2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #41

Jeepers, is it just me or are these ads getting bigger?

I mean, it’s several weeks now since I downloaded Jekyll/Hyde, and Richard’s face is getting bigger… Well, the size of the ads is. Not really complaining, though. I am getting used to seeing him on every page I land on… Could be worse.

I am currently hosting my RL RA fan friend from Berlin. Which means that I get to talk about Richard a lot, and we are watching some of RA’s back catalogue. The other day we put on Strike Back ep 5 + 6. It kind of put my current quibbles with Daniel Miller’s characterisation in BS in sharp relief. “Sergeant John Porter, forged on a Northern estate.” Maybe so. But boy, the man has presence, both physically and in terms of assertiveness and authority. And six episodes in, he is so much more of a character than Daniel, with all his flaws and his strengths. And a definite lead. Just sayin’… I miss him.

Anyway, here we go with this week’s roundup:

  1. Ok, just because I am compiling this on Guy Day, here is some Guy love via Riepu *s_x on legs*
  2. Smoops-and-smoops has got another funny gif for you. Utter hotness, right
  3. I think this gif of Daniel and Esther needs to be preserved for eternity. Thanks to clematis70 for archiving it
  4. Any requests for Thorin fan fics to be directed to thorincuddlez. Just sayin’
  5. I read this more as a “free hugs here, girls” gesture, but well… Gif by tinkertailor1212
  6. I am back on a fan fic run at the moment, and pixiedurango has started something that I really liked. A Daniel/Trevor fan fic. Here is part 1. Show her some love so we get more…
  7. And you know, what, moonlightfantasia? It doesn’t get any better. I still have that going on – five bloody years in!
  8. Massive thank you to ofgreengables for this Daniel fan service
  9. Drldeboer summerises episode 6 of BS – with gifs, too
  10. LOL – yeah, it’s certainly educational, watching Richard Armitage… Thanks for the lesson, pixiedurango
  11. Murmil’s caps of Daniel in ep 6 of BS may shed more light on the commando situation…
  12. Sorry for multiple pixiedurango mentions in this round-up, but I really enjoyed her BS 2×06 review (mainly because she’s very close to my own opinion). Have a read
  13. Just archiving this… Gif by deepestfirefun
  14. Mezzmerizedbyrichard has my official blessing for all future “necessary close-ups”
  15. Some caps of Daniel in BS 2×06 by queenoferebor1204. Too gorgeous for his own good, indeed
  16. Lucky screen grab by queenoferebor1204 – and yes, we are sure, Richard. You are gorgeous!
  17. And finally – yes John, sure… meme by smoops-and-smoops

Hope you enjoyed this.

Little warning re. next week: Not sure if I will make it for the round-up. I’ll be in London for a few days, returning on Saturday. Wish me luck for a photography gig on Thursday night… I haven’t had Marky Mark on an official assignment for a while, and certainly not with flash attached, so I need good vibes 📸

Enjoy your weekend,

Guylty ❤️


16 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #41

  1. I agree: for all the problems with Strike Back, we knew at every single moment what was at stake for John Porter. It created a strong structure for the story. In many ways, it was conventional (as Armitage said of his initial impression of the script, “a bog standard soldier’s story,”) but it never lacked meaning. There were things that we knew Porter would never do. I don’t feel that way about Daniel at all; he has no “center.”

    I got a mean comment on one of my recaps from last season this week, but it made me think a lot about the Patricia/Max storyline. It wasn’t ever filled out satisfactorily, but it did serve to ground Daniel, in a way. We knew there was something very concrete he cared about, at least a little. (It also made me think: why hasn’t he taken Hector to task for all of that — it was the worst possible form of using.)

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    • You are nailing it – conventional, yes. But Porter was clearly defined, had meaning and center. All of which Daniel does not have. Sure, things like his cousin and nephew in there, served to give us some idea of what he is like. But these snippets were never developed any further. They appear to be thrown to us, like little crumbs to keep us happy. Not enough, imo. And the fact that Patricia and Max have been completely ignored this season, is a really bad oversight. At the end of last season, it looked as if Daniel and family were going to have to be on the run from the CIA forever. With Patricia having played quite a big part in the last couple of episodes of the season, it would have made sense to refer back to her at the beginning of this season – even if only in passing – as a way of connecting the seasons. But ok, I am obviously too conventional for this show…


  2. Grateful thanks as always for all the goodies. I did enjoy them indeed, especially #1, but then I’m biased, aren’t I?

    Sending good vibes from me too for your London trip. Hope you have a great time as well as a successful assignment.


    • Thank you Tommie – you are boosting my confidence. (And that is needed – I just so *hate* having to shoot with on-camera flash. Give me a studio or let me shoot daylight… but event photography *shudders*…)


  3. Strike Back might not be a great movie, but John Porter is a round character, I fell in love with him over and over again. Unfortunately, this is not the case with DM. Sending good vibes, I’m sure you will do great in London!


    • John Porter was a slow burn for me. Of course I liked that he was the hero of the piece, but it took me a while to get beyond the fact that he was a soldier. But eventually I completely fell for him. As you say – he is a rounded character. Whether we know many facts about his life, is not important – we know his character from the way the writers are making him act. With compassion, with intelligence, with spontaneity, with ruthlessness if necessary. There are conflicting emotions seen in his character, as well as deep feelings that go beyond a superficial quick reaction. He is so well rounded, indeed, that I came to admire him, *despite* his army credentials. However trashy the source material may have been, the show managed to create him as a multi-faceted person, brilliantly acted by RA. It’s a crying shame that RA hasn’t been given such material to work with this time round.


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