2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #38

Hello! How are you all? Sorry for the delay in posting the Saturday round-up – I was travelling yesterday, returning from a few days back to the old country for my mum’s birthday. And good thing I did. Between my mum’s traditional home cooking for me (“Knipp” – typical Northern German fare that is mainly characterised by being fatty and pig…), Kaffee und Kuchen (traditional coffee and cake to be taken at 3pm every day), delicious bakery breakfasts (the wide variety of bread is something I really miss away from Germany, and in Germany, many bakeries these days have a cafe where you can have a full breakfast – which consists of freshly baked bread rolls, butter, cold cuts and cheese or jams, honey, and other sweet spreads – for less than 5 Euro) and restaurant dinners, it feels like I gained 10 pounds in four days…  Any more and I wouldn’t have fit in the airplane seat…

I took the opportunity to indulge in some extensive craft supply shopping, too. Another thing I miss dearly, as Ireland doesn’t really cater for the German Bastel [craft] obsession… I picked up a number of things that I have earmarked for future shrine productions – blingy bits and pieces are always needed for that. Hariclea suggested I show off my spoils – which goes against my dislike of so-called “shopping hauls”. have you noticed the trend? There are hundreds of such videos on Youtube, all just featuring a user unpacking their shopping bag and showing off their purchases. I really don’t know what purpose that serves – apart from making others feel envious? But well, let’s make it constructive – if you like, have a look at the pictures and suggest how I could use some of the stuff I have bought in a RAPS or other cRAfty products…

Yeah, don’t ask me why I need 30 washi tapes and 200 pages of craft paper in four different sizes… I got carried away…

Anyway, I hope you had a look at yesterday’s guest post by Armitagebesotted on Sleepwalker, posted in lieu of the round-up. If not, have a look and discuss to your heart’s content! And if you feel like sharing your own opinion in a blog post but you haven’t got a platform of your own, let me know, and we’ll organise a guest post for you, too!

And now on to the long-awaited round-up – a big mishmash of everything this week, and since I wanted to get this out before the weekend is over, I have kept it medium-size short… Enjoy!

  1. For those who’d like to look at a shady knight for a change, allaboutarmitage has lots of Raymond de Merville screen caps
  2. What A Guy Wants by nfcomics dishes out sandwiches of a particular kind
  3. Spookyphysco takes a look at Richard’s eye-acting in TH
  4. Deepestfirefun has an in-te-res-ting manip for your delectation. Imagine this is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning… 
  5. Something for the ArmPitage Army… by fizzy-custard
  6. So much porn… eh… Porter in this gif set by e-ripley: hand, eyelash, smile, thumb, complete-big-body porn… UNF
  7. Kahlissi, I can only say that I have been hit by lightning…
  8. No sooner have we got the trailer for BS 2×04, and ofgreengables has put together some pretty Trevor…
  9. Have we already had this statement by pixiedurango? If so, I think it’s worth posting again *ggg*
  10. In case everything is going wrong, here’s the perfect #FML meme for you, courtesy of smoops-and-smoops
  11. And I really had to laugh out loud at smoops-and-smoops “modern day subtitles” #waistband fuck ROFL
  12. I always love hearing how other people discovered/fell for RA, so here is one such a short post by nowiloveandwilllove
  13. For those of you into fan fiction, fizzy-custard has been busy. Warning: this is NSFW and RPF, so don’t like – don’t read!!!
  14. Ooh, the second of the two images of Trevor in 2×04 (?) posted by ausschweifendemotte is new to me
  15. Nor sure why, but there’s something about Daniel’s little smile in this gif from BS 2×03 by ghisborne

Have a nice rest of Sunday, everyone!

Guylty ❤️


7 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #38

  1. Trends aside… it’s kind of fun to check out your crafting haul! I like the little picture frames. And are those comedy and tragedy masks?
    Those modern day hashtags over N&S are hilarious! Or hellafine!


    • The picture frames will definitely find their way into some shrines, I can already say that much. Comedy/tragedy masks? Nope, not sure which bits you were referring to, but the oval bits (in both pictures) are actually cameos.
      I loved the hashtag subtitles for N&S. I’d love to see more of that.


  2. smirkey smirk smirk LOL… i like modern day JT 😉
    an the haul is amazing, looooove the Christmas stuff!!! same here, crafty stuff not easy to find and on the pretty expensive side , will be curious to see there the bits and bobs end up :-))))
    And Trevor is looking very good indeed!


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