RA Pocket Shrine 142/? – Back

The motto of today’s post is ‘back’. That little word works on a couple of levels. First of all I am back from my one-week b’trip to London where work and pleasure intermingled in near-perfect ways. I spent a couple of days in the office, negotiating for a new role in my organisation, getting up to speed on what is happening in the office, meeting new colleagues and actually also doing some work. I did a couple of interviews and looked important at attended two industry events, learning more about my field of expertise. I enjoyed the comfort of two very different hotels – from plush antique interiors to the ultimate in gadget-driven coolness, watched two plays – ‘Against’ with Ben Whishaw in the Almeida (up-to-the-minute drama with food for thought that ranges from the cult of celebrity via relationship issues to the question whether it is possible to stop violence by non-violent means; great performances with minimal stage settings) and ‘Girl from the North Country’ with Ciaran Hinds in the Old Vic (serious multi-layered family drama set in the past, off-set with music and dancing, yet not a musical as such – I found the combination of music and drama slightly mis-matched even though I was surprised by the beauty of the reinterpretation of Dylan’s music). AND I spent two days with Hariclea (who kindly put me up on her sofa at the weekend) completely overhauling Richard’s career strategy in the process. Note to Armitage’s agents: We are available for consultation any time. Reasonable “mates rates” on application! So yeah, a perfect mix…

But let’s move on to the other ‘back’. Preceded by a little explanation. The following RAPS is number 2 in a series of shrines I made for donors to the recent auctions. (Thank you shrine #1 here.) All four of them are based off the same design idea. This one sits in a lovely square tin that I brought back from my holiday in Crete this summer.

With a tin that nice, I had trouble matching the inside. Or did I????

The bling continues – this time with Francis Dolarhyde’s back. Don’t you wish you could see his front, though…

Instead you are getting this. Pretty and adorable, too… Since the tin was so pretty, I didn’t have the heart to punch holes into it for the candles. So this one has the candle holder ready-attached.

To the new owner: I adore you, too, for your kindness and generosity. Hope this tin gets an outing, soon!

Right, and now back to the backlog of work 😕 .


26 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 142/? – Back

  1. I’m bringin’ sexy back (yeah)
    Them other boys don’t know how to act (yeah)….

    I don’t know why, but this song plays in my head when I see back of certain someone XD
    The shrine is, of course, flawless. ❤

    Glad you had great time!


  2. Hi Guylty
    I wondered if you have a date when we should expect the LLL Merchandise pack (Chris Butcher) you said on the postcard that it was coming direct from the US I know the weather has been terrible however.
    Cheers Yve


    • *phew* I am glad to here that you have tracked it down (I was just looking at the tracking info and saw that it was marked delivered.) But I am also shocked to hear that you had to pay customs charges. How much was it? I had no idea you were going to be charged for it. Let me know how much it is and I will chip in! (guylty@photographer.net)


      • Hi Guylty
        Custom charges are applied to imports into the EU with a value over £15.00 (its all to do with VAT and The Royal mail handling charges)
        You have done enough; hosting the auction LOL don’t worry about any extra costs((I am planning on refunding hubby LOL) I was also surprised how much it cost C to send a small parcel from NYC $28.45
        Next time, hoping there will be a next time, perhaps we can say the value is under the limit instead of the winning auction amount, or would this be too sneeky?
        Love Yve


        • We were discussing customs charges over on Twitter, and it turns out that it is daylight robbery – which even seems to get applied to “gifts”. I think your suggestion is not unreasonable at all – in the future we must make sure that the items are sent as “gifts” and labelled with nominal value only. (Incidentally, that is what my local post office does all the time – makes sense.)
          And yes, postage costs are ridiculously high. When I sent all the auction items off, there were a number of parcels containing only a framed autograph (and a few small, light extras) which cost 20 Euro.


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