2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #37

HELP!!! I guess you have all seen the little BTS video posted by atlantictv yesterday?

Well, HELP, as I said. Anybody know who the photographer in the clip is? I’ve been scouring the interwebs for audible press releases that might make a mention of his identity, but no… I *need* to know, he is to be commended. He really got some *great* shots of Richard – even if we only see them at an angle synched to his laptop as he shoots. I couldn’t resist capping them (and doing a little adjust magic).

Oh my goodness me – that head shot 😍… Seriously, we need to see that picture – and anything else from the shoot! Because finally it looks as if there is a photographer again who puts his subject at the centre, not the aesthetics or their own personality…

Ok, you are here for the round-up, so I’ll give you the round-up.

NOTE: I am splitting the round-up again in order to give you the chance to avoid spoilers for BS season 2. Avoid this first section of links if you do not want to be spoilt with BS season 2 info:

  1. Some caps from 2×02 of BS featuring Trevor – by drldeboer
  2. I’ve seen a variation of this on Twitter, but here is a comparison of Raybo and Trevbo, courtesy of deepestfirefun
  3. In this gif set, ghisborne focusses on some Trevor essentials – nose, hands, eyelash action. Niceeeee
  4. And some more close-up screen caps by ausschweifendemotte of 2×02 Trevor – much in there for the discerning fan girl eye…
  5. Clematis70 has another example of Armitage micro-acting – from 2×01

And now on to the general round-up.

  1. Pretty screenshots from yesterday’s BTS clip by audible, posted by ausschweifendemotte
  2. A look at fizzy-custard’s Hobbit collection – I always love these glimpses of fan art and other assorted goodies collected by fellow fans…
  3. What do you think of wikdsushi’s suggestion? For starters, is there actually any resemblance?
  4. Not all of the images in this set by obscurelittlebird contain RA, but the one that is in there, is really quite funny #NotMykitaThough
  5. I don’t speak Portuguese (?), but the English language title of this role-play (?) really appeals to me, and the caption that says something about “ancestor of Richard Armitage”, I think… Dangerous charmer indeed…
  6. This pic set of gentle Dr White by ausschweifendemotte will make fan girl hearts explode *dead*
  7. TBT Philip Turner courtesy of riepu 10. Interesting how RA 12 years ago looks older than now… or what do you think?
  8. Arsitage in rim lighting. Guylty definitely approves… Thanks to ghisborne
  9. Gifs of RA interviewed at Paleyfest – nice study of facial expressions. By ofgreengables
  10. Damn, it took a while for this *essential* scene to be finally giffed. Thank you for the fan service, tinkertailor1212
  11. Post-coital Daniel from season 1, giffed by kendaspntwd (no worries, not as sexy as this implies…)

In other news – and vaguely related – I read an “in-te-res-ting” interview by Observer (not the English newspaper of the same name which is affiliated with The Guardian, btw, but the online extension of the New York Observer) with BS show runner Bradford Winters. No mention of RA, but rather the show runner discussing the “Eerie Relevance of His Alt-Right Thriller“. I have a few choice opinions on Winters’ attitude and statements in the interview, but I’ll leave the politics out of this post. Thankfully I had the opportunity this morning to voice my disagreement behind the scenes with a fellow fan – thanks for that, youknowwhoyouare – otherwise I might explode. Just one thing: When it comes to the “alt right” – or as I prefer to call them by their real name: fascists – there is NO grey area, Brad! You’d do better to remember that. (ETA pre-publication: For a proper response to Winters’ *outrageous* statements, please read Servetus post. Discussion there!)

Ok, off the moralistic soapbox – hope you have enjoyed today’s link-fest.


Guylty ❤️

PS: Please direct any relevant information pertaining to the identity of the atlantictv/audible photographer to me 😘


17 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #37

  1. I think the photographer could be https://chris-sanders.com/projectaudible/. There’s a behind-the-scenes on his blog where the pic of the photographer looks like the same guy.

    Thanks for the roundup. The last two seem to be the same link.

    In terms of Cary Grant and RA, yes I see the resemblance from some angles and especially depending on the clothes. I had posted side-by-side pics from a different angle in an April post. Feel free not to include this link, but I just thought it was fun that I had the same thought! https://imfeelingthis.blog/2017/04/20/that-touch-of-mink-1962/


  2. sigh, nothing like late night peaceful picture indulgence i tell you… and there are few amazing Trevor shots in there. And yes funny enough the face looks quite similar to 12 years ago.. apart from a few more crinkles around the eyes 😉


    • Well, there is a little message in the unchanged looks… Mr A has probably had some things done… Which is why I so welcome the grey temples on Trevor. Feels authentic.


      • Hm i don’t think he has on his face, i don’t like pointing it out as i don’t want to upset people 🙂 But while the general look has stayed the same the subtle signs are there, especially around the eyes and cheekbones 🙂 But i think realistically between 30-40 something we don’t actually change all that much facially if we don’t drink too much or just don’t take care of ourselves very much. The firmness of skin however and the area around eyes is something nobody can escape. But he lives well, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink too much, eats healthily etc so he has aged really well 🙂 But it actually does strike me especially Fridays when the Guy photos float around how much he has actually changed, subtly but it is very much there. I was recently looking at Crucible photos as well and even from there the change is visible. I think it’s actually more pronounced in the last 2 years and somewhat also to do with the fact that he is slimmer. At our age skin on our faces and hands especially doesn’t bounce back like it did in our 30s. But hey ho, hope he doesn’t look too closely in the mirror or if he does he is accepting and doesn’t think to much of the change. At least that’s what i would like to think. Realistically rather than not ageing he is ageing very well 🙂 We all do 🙂 And his change is later than most others 🙂 Ws looking at a photo of TH the other day and he’s changed loads in the last 2 years as well, way more angular and sharp and the boyish charm of sorts seems to have been gone almost a bit overnight. Nature does the same to all of us.


        • I think his mid-30s to now are his most attractive years. The lines don’t matter, they add depth, quite literally. And yeah, I don’t believe that he’s had things operated on. But there are other ways…


          • ah of course, nobody has such nice skin without taking care of himself 🙂 but hey, i use body lotion after each shower and hand cream all day long 😉 I think he had a period around Guy and Lucas when he was downright pretty 🙂 He’s no longer that but a mature version of attractiveness, less model, more man 🙂


            • Exactly – he went through a pretty stage. I am thinking of season 3 Guy (also helped by the long hair), overlapping with Spooks, and then he was really, really pretty around the time of Capt America… “Mature version of attractiveness, less model, more man” 😍 *there go my pants*. I think you’ve said that perfectly. With some of the last BS shots coming out, I have found myself involuntarily exclaiming “DayUM” every time… (Mind you, might also reflect my *own* advancing age…)

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