RA Pocket Shrine 140/? – Sunflower

I don’t care how long this lasts
We have no future, we have no past
I write this now while I’m in control
I’ll choose the words and how the melody goes
Along winding streets we walked hand in hand
And how I long for that sharp wind
To take my breath away again
I’d run my fingers through your hair
Hair like a wheat field I’d run through
That I’d run through…
And I miss you so – I miss you so
Now you’re gone, I feel so alone
I miss you so
I’d send you a flower – a Sunflower bright
‘Cause you cloud my days messing up my nights
And all the way up to the top of your head
Sun-showered kisses I felt we had
And I miss you so – Oh baby I miss you so
Now you’re gone, I feel so low – oh I miss you so, I do
But I miss you so – Oh darling I miss you so
Now you’re gone, I feel so low – oh I said I miss you so, I do
All I gotta do is think of you – and I miss you so
Baby I’m… I’m afraid to say why – I miss you so
Baby I’m… I’m afraid to say why – Oh I miss you so


Now, there is a double contribution to Herba and Die Pö’s monthly creative challenge. This month, as Herba has just reminded us, the given theme was “Sunflower”. I have been experiencing a mad shrining rush these last two days, and I didn’t even read Herba’s post to the end and already had an idea popping up in my head. So this shrine was executed immediately and smoothly, and the result makes me smile. In my head, the shrine is accompanied by one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite artists, Paul Weller. His are the lyrics up there – and I love how they apply to the subject contained in the shrine. We have neither a shared future nor a shared past, but I fangirl now while I’m in control, and I choose the words and the melody of my fan journey. I did actually send him a sunflower – together with a group of other fans – so that’s bang-on. The hair like a wheat-field – well, ok, that would be *my* hair, not his. But yes, all I gotta do, is think of you-know-who…


As for this shrine – this will be raffled among the people who were kind enough to spread the word about the #CelebRAtionWithPurpose and reposted, reblogged, tweeted about the announcement post. I will put together the list of entries and put it on randompicker, soon.


If you like sunflowers, maybe you can take part in Herba’s community creative challenge, too. Maybe you have some sunflower-themed items at home, or some photos of beautiful sunflowers you would like to share. I look forward to seeing all other contributions.

51 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 140/? – Sunflower

  1. I love sunflowers too. I had them as flowers at my wedding, in my bouquet and as decorations, and I love when I go to Tuscany in summer and there are fields and fields of them at the side of the road. 🙂


  2. I posted a comment but it seems to have vanished and when I tried again a message came up to say I’d already sent it. Hey ho! I’ll try again.:) I’m sure I won’t recall properly what I wrote previously, but here goes! 😦

    What amazing connections I have to this post Guylty! I’ll explain. On Saturday I attended an Engagement Party for one of my grandsons and his lovely bride-to-be and the event was held at her parents home. They have a 5 acre property and behind the house her Dad has a small field of – you guessed it – sunflowers!!! They are of a smaller variety suitable for flower arrangements and all in various stages of development. Before we went home, the other grandmas and I and my daughter in law received bouquets containing both sunflowers and Gerbera Daisies! Such a lovely thought.

    The words, “You are my sunshine” are rather special to me too as I have a silver ring which bears these words together with “my only sunshine” and I wear it each and every day. One of the reasons I bought it was because my son made a short video of one of his “adorable” granddaughters (and my great-granddaughter) singing this song with him as she “strums” on his guitar! So sweet! She wasn’t even three at the time and actually keeps tune!

    So you see why I love this! Thank you!

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    • (Sorry that your previous comment got lost – I had a look in the system but it never got through.)
      And those are two really beautiful connections to this shrine – it sounds like a lovely engagement party. Congrats to your grandson! I love the idea of that ring – and the song is obviously more appropriate to the shrine than my suggested song. I really like that sunshine song, too – mainly because “sun” and “sunshine” are two nicknames that I answer to 🙂

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  3. Today I’m feeling extra sentimental and – since you put three of my favorite things together (music, RA, and sunflowers) – this shrine has hit the spot. I even teared up, but with joy, mind you. It’s been a lovely surprise to read your post. Thank you for sharing your creativity! xo


    • You know, now that you are saying it, I think I agree. Usually, the shrines tend to be focussed on the delectable physical attributes of Mr A’s – but this one is just cute, nothing sexy. Quite a different concept in my body of work…


    • That is a great video. A mood-lifter, like this shrine, and it deserves to be seen here properly:

      Thanks for pointing it out.
      PS: How ARE you? Both in terms of your horrible lift experience and then the floods… Hope you are well!

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      • I’m just catching up with email and saw your question. I’m fine. The house is fine. A few minor issues to repair but fortunately my neighborhood didn’t flood, although we were surrounded by flood waters. Several friends lost their homes and we had to start immediately ripping out carpet, sheetrock, furniture, everything that could grow mold. I’m keeping their dogs indefinitely while they rebuild and teaching them all sorts of bad habits. For instance, I was told they weren’t allowed on the furniture. Apparently, no one told them that and they’ve made themselves at home on my sofas. After being put in kayaks and dragged through waist deep water out of their houses, I wasn’t going to traumatize them again by fussing over furniture that can be vacuumed. Of course now they’ve crossed the Rubicon and are sleeping in my bed with me…a first for me. Good thing I have a king-size bed. Oh well, one more bad habit I’ll let their Mom and Dad deal with.


        • Thankful to know that both you and your home are safe. You’re help given to your neighbours must be so very welcome. I’m right behind you in what you are doing with the dogs, BTW. They have suffered enough and your love and kindness is just what they need right now. I’m sure any “bad habits” they pick up will be forgotten! 😉


      • Ich hatte immer damit gehadert, dass ich mir bisher “The Crucible” noch nicht “gekauft” habe und das Desaster mit Digital Theatre bestätigt jetzt all meine Vorurteile. Ich hätte so gerne eine DVD davon, aber das wird sich jetzt wohl erst recht nicht mehr machen lassen.
        Es ist wirklich unglaublich wie diese Firma mit ihren Kunden umgeht. Das wird sich doch auf lange Sicht nicht auszahlen. Damit verschreckt man die Leute. Hoffentlich lässt sich eine Lösung finden.


        • Ja, ein Riesenärgernis. Hinzu kommt, dass trotz Beschwerde bei mir immer noch keine Lösung eingegangen ist. Ich weiß gar nicht, was ich da jetzt machen soll. Und es ärgert mich maßlos, 15 Pfund für nichts und wieder nichts rausgeschmissen zu haben.


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