OT: Let Us Rise! #DigitalTheatre #DACA

On the eve of yet another business trip, I am catching up with world politics as much as some commercial grievances of the past week. First of all I would like to add my voice to the angry choir of disappointed theatre fans who are feeling betrayed and taken advantage of by Digital Theatre. I am one of their (ex-?) customers, too, who paid money in good faith for “indefinite access” to a particular piece of theatre, yet due to changes in their business model, Digital Theatre has – possibly only temporarily? – removed my access. Other people have already written more eloquently about their concerns – see Esther’s blog post HERE, as well as Heather’s look at the issue from a theatre professional’s POV HERE – and Perry has suggested some action HERE. I complained by e-mail to them TWICE – more than a week ago, but have had no reply whatsoever. Time is beginning to do its usual thing: As the days pass, the issue slips into the background. Yet I am sure this will come back up again, latest when I or others feel the urge to watch The Crucible again, yet cannot access their paid-for virtual copy of the play. Have we gotten anywhere with the proposed concerted action?

Secondly, I feel devastated by today’s news from the US. Lashing out at innocents has never been particularly noble, but the latest move by the current administration is just plain wrong, especially coming from a country (and nation!) that takes such great pride in the opportunity and freedom it has provided to those who had to flee from economic, religious, political or other discrimination and unrest over the last centuries. Not only has it been proven that *any* economy benefits from the influx of immigrants, the move to expel long-standing members of the community from the country also means that the US is effectively throwing away decades of financial, social, political investment in the education and inclusion of these young people. How does that make sense? You might as well throw your dollar notes out of the window – or buy #45 another golden potty that he can rest his orange arse on.

In times like these, there is only one way forward: resistance. Both in our small grievances (hello Digital Theatre!), as well as the big issues (F*ck you, Tronald Dump!). We’re not powerless. We’re only on our knees.Sermon over.


3 thoughts on “OT: Let Us Rise! #DigitalTheatre #DACA

  1. I’m fed up with the orange clown’s tactics. It’s mentally exhausting for us in the resistance to go on Twitter and use facts to refute the lies. Thank goodness for Richard and his work!

    As for Digital Theatre, their seemingly empty promises and hope that we’ll desist, they can dream on. The power of the Armitage Army is real. We’ll be a pain on their side until they give us back our purchases!

    On a personal aside, please keep those in the path of Hurricane Irma in your thoughts. I’m sure most if not all of you have seen the news and noticed how strong and scary it is. My family and friends over there are very worried. Thank you.


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