2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #32

Last weekend I was unable to compile the weekly round-up – which means that we have a longer list this week. Just about the best time to catch up, as today is the BS preview at the Paleyfest in Beverly Hills – which means we will hopefully get new press pics from the carpet, as well as interviews and more BS season 2 insights. What are you looking forward to the most? In my case, I am both keen to find out more about the second season of BS, as well as catching a glimpse of Mr A. Has he finally, thankfully shaved off the beard in prep for his role in My Zoe, which is in pre-production in good old Berlin right now? I am also really hoping for some nice photographs of him, because for some reason I am gagging to do an *ooof*. Must be because of my recent spate of otherwise scarce photography jobs… I’ve done lots of people photography, and I am keen on some photo analysing.

Gratuitous Daniel Miller chest glimpse shot with bonus sensuous-open-mouthitage. Not sure about that black leather jacket though

Here we go-ho…

  1. Let’s launch into the round-up with some universal truth. Posted by iamjaynaemarie
  2. A digital drawing of Sir Guy by dandywondrous – pretty!
  3. Do you know the Gisborne aesthetic? Tanithastudio has put a set together
  4. Sinnaminie does not only make adorable plushies but other stitchies like this Thorin work-of-art
  5. I think that particular ship has sailed, but this is a great edit of RA as batman by justicethroughshadows
  6. Some time-travelling fantasy involving Raymond, illustrated with photos. By fizzy-custard
  7. In fact, fizzy-custard has been really busy. Here is a finished Merville x fem!reader drabble series. Short and decidedly not sweet. NSFW
  8. This took me two seconds to grasp… *tuttuttut* nfcomics
  9. Ohhh. Erm. I’m a bit breathless after looking at this gif set of John Porter by e-ripley. 🚿
  10. And focussing on the essentials, here’s the armibum in action, also by e-ripley
  11. Not quite like Richard, but still a cute piece of fan art by he-na
  12. Face the music. Thanks tinkertailor1212
  13. Mezzmerizedbyrichard catches Daniel Miller’s “chocolate side” – three quarters profile and eyelashes…
  14. In times of digital access trouble, thanks be to the powers that ghisborne has a gif set of favourite Proctor scenes…
  15. Yeah, I think we definitely need to be ‘touchéd’… gif by kendaspntwd
  16. Nice. clear screenshots from the BS S2 trailer by ausschweifendemotte
  17. Gif queen circusgifs has got her teeth in the new BS material, too. Check bonus material *hehe*
  18. Totallyradioactive15 has a Redbubble shop
  19. Every once in a while it needs a post gushing with positivity to refuel my fangirl mojo. Here’s life-is-righteous
  20. Amazing Thorin drawing by pettikotes
  21. And another by youremyfanart
  22. Love this quote by Hewson about hearing Armitage bring his book to life. Posted by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  23. LOL – touché, idkipoststuff. Richard has f*cked up many a book
  24. ROFL – what the hell is this??? Imagined conversations of Thorin and his nephews. Bizarrely funny. By thegnotesots
  25. Word, wayyfinding
  26. And if you had a liking for fizzy-custard’s Raymond fanfic, good news – here is series 2

Damn, half the day is already gone. The family has gone camping again, and I was going to put the shrining bench to use today because my work-room is going to be occupied by a long-term guest, soon. Better get cracking.

Have a nice weekend,

Guylty ❤️


15 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #32

  1. Lots of things to like. I can’t pick a favorite. I might be distracted. I have two tall German ladies visiting for a couple of days. One of them is a charter member of AHA.

    Liked by 1 person

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