2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #33

How do I fill this week’s round-up? Surprisingly, there isn’t really that much happening on tumblr. Or maybe I haven’t searched carefully enough? So in order to provide a little bit of extra-entertainment, I’d like to show you a photograph that I took the weekend after last when I was visiting a certain friend. (Name withheld.) For obvious reasons, this card – displayed on mystery-woman’s mantlepiece – made me laugh out loud. For unknown reasons, I had to think of Mr A.

The funny thing is – when I photographed that card, I had no idea how close to reality it would actually get. I mean, just mentally crop those two old biddies out of the picture above and insert them in the picture below. Touché?

Totally snaffled this picture from Servetus…

Enough of the dirty laughter. Here’s the round-up!

  1. Guy is so shallow… or like all the guys. #Priorities. Thanks to nfcomics
  2. Posting this note from simplybentley re. Digital Theatre here as a placeholder/reminder. Have you got your access back?
  3. Hm. A complaint from i1imati re. tags and Payleyfest BS. Discuss.
  4. This edit of a Daniel Miller screenshot by ausschweifendemotte almost looks like a painting
  5. Proof that Mr A – although superhumanly attractive – is human after all – he picks at his fingers, as remarked by fortunatelyclevercandy. What exactly is he picking at? Calluses?
  6. Mezzmerizedbyrichard shows us that Richard has much better use of his hands here
  7. And mezzie again with gifs of some sweet smiles during the interviews at the Paleyfest event
  8. And in case you’d rather like to have the whole goodness of the Armitagean smile at the Paleyfest panel in static images, here are Mezzmerizedbyrichard’s screenshots
  9. Fullerverse has put the best pro shots of RA at Paleyfest red carpet from the Rex snydication service into a set
  10. Fizzy-custard’s masterlist of Richard Armitage RPF – NOTE: real person fiction. Don’t like – don’t read!
  11. And here is fizzy-custard’s complete masterlist of *all* character drabbles

Sorry – short. But more time for you to go back and enjoy all the pictures from Paleyfest.

Have a good one!

Guylty ❤️

15 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #33

  1. Small but mighty roundup. Loved the card on the mantelpiece. Whoever you were visiting has a great sense of humor.And a wonderful appreciation of sculpture.


  2. 3: (a) he’s the best-looking character and (b) he’s the only actor in the show with a significant, organized online fandom with the possible exception of Ifans and Palmer and (c) Ifans didn’t appear.


  3. although short nice to see people enjoying the new pics 🙂 it’s nice to catch the original and i guess not yet the kind of thin that inspires original artsy interpretations 🙂 Hopefully more once we see the new Daniel…
    And yes that card is a keeper, it’s been there for a few years and still makes me laugh wickedly every time i look at ti, brilliant, just my sense of humour and i love that statue as well 🙂


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