2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #40

Only a short intro today because you have a hell of a round-up to get through! And because I am distracted by a) a new set of visitors, b) preparations for my birthday tea tomorrow (plenty of baking to be done), and c) a re-read of a fantastic Porter fan fic entitled Absolution by khandy aka Kate Forrester. I was reminded of it thanks to the latest post on The Armitage Authors Network about khandy’s journey from fan fic to original fic. If you haven’t read Absolution yet, I recommend that you do. She gets Porter so well, the OFC is a strong female lead, and the story is suspenseful and well-written. You can read it HERE. I have only just realised that there are two other RA-based fan fics by khandy that I don’t think I have read yet. Hooray!

Now for the round-up…

  1. The holy Trinity, as edited by deepestfirefun
  2. smoops-and-smoops is really cheeky with this take on Richard’s baritone voice…
  3. A fair point made by tea2go about BS. I completely agree (even though I somehow always get stuck reading the subtitles…) What do you say?
  4. John Porter never really gets old, which is why I am including pixiedurango’s post here
  5. Thorin fan art by everybery
  6. For those of you who like Bagginshield, my-currend-obsession-shit has a fan fic recommendation
  7. Short, but life-is-righteous says it all
  8. Riepu10 gets her teeth into Dr Scott White… gif set from Sleepwalker
  9. Fandomgalcentral asks for feedback on a potential fan fic series to include BS. So yeah, finally some BS fan fic!!!
  10. Tormented heroes? Ladymofgisborne posts Guy and Lucas
  11. Opening scene of BS 2×05, giffed by riepu10
  12. Disregard the blood – I am only leaving this here for the eyelash porn… screencap by ausschweifendemotte
  13. Those quotes combined with caps from NS never feel old. By obscurelittlebird
  14. Tbh, I am including this here for the gif, not really the comments. Via awww-brain-no
  15. A recap of BS 2×05 with pictures, compiled by drldeboer
  16. How to put sunglasses on and look ridiculously hot while doing it. Can you guess who that is? Gif set by queenoferebor1204
  17. Ok, this is NSFW. I repeat, NSFW! Raymond de Merville fan fic by abiwim. You have been warned. NSFW!
  18. Just because Daniel in BS 2×05 was quite something to look at. Gifs by riepu10
  19. And more 2×05 Daniel by queenoferebor1204
  20. LOL – this spoof cover re Middleearth by fandoms-u-nite
  21. There seems to be a whole flurry of new fan fic writers on tumblr. Fandomgalcentral is one of them. I haven’t read this fic yet, but here is part one of a GuyxFem!reader fic
  22. I loved this little anecdote from striving-artist, particularly for the last line…
  23. Appeal for submissions of anything RA for thorincuddlez’ blog 
  24. Dreamy? Dirty? What do you think? By momochanners
  25. The answer to deepestfirefun’s question is a resounding YES! 
  26. And I will finally leave it at this. Because it’s true. By smoops-and-smoops

RA in full glory and Glamour Mag 

Enjoy your weekend, guys!

Guylty ❤️


23 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #40

  1. Thanks for the great selection of things to read and drool over. Hope your tea party goes well. I am sure it will if you are serving home-made baked goods.


  2. Aarrgh again! Now I’ve missed wishing you happy Birthday. 🎂🍰

    And after such a great roundup too. All the Daniel makes me kinda wistful as I’m still waiting to see season one. The DVDs are nearly here though, unless Amazon are having me on.

    Loved the triple choc chip cookie of #1, and JP, and the tormented heroes. Everything else as well, in fact.

    Thanks for searching out all these goodies for us.


    • Not to worry Jenny – the birthday was already at the beginning of November. It just took me a while to get the party organised 😉
      I love finding all these gems, too…


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