based on what you have said and how you present yourself in public, but I can relate to that because these are universal qualities that the best of us all share – Responsibility, Integrity, Conscientiousness, Humility, Attentiveness, Respectfulness, Decency. I don’t have to spell out what I mean, do I?

I hope you stay the way you are – and may many more exciting and challenging roles come your way.

Love and happy birthday,

S. xx 

ETA: My birthday present is coming to you via a donation to Shelter on JustGiving. Thanks for channelling your fans’ goodwill into a good cause.

13 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate #RichardArmitage

  1. So lovely put! I am on my way to continue a sort of tradition from 3 years ago and sink myself into a theatre because it’s where i feel closest to him and his talent. Hoping he has the happiest of birthdays! Thinking of him with admiration and much fondness 😍


  2. Beautifully said! I didn’t participate in the auctions as I donate through Just Giving and can’t do both right now. Many many thanks to all those who put such hard work into all they do and have done to celebrate his Big Day and at other times too! Bless you all!


    • Thank you Teuchter – hope you had some fun just following the festivities. It was great to see so many people involved. And glad to hear that you are channelling your donations yourself. I’m sure it will be felt by the charities.

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    • Agree. For once I was really quite cheered up by a selfie from the master. It was a really nice day – and it is always lovely to see all the outpouring of love on such a day. I really, really hope that he is aware of how loved/liked/appreciated/admired he is.


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