2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #31

This is going to be short and sweet, not many words preceding the weekly round-up, as I am fully occupied by a demanding visitor. But you shall have your weekly round-up! However, I am not sure whether it is just me being brain-dead after excessive translation work today, or whether tumblr really just didn’t provide a lot of RA love this week, but there aren’t many links there for you today… Sorry, guys, but better than nothing.

  1. Let’s start off with a bit of back story that hannibatchsmuse has invented for Raymond de Merville. Interesting and *ahem* hot. NSFW
  2. Guy is spot on in this What a Guy Wants post by nfcomics
  3. There’s a new fan fic blog out there, fittingly called imaginerichardarmitage. You can send in prompts and she writes a story. A couple are already there
  4. Totally love this profile of Lucas North by ausschweifendemotte
  5. Reechurdderpmitage apparently put on a birthday give-away. Look what miniatureinternetsalad won!
  6. A gif with lots of big pictures of RA by astroverted
  7. Fangirl marymegger needs help – and she’s probably already made the decision. But just as a thought experiment, what would your recommendation be and why?
  8. Just looking for some filler links here… circusgifs leather love gifs are a must
  9. Humour me. More fillers. But who can resist this set by not-that-kind-of-hot
  10. Yeah, honorwinnig, I have discussed exactly the same question with a fellow fan behind the scenes. My answer: Good genes, great bone structure and vivid fangirl imagination *LOL*

In other news, I am so annoyed that I was working full throttle today and unable to wrap something up and put it in the post. I made something… and can’t wait to send it off to the recipient(s) and then reveal it here. In good news, it appears that all the auction shipments (from me, bar one) have reached their destination. I can’t say how relieved I always am when my packages make it to their destination safe and sound…

And re. the auction – last notice that I will finally remove the donation button from the blog tomorrow and get ready for the final count. I am planning to finally transfer all the auction proceeds and the donations to Young Minds tomorrow – that is if my guest doesn’t keep me up too late… I’ll make an announcement with links when I have done so.

Have a nice weekend, all,

Guylty ❤️



7 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #31

  1. So glad the button is still here! Thank you.

    This week’s selection is short but it’s good. It makes me want to go back to tumblr. As for the question at #7, she should watch all three; the Almighty Johnsons if she can commit to several weeks of mild bingeing, Castlevania if she doesn’t have lots of time and doesn’t mind the gore and language (his voice!), and Berlin Station because they just wrapped up Series 2 and by the time it airs she will have caught up with the story!

    The answer to #10 is: genes, jeans and the power of a Leo. Of course,this particular one says he was named after a King, but we all know he was named after the Egyptian god of the Sun. He can’t help himself; has been given too many superpowers, physical and not.

    Please say hello to Anja and Fanny for me. Happy weekend and a great September to all!

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  2. Never mind the quantity, feel the quality!

    #4 is a gem. Why do I always overlook Lucas? If only there hadn’t been a S9. ☹️
    #10 is a question I’ve often asked myself. Yours and Violet’s are the best I’ve seen so far.
    No prizes though for guessing my favourite link of the week.

    Homage to #8

    What a pleasure
    To have the leisure
    To gaze on Gizzy
    In butter-soft leather.

    Strong women might pale
    At his manly mail
    But Sir Ray would do better
    To say yes to the leather.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend with time to relax after all your hard work. The same goes out to everyone else of course.


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