2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #42

‘Marky Mark’ in full glory, with battery grip, flash and external battery pack attached

Anybody there? With Thanksgiving and Black Friday around, I assume many people will be offline this weekend. At the time of writing this (currently 5.30pm, Friday afternoon), I am not sure whether this post will be online on time, either. I am in London, and I am about to go to the theatre tonight with Hariclea, watching Martin Freeman on stage. I have come over on business again, and this time it was truly, truly nerve-wrecking and exciting. The company I work for organised an industry award, and Thursday night was the gala dinner/award ceremony. I had been asked over as the official photographer. I cannot tell you how nervous I was. Yes, I *do* have legit qualifications as a photographer. I have the gear, too (bumped up by the loan of some equipment from a photographer friend), and I certainly know what I need to do to set exposure and shutter speed. But with photography, I have learnt, you can never be sure. In my experience, no shoot *ever* goes the way you think it will go. No matter how thoroughly you have planned. And of course it played out exactly like that on Thursday. The battery pack I had borrowed in order to get multiple flash firing, did not work. Nightmare! I was sweating blood and water. Well, mainly the latter – there was a drinks reception to cover, some general shots of the venue and the gala dinner all set up, then an awards ceremony where 14 awards were handed over – which meant 14 x 4 pictures with the celebrity guest (who was handing over the awards) and the winners. Despite the battery pack failure, I managed with the single fire flash – until award #14 (the most important of all, of course), where the recovery time for the flash had become so long that I simply couldn’t keep celebrity + winner hold hands any longer to get another shot in… By the end of the evening I was exhausted, drenched in sweat and smelly. All I wanted was to lie down and sleep. Event photography is exhausting – staying focussed, getting all the shots, knowing where to be and how to shoot… If I had to do this all the time, I could book myself in for a heart transplant! That muscle is worn out! Not to mention my arm muscles. 2 kilos worth of tech for 5 hours – that counts as a work-out, right? Anyhow, I haven’t had time to check the photos yet, but I hope I got what was needed…

Ok, you didn’t want to know that… so here’s this week’s round-up, brought to you fresh from London…

  1. Well, my birthday is just over, so make that a Christmas wish and I am in. Quipped by nowiloveandwilllove
  2. Erebor-kingdom on Richard becoming more popular (?) and Funko Pop!Thorin
  3. Obscurelittlebird pairs pictures of Mr Thornton with tweets
  4. I love those photo collections where RA/chaRActer is put into some kind of context. Here is modern Thorin/biker Richard by maybetomorrowgirl
  5. Thanks to smoops-and-smoops for this gif of RA/Thorin dishing out the sandwiches – I don’t remember seeing this at all…
  6. Daniel has opened a bottle of Riesling. Or is that Richard pulling up his nose at that??? Gifs by riepu10
  7. Quick comparison: Richard, advertising, taxis and BS. Put together by armitageadmirer
  8. Awwww… Stardust sprinkled Thorin… Fan art by everybery
  9. We definitely need the gifs of awkward Daniel cutesy-whootsy smiling in his tighty underpants. Thanks, ghisborne!
  10. I’ve said it before – I love seeing glimpses of my fellow fans’ life. Here’s a look at fizzy-custard’s wall decoration. Have you got Richard on your wall?
  11. This is such a cool idea by pixiedurango… Let’s call it a “railway meme”…
  12. Cute is not really a word I *usually* associate with Mr Thornton, but how cute is this? Fan art by myrichandleefanart
  13. Drldeboer summarises episode 7 of BS + pictures
  14. Pixidurango’s Carpe Noctem – a Daniel fan fic – has gone to part 2 and 3. Linking here to part 2. It’s good!!!
  15. Maybetomorrowgirl again with a picture set of business man Richard/Thorin
  16. Yup, such mornings would put me into a good mood. Picture set by queenoferebor1204
  17. Ok, and we need this in close-up and forever. Screen caps of Daniel waking up by shikin83
  18. The stuff to feed a thousand fantasies, courtesy of ofgreengables
  19. Riepu10 has put Daniel/Trevor into a nice pic set

Leaving it at this. Hope you have enjoyed that.

Belated Thanksgiving greetings to those of you who ‘gooble’ 😉

Guylty ❤️


16 thoughts on “2017 Armitage Weekly Round-up #42

  1. I’m glad to be awake because this round-up was fun to complete! Thank you. May you and Hariclea have a lovely time at the the theatre.


  2. I have a John Procter/The Crucible poster professionally framed on our hallway wall and a large box frame (with the items from the recent auction ) waiting to be hung on the dining room wall, eyebrows were raised slightly when my husband saw the personalised photograph ( it hadn’t been displayed before although I have had it several years lol ) he really can’t object after his generous birthday gift of the Love, Love, Love memorabilia.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe, so Armitage is creeping from the hallway into the dining room now? Watch out, Mr Yve – before you know it, Armtage will turn up on the bedroom wall 😉… In my house, Sir Guy and Thorin have made it into the kitchen and my office. And an assortment of plushies is on temporary display in the sitting room… Mr Guylty is biting his tongue, I think…


  3. Ode To Daniel Waking Up

    Wake up, you sleepy head,
    it’s time to get out of bed.
    Wait a minute,
    What am I saying?
    Bed is where,
    He should be staying.
    It’s fun to watch him spying around town,
    But the scenery’s finer when he is lying down.

    Kathy Jones
    This ode dedicated to shiken83 (number 17)

    Liked by 3 people

      • Glad you liked it. You must be exhausted from your London adventurers.Hope you enjoyed the play(whatever it was) and your photography assignment went well, despite technical difficulties.


        • Thank you Kathy. I still haven’t looked at the pictures (slightly scared, therefore postponing it…) but otherwise the trip was great. The play was ‘Labour of Love’ with Martin Freeman, and it was fantastic. Lots to laugh about, and Freeman is a brilliant comic actor.


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  5. Glad your shoot worked out okay despite glitches!

    re: the price of that Funko Pop — I don’t think it has anything to do with Armitage becoming more popular. All of them are gradually rising in price. Obviously this is also speculation as we’d have to have figures of how many items were made per character, but there was a huge frenzy of Armitage toy buying around TH: AU and to some extent TDOS. It was the first moment at which fans had been able to get merch since RH (with the exception of a few small but not very interesting things for Heinz Kruger, which were sort of hard to get at in comparison). Also, the Pops are intentionally limited in production numbers. That item in particular, among the many things available for purchase, was very popular among Armitage fangirls, and I think it’s not making it onto the resale market in the way that others might, for a few different reasons (more faithful fangirls, if you took it out of the package the amount you can resell for is much smaller, even if you get rid of all of your other Armitageabilia that is a nice, small, compact, nostalgic one to keep around).

    It’s a bit like the Heinz Kruger costume trading card for CA (it has a piece of Armitage’s costume on it). They are somewhat harder to find on eBay and when they’re available they go for a higher price than the other cards, even though they are from bigger stars. The dealer from whom I bought mine said he thought it might be a chase card, i.e., one with a smaller original printing, but I also know a number of fans who bought it only because he was on it and they won’t let it go. That’s the kind of thing that tends to be forgotten entirely when a fandom fades. So the Armitage fangirls are probably holding the price artificially high, so to speak, for the remainder of Captain America fans.


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