#CelebRAtionWithPurpose Over + Thanks + Tally + OMG!!!!!!!!!

Where do I start, dear people? My brain is spinning right now. In a good way, let me assure you. You are probably already waiting for the results of the fundraising auctions, and I am sorry that I haven’t given you an immediate update this morning. I did spend the final hour of the auctions in front of the computer, watching the numbers rise, even after bids had already come in overnight. Once again, you responded to my appeal for updated bids in order to cross the 1,000 £ mark. And you had done so even before the final stage of the auctions. – As is customary on eBay, the auctions hotted up in the last minutes again, and by the end of them all – around 9.15am my time – a few items received new bids. Sorry to everyone who lost out in the final stages – and congratulations and thanks to the winners who hiked the prices. So now, without further ado, the final bids generated in the eBay auction:

Wait, there’s more! I also received an updated bid for the Custom RAPS. It sold at 125 Euro. So the final tally of the combined auctions is… *drumroll*

Alright, I totally admit that I just got *completely* sidetracked into making this gif rather than finish up with this post.

To spell it out: The eBay auctions generated a total of 1,192.88 Euro. The e-mail auction generated an additional 125 Euro. So the grand total is: 1,317.88 Euro!! That means we made several milestones in the end: 

  • We hit over 1,000 Euro. 
  • We made over 1,500 Dollars.
  • And we made my final wish come true, we made more than 1,000 British Pounds.

In fact, the Euro sum converts into 1,214.37 £. But wait, that’s not all! Even before the auctions finished, some kind fellow fans have been in touch with me with donations. Some of the bidders who were outbid by others, are pledging their auction budget to the fundraiser instead. Other kind people have offered to help with postage costs and sent money. All of it very much appreciated. Here’s a little question for you, though – it looks as if we may not need any postage help, as the kind donors of the auctioned items have told me that they will pay for the postage themselves. Is it alright if your postage help is pooled with the fundraising money instead? It means that we will bump up the final donation even more. I see another Euro milestone looming…

Lucas North literally can’t deal with the onslaught of milestones

To tell you the truth – I am still in a daze, a bit like Lucas, struggling to wrap my head around the amazing results. So while I am slowly coming down from my high not that I really want to – this is the best legal high there is –  let me send my heart-felt thanks to everyone of you – for supporting the fundraiser from planning to execution, for reblogging and spreading the word, for donating items and money, for bidding in the auctions, for responding to my cheeky appeals for more bids, and for finally coughing up. I believe this is a truly amazing birthday present for Richard. And for Young Minds, who will benefit from a massive donation that can make a difference. You’ve done it! Again.

Thank you!


PS: A quick word on the next steps: I am busy doing the admin behind the scenes. I have already passed on addresses of auction winners in those cases were the items will be sent by one of the donors directly. Most of the items will be sent by me, and I am trying to get them wrapped and sent as quickly as possible. The auction winners will be notified via eBay with a tracking number once their parcel is on the way. I am giving it a couple more days for additional donations to be made before I will transfer the final sum to Young Minds. To chip in to the donations, send me an e-mail to guylty@photographer.net and I will tell you how you can transfer money to the fundraising account.  I will transfer the final donation via JustGiving, and I will notify you via blog and Twitter once it has happened.


31 thoughts on “#CelebRAtionWithPurpose Over + Thanks + Tally + OMG!!!!!!!!!

  1. My heart is bursting with joy, not only because of the numbers, but because you chose Young Minds as the recipient of the auction’s generosity. Thanks to that money, some young people will get the help they sorely need; it could well be that a life is saved, and that’s a miracle. I’m very proud of this fandom today. Richard will be pleased. It’s time for a group hug!


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    • A group hug is definitely in order! And just to say that I fully agree with you – mental health is such an important topic. It’s a great cause RA has chosen, and I am very happy to follow the suggestions from Hariclea and Yve to donate to them.

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    • Thank you Linnet – it’s quite a selfish pursuit because it gives me so much pleasure to rally the troops for a good cause. And because the troops usually respond so kindly and generously.

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