I Lieu of a Review…

When the review doesn’t come, silliness sets in. Guylty was sniffing around in waste paper bins again. This time she came across an early draft (as seen by the strike-throughs) from a revelatory article in the most obnoxious of tabloids, The RAg. Check this out:

Here’s the image again:

Looks like an amateurish botch job to me. I have no idea how The RAg could have fallen for this… It’s obviously a rip off of this similar image:

Sorry, silly. All in lieu of a review – it’s just not flowing for me today…


56 thoughts on “I Lieu of a Review…

  1. i guess you missed the pilot for Milwaukee Station. They’re all looking for some lost sausage, except Valerie, who is hiding the sausage and then burns the sausage plant.

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  2. I don’t think they’ve even come close to exhausting interesting locations in Berlin, however, although they have spent most of their time this season in just a few places. I think they blew their filming budget on visually impressive non-Berlin locations. Which has been a big disappointment to me, as I didn’t sign up for Europe Station.

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  3. The rag I read said the third season will be called “Grand Central Station” . Most of the action will take place on trains, with Esther and Daniel going through a lot of symbolic tunnels.

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  4. I think what interests me is that Honolulu is one of the more ethnically diverse places in the U.S. because of all of the Asian immigration. It’s one of the more ethnically intermarried / intermixed locations we have, and the history of the place means that you have Asian-Americans in really significant positions of social and political power, more so than in most of the rest of the U.S. except maybe LA and NYC. So a realistic show about Hawaii has to involve a lot of Asian(-American) characters; it just doesn’t work otherwise. But then it starts to get complex — in the 70s you get non-Asians playing Asian characters alongside Asians playing Asian characters, and tussles over the fact that the Asians all get paid less and are annoyed about all the racial / racist stereotypes. And now we have this show again, probably because people my age and a little older remember it is as this very iconic and visually interesting piece of TV that can be rebooted for a younger generation that is much more interested in the ethnic diversity of the show than we might have been, and once again we replay the whole discussion about who can play the Asian characters and how much they will be paid. Like: it’s just astounding to me that the studio didn’t agree to pay the Korean-American actors at parity with their white counterparts. Not least because they are probably more essential to the representations the show make than the white ones.


    • Thanks for your answer. From my european point of view I only see very different kind of people acting and never looked deeper in any possible difficulties.
      But when I read about the exit of Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park I was really annoyed because it’s so unfair and unwarranted!!!

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      • The Asian-American actor community might point out (and I think this is right) that we don’t look deeply enough — Americans, too. I find the tensions that underlie an apparently harmonious production interesting. For instance, I remember vividly a character called “Zulu” on the original Hawaii 5-0, but apparently the actor was really miserable in the role: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilbert_Lani_Kauhi

        I’m sad that so little has changed.

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