RA Pocket Shrine 144/? – Spylicious

Can we take a moment to *ooof*?

Intense Daniel, intense. Richard Armitage as Daniel Miller in Trailer 2 from Season 2 of Berlin Station. Edit of my own screen shot.

If this wasn’t a screen shot but a properly taken photographic still, I would *love* to write one of my photo analyses for this. The back-lighting that accentuates the cheekbone, the intense gaze, the framing and use of negative space all make this image stand out and create a very specific look and feel in this “coincidentally capped portrait” of Daniel Miller. After the despicable outcome of the German general election last weekend (I am still reeling, everyone, and I can only say that *I* and 87.3% of all Germans did NOT vote for the Nazis to get into the parliament. I feel disgusted, disappointed and demoralised by the result – but I do have hope that the right-wing AfD will implode and soon be history.) I am not quite in the right mood for a spy thriller with neo-Nazi plotline. But hey, with a spylicious protagonist such as Daniel Miller, I may just be able to overcome my resistance and enjoy at least the display of talent and craft courtesy of Mr Armitage… Even with the close-crop hair-style cum bushy beard not quite up my street, I must admit that Daniel still has got *something* that keeps me watching. Only three weeks til season 2…

In keeping with the spylicious theme, I have got another shrine reveal for you. This is number 4 in the series of thank you shrines after this, this and this. This latest one comes with  a beautiful cover that I left untouched…

Spylicious… I thought long and hard about creating a shrine to feature some of Daniel’s rather impressive back views but then shied away from it. Not for lack of material *coughs*. But a front view of one of the most heart-breaking spies ever to grace the small screen, seemed to be slightly safer…

Not too shabby, either, eh? Lucas looks as if *he* did come home “in garlands”.

As usual in these thank you shrines, Mr A greets from the bottom half of the shrine.

And here it is in full glory:

This shrine was created for mooseturds who kindly supported the CelebRAtionWithPurpose. Please join me in also thanking her for her fabulous detective work over on Twitter where she is one of the tireless tweeps who frequently discovers and shares news and updates on all things Armitage. Your work is much appreciated, moose, and I am grateful that you are doing all the work for us ´so that I do not have to spend hours hunting for the latest news…


So, in conclusion – here’s the big question:

Who do *you* find most spylicious? Daniel “The Wall” Miller, or Lucas “Sexy Pecs” North?


Looking forward to your replies. I’ll pass the time by gazing into Daniel’s fathomless eyes… *sigh*


PS: This RAPS reveal concludes the series of thank you shrines. They were designed as a complete body of work and therefore share some similarities. However, they are still all unique, and I hope that the recipients will have lots of fun with them. Here’s a group shot:


47 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 144/? – Spylicious

  1. Aw, thanks so much. And thanks for all your efforts with #CelebRAtionWithPurpose. It was a lot of fun to participate and I have a killer box of squee feels now to remind me that fangirling can be a lot o’ fun.

    Yah, Lucas for me. But hoping Daniel will steal my heart in S2. 🙂

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    • Oh, I love how you put that – “a killer box of squee”. Or just “box of squee”. That would’ve been a great name for the little pocket shrines, too.
      Here’s hoping that Daniel will get more screen time in S2. I do look forward to seeing him again.


  2. All of them are gorgeous. Oh you lucky people!

    Daniel is my spy. At some point, I will sit down and watch Spooks. Maybe then I’ll change my mind. But for now…. yeah. Daniel.

    If I read correctly, the chances of the Alt Right being ignored is quite strong. I’m both looking forward to the next season (Daniel) and dreading it (politics.)

    I’m sick of politics.


    • I suspect you may change your mind once you get to know Lucas, Zee. He was a hero from the first time he appeared – and there is so much more depth to him than to Daniel. That’s not really Daniel’s (or RA’s) fault, but it is what makes Lucas so much more interesting…
      And yes, I am sick of politics, too.

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      • I watched the first episode, maybe 2, when I first moved down here. And loved them but got side tracked with writing. I’m writing a load now because I have a Big Bang to do (I’m doing Thorin’s grandfather this time) as well as Nanowritmo in November. So I’m trying to get out a chapter of Aside, Shepherd and Nemo before I get crunched.

        Politics. Meh. I’d just soon have the runs and hemmies.


    • Oh, they were planned all along, that is already certain. It was on the news last night that there was proof of that in chat and e-mail data obtained by some broadcaster. It is a strategic move. Only that I am not sure whether it really will be a successful one.


  3. Since I will always refuse to acknowledge the existence of John Bateman, I can say without a doubt that Lucas North is my favorite spy. Unless Season 2 of Berlin Station reveals some depths to Daniel Miller’s character that reveal him to be complex and more relatable, he’ll remain in second place.

    As for the German elections, I too was horrified to hear about the results from my other German friend (who is as shocked and apologetic as yourself). You know the problems we’ve had over here with the Neo-Nazis and the outrage millions of us feel because a couple of them are advisors to the President and work IN THE WHITE HOUSE; the thought of German voters having elected one of them to your Parliament is astounding and very scary. No need for you to apologize,though, but I understand how you feel.

    Congratulations to all the worthy recipients of those lovely shrines! Oh, and thank you for sharing that image of Richard. OOOF! 😉


    • Yep, that was the thing about Lucas – he was a complex character from the very first second he appeared on the screen, with 8 years in a Russian prison behind him. In a way, BS created a trauma for DM, too, which would make it easy for audiences to sympathise with the character. Pity that it looks as if that isn’t going to be explored further.
      And re. German elections – I wish it was just *one* neo-Nazi in our parliament, Violet. They elected 94 (!!!!) of them! The number literally makes me feel sick to my stomach. But ok, I’m trying to focus on the fact that there are 537 members of parliament who are *not* Nazis…


      • They elected 94?!!! What happened? I thought it was illegal to be a Nazi in Germany. Obviously, I know nothing. 😦 Feel free to blame Trump for making hate acceptable to many. Ugh!


  4. All lovely shrines, these! I think between the two Lucas is still my fave. Lucas has a certain vulnerability and back story that propels a sympathetic reaction to his character in me. Daniel is still a stranger to me. His true character has yet to be revealed, imo. I’m hopeful that we get to know him a little better in S2. Not a fan of the close cropped hair myself but I’ll admit he could shave his head and still be gorgeous 😍


    • You are hitting it on the nail, Donna. Despite some doubts, Lucas was always a sympathetic character, and he quickly established himself as a hero and a ‘goodie’. Daniel is not a baddie at all, but somehow they only scratched the surface with him in S1. I hope they will take the opportunity to explore more of his way of thinking etc – which they really should concentrate on if they want him to be the main identification figure of the show.
      And yes, underneath beard and Nazi hair-do DM is still pretty yummy.


  5. Until now Lucas is my favourite spy. I loved Spooks. Maybe we will get more than a glimpse of Daniel’s real character. Btw I like his beard.
    I know your feelings, I am one of the 87,3%


    • They really need to give Daniel more attention. After all he is supposed to be the lead of the show. I just hope it is not all going to be just action and no insights into his moral dilemmas over having to pose as a neo-Nazi.


      • It would be nice to think we will have some soul searching moments and opportunity for Richard to emote but considering how shallow Hector was written (his love for the g/friend one moment and chatting up Patricia the next1 ) I doubt we will get much to sigh over lol.


  6. Just going on looks alone (shallow gal that I am) , Lucas would be number one in the spy race. The hair was better and the beard was absent. I wish you would do an analysis of the moody photos. To me, he looks like he’s trying out for the lead in “Dr. Evil meets the Walking Dead”, part two.

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    • Stubbly Daniel in S1 had a few delicious moments, too, I think, but yeah, the overall S2 look is not exactly doing it for me.
      I am really hoping for some promo material from Epix soon, which would provide opportunity for an analysis. I’m sure they have taken some pictures when they were shooting that teaser trailer sequence…


  7. Have I ever told you how much I love your photo analyses? They are so educational.

    I certainly understand your heartache and disgust over the general election results. I don’t understand what is happening in our world … I am heartsick here in the U.S. and continue to pray that Trump will be Impeached soon.

    Ahhhhh, there is only one spy for me … Lucas North always ❤️

    And, your Thank You Shrines are wonderful 👍 Love every single one of them 😃


    • Oh thanks, Clorinda ☺️. I really want to do one again. It just needs a new pro picture which will launch me into a little educational extra.
      The whole politics thing is so worrying because at the moment it looks as if it’s not isolated to just one place but the whole world is out of kilter.
      Lucas North forever, indeed xx


  8. I had to listen twice to confirm that ‘Trevor’ is his undercover name, is this is just a coincidence re Castlevania ? Trevor seems a unlikely choice to me, is Trevor common like John is in England?


    • No, if anything Trevor is a bit of a nerdy name in the UK… but in any case Daniel is American. Are they sending him undercover as a Brit? How weird when in theory he speaks perfect German… now I’m really confused!


  9. Theoretisch wäre ich ja schon an Daniel interessiert, aber leider habe ich bisher nur sehr wenig von ihm sehen können. Auf jeden Fall hat Lucas einen besonderen Platz in meinem Herzen (wobei ich natürlich dieses Elend am Ende seiner Geschichte vollkommen ignoriere… vollkommen). ❤


  10. Fabulous shrine collection!

    You know, I’m not a huge connoisseur of the spy genre, so Lucas while interesting, muscular and well-dressed is not one of my go-to RA characters. And the whole John Bateman thing, well…

    Season 1 Daniel is a bit bland, although he looks good in a suit — birthday or otherwise! Now I’m one who really likes the Season 2 beard, and the short haircut is kind of growing on me. I’ll reserve judgment on his character until the season starts, but I feel somehow drawn to the dangerous looking man with the piercing stare in the screen cap.


    • There is something about dangerous looking men, isn’t there? Probably something like the curiosity of finding out what is beneath the piercing stare. So far it looks as if Daniel will be less bland in S2. And I would be very happy with that, beard or no.

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  11. i just love the little treasures :-)))) and i think as an exception there could be an off of this? as presumably you know a professional shoot was behind it, i mean this was for pr only and i am sure there were stills to be considered for the campaign 🙂 Just on the basis of the drought we have been suffering ;-))

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  12. ah and Lucas Lucas Lucas all the way, i soooo miss seeing him on the wall at work… sigh the character to top him has not been born yet… Daniel is effective but so far for me not hero material but maybe because i prefer my heroes in fantasy rather than real circumstances. Reality too grim – it’s more about managing and navigating it than being truly heroic. And it’s just not that ind of series i feel, nobody is really good, everything is grey. I do get why people want to be more realistic… but i personally would argue that when reality is so grim we need more heroes to inspire us, a bit of fantasy to make us believe in the good again. That’s my wish anyway.. which is why i find this hard to get excited about other than the simple fact of seeing him on screen again in something hopefully a bit less violent and minimally more interesting than recent things. Very low expectations.


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