Wrapping up #CelebRAtionWithPurpose: Final Proceeds – Transfer Confirmation – Raffle Results

Did you feel it? The earth noticeable shook this morning at 9.39 am BST. That would have been the massive load that came off my mind at exactly that moment. Because it is finally done – the proceeds of our birthday auctions for Richard have been transferred to the charity they were destined for. After resting in my account until the last donations trickled in, I punched in the number and clicked the “donate” button this morning. Before I get to the formalities, let’s quickly celebrate the amazing result:

Lazy re-use of old illustration… Richard Armitage as Raymond de Merville in Pilgrimage

As you already know, the proceeds of the auctions came to an incredible 1,322.88 Euro. On top of that, donations for postage costs as well as contributions to the fund via Paypal and the now disabled donation button here on my blog were 259.80 Euro. Thus, the final proceeds of the #CelebRAtionWithPurpose auctions 2017 are…

So, with the final sum established, I had to convert the Euro proceeds into British Pounds in order to donate via Paypal on JustGiving. With fluctuating exchange rates complicating the matter, I decided to err on the side of caution and bumped up the final donation to a nicely rounded figure.

No, not that kind of rounded figure…

So as of this morning 9.39am the money has been transferred to Young Minds via Richard’s JustGiving site. I added a little note – which serves more as a way for you, the participants and donors, to find evidence of our contribution, than a birthday message for RA. But here it is:

And just because I am keen to provide ample evidence of the transaction having occurred, here are screenshots of the confirmation e-mails I received from JustGiving and Paypal.

Last word on the donation: Please all give yourselves a pat on the back for whatever contribution – auction bid, donation, non-monetary support – you have given to this project. I am convinced that we are making a palpable difference with the amount of money we have raised, and I am delighted that it is going to a smaller charity where the impact of such a donation will be felt. Congratulations to you all – if the opportunity and demand arises, I will be more than happy and willing to organise another such charity fundraiser again.

Finally, as for the long-awaited results of the raffle results – to make up for the long wait, I decided to throw a couple of other items in the raffle besides the Sunflower RAPS, and cast the net wide for the supporters of the auction, counting the reblogs of the initial auction post, the posts on other platforms which had been pointed out in the comments, as well RTs of my three auction announcement tweets. So the results are…

Kellyduck wins the RAPS

Andrea Numellote receives the large pouch

RArmitageBDParty wins the small pouch.

Congratulations to all – I will get in touch with the winners on Twitter.

PS: I have just been informed that our donation to Young Minds via JustGiving has made it to number 20 on the fundraising leaderboard on JustGiving. Wow. I didn’t even realise there was a contest on 😉.



47 thoughts on “Wrapping up #CelebRAtionWithPurpose: Final Proceeds – Transfer Confirmation – Raffle Results

    • Great result, indeed – and that leaderboard is a little bonus. Not sure if our notoriously humble Mr A likes to be singled out there, but I think we may be chuffed even for our own sakes…


  1. Awesome! Amazing! A big thank you to you and those who participated in this auction. ❤

    p.s. thank you, lady luck. As soon as I get my hands on the pouch, it goes in use 😀


  2. Fantastic news! Well done Guylty and everyone!! A lot of work went into that. When you look at the money raised to date with a relatively small number of people the amount is really quite amazing! And that is only for Young Minds! I do hope Richard is informed when his chosen charities receive donations. I think he can feel justifiably proud of his fans/well-wishers.


    • Apart from generating donations, the additional benefit of the auctions is always that a lot of people come together for it – and that’s what I really love about it. But yes, it’s so great because there are so many generous people taking part.
      As for Richard receiving updates on the donations via his fundraising pages: In theory yes – but fundraisers on JustGiving can adjust their notification settings so that they do *not* receive e-mail notifications when a donation has been made. With between 300 and 500 donations/supporters on each of his various fundraising pages, it’s likely that he has disabled the e-mails… it’s probably just too much communication 😓 But even if he doesn’t know it, I’m sure he’ll be repaid in karma 😇

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  3. Well that really is an amazing result! Three cheers for all the participants and donors! And of course to you too for all your organizing.

    Teuchter was commenting how especially impressive this was given that we were a relatively small group. Out of curiosity, do you know how many people participated? i.e. bidders, donors, publicizers?


    • That is a very good question. I know that we had 16 donors (in terms of donations to the fund). I’ll have a look at ebay and find out how many bidders there were. Publicizers are hard to determine, too, because there were so many posts RTd and reblogged, but I reckon there were more than 50 people actively involved with comments and posts.

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  4. Thanks for organizing another great birthday auction and to the donors and participants too. It’s such a lovely way to celebrate RA, joining together as everyone did to benefit young people in his honor. I hope this continues to be an annual event. It was fun, exciting and the results were fantastic. Well done 😊


    • Thank you Donna – and good idea; it actually would be fun to have this as an annual event. If the donations keep coming, we may be able to do it again (and btw – I recently found a donation from you in my stash; too late for the auction… but now it’ll be the starting point for the next auction…)


  5. Je suis impressionnée par le résultat. Quel investissement quelle organisation.
    De plus l l’association “young minds” est une cause juste.
    Bon travail, toute mon affection aux donateurs!

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  6. I’m crying, because I’m a sentimental fool. It makes me very happy to see the wonderful results of the auctions; all the good this fandom can do for those in need. Thanks to everyone. This deserves an Armitage Army Group Hug!

    Anyway, here in the States it’s National Cheese Pizza Day and one of my best friends ordered one for me as a surprised and it’s just arrived! The world is full of good people. 🙂


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