2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #34

Ladies and gentlemen, it is always worth-while to wait just a little bit when some new work by Mr A comes out. Especially when unexpected, like the sudden appearance of the first two episodes of season 2 of BS last night. Hence a delay this morning – I had to update the weekly round-up in the morning. Not sure whether it is necessary, but I’ll do the new Berlin Station material separately below – just in case people want to avoid spoilers.

  1. I am always amazed how you can draw something just with a few lines. Bagginshield sketch by pandamani
  2. Including this for the caption added by queenoferebor1204
  3. And here is the same image – but edited to its full glory by fizzy-custard
  4. Sinnaminie is catching up with RL Richies of old… and practicing her chest hair-drawing
  5. Ghisborne has giffed the latest trailer and teaser offerings from BS
  6. And riepu10 has isolated the sequences with Daniel Miller from the BS teaser
  7. Lollipop lollipop, oh, lolli lollipop… What a Guy wants… by nfcomics
  8. Just can’t resist this long lean leathered lad… riepu10’s gifs
  9. Mezzmerizedbyrichard has giffed some pretty interview scenes from Paleyfest
  10. LOL – keys and keyholes and dirty thoughts. By mistress-gif
  11. And a pretty amazing fan drawing of a newly beloved selfie of Mr A’s, by rcarmitage-poland

  1. Ofgreengables has got a few gifs from a scene with Daniel and Esther
  2. Screenshots of Daniel by ausschweifendemotte
  3. B-a-g-g-i-n-s-h-i-e-l-d has put the BS promo photos in a set
  4. I wouldn’t mind being looked at by Daniel/Trevor in that way. Screenshot by ausschweifendemotte

I suspect there will be plenty more material coming the next few days, especially as it seems as if Sleepwalker has also been released via on-demand platform Dish. (See HERE.) Sleepwalker? What? Anyone remember that film??? And now only literally exclusively available about a private streaming site? Hm, if you read this early review from February 2017, we may not be missing that much…

Good news, though, if you want to own a hard copy of Berlin StationYeah, after all that DT snafus hard copies may be the way to go…  Amazon.com has got season 1 on pre-order now, to be released on October 3rd. Don’t forget to order through Ali’s affiliate links via richardarmitagenet!

And now happy weekend all – I am going on yet another protest march today, once again fighting for the right to make a choice in my destiny as a woman. Repeal the 8th.

Guylty ❤️




17 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #34

    • I would like to see the Daniel/Esther storyline develop further. But who knows…
      Sunshine here this morning, let’s hope the weather holds for the march. Have to make some banners for myself and feminist daughter 😉


  1. Another great roundup to brighten my Saturday. Thanks, Guylty. Lovely stuff.

    😀@ #7 And they say romance is dead!

    Very excited about the news of a hard copy of BS1 — it means I can live in hopes of the same for BS2.

    With you in spirit for the march. Sad that this is still an issue in this day and age.


  2. I watched the two free episodes of S2 last night. Daniel and Esther: Major flirtation. Major heat. (Fans self.) And kind of…weird…when it’s revealed what they are unpacking out of a box together. She chose a…present for him.


  3. Sleepwalker will be available for streaming on Amazon and iTunes in the US, anyway, in about ten days, if the dates given on those sites are correct. This is the ONLY time I’ve ever wished I had DISH, though!


    • That’s great news. Well, as in: At least there is another project seeing the light of day. Mind you, I am getting frustrated with the fragmented streaming landscape these days. It’s virtually impossible for everyone to have access to every service. I am hoping for a speedy DVD release, too.


      • I could be wrong, but I doubt this distributor has the correct business model / mechanism for DVD distribution at a price point most fans would find palatable.

        And I totally agree re: fragmented streaming. I was having one of those experiences last night trying to watch HACF. The last episode was broadcast early on Saturday night, which was not workable due to the holiday. We have a cable provider that is supposed to give us access via the Internet to this show. But every week the arrangement is different. One week you can watch it on demand, but only on the main screen in your home network. The next week you can watch it on demand over the Internet at any time or in your home network on the screen. This last week, however, it was only available via the AMC website. I was out in the middle of the nowhere Saturday night, at my brother’s house — and if your browser times out of their website due to poor streaming speed, you have to wait until the next day to watch it again. So that was how I finally watched it — last night, in the middle of the night, on my 13 inch screen, while sitting in dad’s living room with a 50 inch screen silent in front of me. This was all supposed to make things easier. [coughs]


        • Yep, that’s exactly the scenario that is becoming more and more common. Digitization and continuous progress is all very well, but it is really not always making things easier, especially when there is no transparency on how the services work or when/why/how they change their terms on a weekly basis. Plus, there are so many different platforms out there, which all require subscription, that “on demand” has come to mean “exclusive”. Good old DVDs were much more straight forward.


  4. Yeah — I missed the premiere of a new ST series for the first time in my life because I wasn’t willing to pay $6.99/mo to get behind the paywall. It’s only available on an “all access” version of a channel we already have/ pay for. OK, then. This is really not the way to attract me as a consumer.


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