[Tuesday Night] Auction Update #6: Four Figures!!!

The birthday has come to a close – but we are not finished yet due to my f*ck-up with auction times. Before I turn in for the night, I have to share that we have crossed the Rubicon!

Guess what?

We have made it across the four-figure watershed!

A massive push here on blog and on Twitter with plenty of spam has produced significant results. Before Richard’s birthday was out, we hit the 1000 Euro mark! Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear bidders who have headed the call! There was plenty of bidding action on the proposed items – the frames, the playbill, the fan bag got new bids, and before we knew it, the combined e-mail auction plus eBay auctions added up to 1064.02 Euro. That is a massive 1,251.69 $ for you Americans out there. And for the UK-based folk, that means we are currently at 976.07 £. Thank you and Bravo!

Talking of Pounds – earlier today I transferred my own change collection via Grati’s change jar fundraiser to one of Richard’s charities on JustGiving. I thought it would be a nice little test for later transferring of funds which I intended to conduct via Paypal on JustGiving, as stipulated in my earliest posts on this years fundraiser. Imagine my horror when there was no Paypal button to donate through!!! It turned out that JustGiving allows Paypal transfers only for donations in British Pounds. What the…? The point of asking for donations and bids in Euro had exactly been the ease of transaction – because the auctions will be paid through Paypal; and I intended to transfer the donation from Paypal into Young Minds, it meant I could do it straight from my Paypal account.

Good news is, I still can do so. I just have to convert the final proceeds in British Pounds and then donate with Paypal. But here’s the thing – wouldn’t it be nice if we could get a four-figure donation in British Pounds for charity? To reach 1,000 £, we need to hike our bid total by 36 £. That’s, like, 2.50 £ per item, if bids were raised on each and every one of them. It would be my wildest dream if we could get a four-digit British Pounds donation…

I suspect that the currently cheapest items might be the best bet for some more overnight action. As we speak, I can hear my eBay app chiming. I better get this post out there.

Here are the current bids. Can we make it to 1,000 £ until the morning?

Good night – and thank you ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


14 thoughts on “[Tuesday Night] Auction Update #6: Four Figures!!!

  1. Hi Guylty! Congratulations on your tremendous fundraising effort with your auction of Richard Armitage memorabilia and fan made art! Love them! I tried bidding on a few items, but found that someone put a secret higher bid in. Ha! Oh well. I’ll look to make a donation to support your fundraising effort separately. I hope that is still possible. Hugs & Love!

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