RA Pocket Shrine 146/? – Trick or Treat [#HalloweenSwap]

We interrupt our Berlin Station scheduling which still has a review of BS season 2 episode 2 in the works and switch to something unrelated. As October is drawing to a close, we are coming up to Halloween. And in the time-honoured tradition of putting on crafting challenges for the fandom, plushie queen Sinnamin had called for yet another swap. After sitting the summer swap out (I initially had no inspiration for the flower theme Sinnamin announced – although I actually came up with this little flowery beauty shortly after…), I couldn’t resist signing up for the Halloween one. Funny – I am not usually a massive fan of that holiday; mainly because it’s not “in my blood”. But inspiration struck, and despite unfavourable conditions – my study and craft room is currently occupied by a long-term guest who is in-between rents – I *had to* take part.

My Halloween package arrived at its destination yesterday, and so I am taking the opportunity to present the latest project from RAPS Inc.’s shrining bench. – With a little nod to the instigator of the Swap project (who, incidentally, is *not* the recipient of this shrine), I chose this particular tin, leaving the lid as it is.

So, Halloween. What comes to mind when you think of it? Scary monsters, eerie houses, and trick or treat.

Well, shall we see what is lurking behind those doors? Which one would you open first? Let’s go for “trick”…

“BOO”! There’s a scary vampire lurking behind that door. Scared? Well, then you have earned yourself a treat…

There’s your treat, ready for your to unwrap and enjoy. Bonus: This eyecandy has no calories and does not cause cavities. Disclaimer: Might cause addiction, though.

For the bottom part of the shrine, I couldn’t resist *the* classic Halloween shot of Mr A, complete with scary cardigan…

Definitely haunting many dreams…

Unfortunately not visible in my shots: There is a little surprise lurking behind the vampire in the “trick” section of the RAPS. Someone who is adept at fighting vampires…

Anyboo, I hope my little box of fun fits the Halloween theme. It’s been a pleasure, as usual, and I look forward to seeing more Halloween Swaps displayed over on blogs, Twitter, Tumblr etc. If you want to check out the fun, click HERE or search for #HalloweenSwap on Twitter. Big thanks as usual to Sinnamin for organising this fun little project. #RichieHolidaySwap2017 next?



22 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 146/? – Trick or Treat [#HalloweenSwap]

    • 😂 It was… and in that sense perfectly set in scene in that Halloween shop backdrop…
      The little doors are always fun because you can literally play with the RAPS. (They are a pain to make, though…)

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  1. Yep, love the little doors! I was reminded of the board game we had as kids called “Mystery Date,” which involved opening a door to see whether your date was a Dreamboat or a Dud! It was terribly sexist/classist (I think the dud was a plumber), but I loved opening the little door 🙂

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    • LOL – was that a commercially made board game? Reminds me a bit of these paper games we used to make, where you had to fold a piece of paper and then after moving and counting the paper thingie a set number of times, you would lift one of the paper lids and the name of your soulmate would be revealed…

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  2. Such Halloween fun. Vampire RA can suck on my neck anytime. And as for what’s behind door number two? The treat to beat all treats.


    • I have to say, the treat was one of the happiest scenarios I have ever crafted… I mean, just imagine you opened the door to your hotel/bed room, and wrapped and garnished with a big red bow would be a beautiful man such as Dannyboy… *gulps* The fantasy is almost a little bit too powerful for me… 🚿


    • Hehe, yes. But don’t worry, there are plenty of crafts that don’t require fiddly work, and being based in the US, you’ll have Michael’s and Hobbylobby and JoAnn’s at your disposal 🙂


        • When it comes to the Plushie craft swaps that Sinnamin has organised, we have moved away from the RA topic. It’s certainly not a must. (It’s just my one-track mind that keeps me going back to craft projects that I can incorporate RA in…) In the latest Halloween swap I received a handmade gift that did not refer to RA at all – and that was perfectly fine…

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