Gift-Buying with Guylty Pleasure BUT without Guilty Conscience

Still not ready for a review, but very much immersed in the spirit of the season. Less than four weeks now to Christmas – have you got your presents sorted? I have been buying most of my presents online this year, and I suspect that I have spent a small fortune. Yet, I do not feel guilty because I have generated donations with my purchases by accessing Amazon via RAnet‘s associate links. If you are planning on ordering something from Amazon, please take the detour via Ali’s site and click on the links to, and which are displayed on the landing page(see screenshot right). Whatever you buy on Amazon on that particular session, will earn a commission for Ali, i.e. 5-6% of the purchase price will go to RAnet. Ali is donating 100% of these commissions to Richard’s charities, and to date you and her have generated the staggering amount of £12,250 (€13,700 / $16,300) in donations.

Since we are still in the last hours of the whole Cyber Monday shebang, I’d like to take the opportunity and point out that Society6 and Redbubble are still offering discounts on their sites, too. I am operating my own little donation-generation scheme there, with all commissions earned with my designs pledged to charity, too. So if you are thinking of getting a gift for a fellow fan – or if indeed you are thinking of spoiling yourself with a RA-related gift, have a look at what is on offer there. Society6 has 25% off everything! I have recently re-uploaded the designs in higher res and new products have become available. That backpack is still high on my list.

Guylty’s Society6 Store

Redbubble is extending Cyber Monday until midnight PT tonight, save 20% sitewide. Use code CYBER20.

Guylty’s Redbubble Shop

If none of my designs are to your liking, make a fellow fan happy and buy *their* fan art. That doesn’t generate a donation, but you’d be supporting a poor artist instead 😉 . Here are some of my favourite pieces of Armitage-related originals to buy on Society6, put together in this handy collection:


And for those of you who are skint: Don’t fret. You shall have some RA-related fun gifts, too. Guylty is gearing up for another “12 days of Christmas” scheme like last year.

There, ready for Christmas? I am… 🎄



7 thoughts on “Gift-Buying with Guylty Pleasure BUT without Guilty Conscience

    • oooh – I got notification that there were sales. Cheers, Helen – collecting the donations until later and will then donate them in one batch.
      Oh, hope the things will turn out nice. I know that the templates do not quite work as well with my designs on Redbubble. Society6 somehow works better. Hope you’ll not be disappointed!


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  2. Grrrr, already bought presents for my friends and they are, mostly, already wrapped up. I will put them S6 on my list for next year’s presents 😀


  3. Ich habe noch gar keine Geschenke 😦 sollte jetzt mal langsam in die Pötte kommen…..
    Für meine Jungs ist diese Fan collection allerdings eher weniger geeignet 🙂


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