2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #35

Hello weekend – and hello, a new picture by Sarah Dunn… I have been taking a deeeeeep, intense look at that…

… which has taken some time… Hence the roundup is short, but sweet, and decidedly dominated by Trevor Price. Hardship? See for yourself:

  1. Here’s a little bit of fan fic fluff for you to lighten up the weekend. Vaguely RPF, so beware. By xxbyimm
  2. Clematis71 is already considering the really important questions re. season 2 of BS
  3. Trevor Price is looking quite intensely here in a gif set by riepu10
  4. Splendid screenshot of scruffily scrumptious Trevor Price emerging from Berlin Hauptbahnhof. By deepestfirefun
  5. And some more priceless Price courtesy of ausschweifendemotte
  6. And more by freya-asaatru
  7. But surely the screenshot by shikin83 of Trevor’s tempting neck takes the biscuit
  8. *thud* the glory of that lean, long body… set of caps by queenoferebor1204
  9. By the way, yesterday was Trevor’s 46th birthday! Jassy2101 has the proof
  10. Kicked puppy? Totally, spot on, yes, life-is-righteous
  11. Guy Trevor Miller or what? Screenshot by jassy2101
  12. A toddler-compatible version of Robin Hood? Try this picture set by ilariaeugealtomasini
  13. And while we are at it with RH, here’s some Guy/Marian love by tanithastudio
  14. LOL – and this kind of internal monologue by xxbyimm could also be applied to readers of fan fiction, not just writers…
  15. Have a feeling this isn’t new, but it still amuses me. By iamjaynaemarie

Back to that picture…

Have a great weekend, all!

Guylty ❤️



10 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #35

  1. You’re put together an excellent list! Too bad I missed Trevor’s birthday. It would have been fun for us to send tweets about it to the Berlin Station producers and writers, and to Richard, of course. Happy Weekend, everyone!


  2. Thanks for a good roundup to start the weekend! I love the “Beauty and the Beast” comparison in #12! Also the giffed smirk in #14!
    (By the way, #8 seems to be the same as #7.)


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