2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #39

So much for my streak of daily posts… *sigh*. Today I don’t have any extras for you, but at least it comes at its usual time. So let’s just jump right in. This week’s tumblr round-up, ladies…

  1. I don’t really know the context of this post by smoops-and-smoops, but it made me chuckle
  2. “Flannel and beard rocking the dad style” 😂  – well, whatever, still nice to look at. Set of pictures of Daddy Cahalan in BoF, by pixiedurango
  3. Jesus, I get dizzy just looking at Guy when he is *not* spinning. Gif by smoops-and-smoops
  4. A new Armitage-only tumblr – fittingly called accidentallyfangirl
  5. Daniel meeting Esther behind the pallets. Gif set by riepu10
  6. And drldeboer summarises BS 2×04 and illustrates with lots of screencaps
  7. This one is a total must-see: Major hand-porn alert, courtesy of ofgreengables
  8. The master of intense staring… pic set by ausschweifendemotte of Trevor Price, BS 2×04
  9. Ghisborne gives us lots of profile love – moving!
  10. Queenoferebor1204 asks why she finds this so hot… Hint: Could be the man in the pictures?
  11. Nfcomics provides some fun again with What a Guy Wants
  12. Wow – if you watch kuwentista’s gif set of RA ca. 2011, you’ll get an idea what it must be like to have him in front of the camera for a photo shoot
  13. Belatedly – happy Halloween with vampire Daniel, courtesy of riepu10
  14. And some more by kahlissi
  15. This one by lady-jessica-9 is for me – Daniel without beard…
  16. Here’s a drabble for Gisborne’s ladies… short, but effective. By xxbyimm
  17. Any Robin Hood fans out there? There are plans for a secret santa under way. Apply via rhsecretsanta

That’s it for this week. But wait, I’ll leave you with a little appetizer for the imminent next instalment of BS2. New cast photo of RA as Daniel Miller.

Why so grumpy, Daniel? We like you.

And a screenshot from a little “Inside Look” video on the Epix website for BS (scroll down to bottom).

“More muscular show”? I bet… but please show me the evidence, Richard…

Love & kisses,

Guylty ❤️


11 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #39

  1. Thanks for the roundup. #1 is as if an achievement in a video game. I like the story in #15… only two chapters so far. I still have to avoid some of the BS links since we’re two episodes behind in Canada. Episode 3 airs Monday.


  2. Daniel meeting Esther behind the pallets.. now if that’s not a fanfic waiting to be written, i don’t know what is! Somebody please action this! 🙂
    Goodies, goodies and thank you for them.
    Nice photo that, but why i am am so fixated on his hips and thighs??


    • Indeed, there is a fan fic in that… BTW – where is all the Daniel Miller fan fic??? Methinks we have just identified a niche, if not a gap in the market…
      Yep, the thighs. Probably because of the extra tight jeans, which are kind of unusual on a man? (Or just because you are fixated on what’s in between? *evillaugh*)

      Liked by 1 person

      • LOL i always wondered, what are we women supposed to be attracted by according to science? I think it’s hair and brawny structure, broad shoulders and such. He’s an all round satisfier but the thigh hip area with him is unusually interesting 🙂 The jeans just emphasise it :-))
        and yes, i think now we’ve got finally enough Daniel ‘meat’ on the bones of the character for some side-stories 🙂 I still love the ‘couple’ Daniel, Esther. Probably because i really really like her too and i want them together in one way or another. I haven’t taken to many of his female counterparts in the past.


        • Well, Esther is a strong female character, and that certainly makes her an attractive counterpart.
          As for what attracts us in men – it’s probably less the outside than what is underneath. But yeah, the cavewoman in me looks at primary markers such as shoulders, muscles and hair in the right places. Allround satisfier – hehe, ahem.

          Liked by 1 person

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