Christmas Countdown for Richard’s Fans

Hooray, December is here. Do you have an advent calendar? I used to get one, a hand-made different model every year, and filled with sweets and little presents by my mum. I think I had the last advent calendar when I was 25… And nowadays, it is me who makes an advent calendar every year for my children. (I’m lucky that they insist on re-using the big Christmas stockings I made for them years and years ago – that makes the whole procedure much easier.) – This year I also received a chocolate advent calendar from a PR agency I work with on a regular basis. A much appreciated gift in Christmas-challenged Ireland…

So, in the spirit of the season Guylty has decided to make a little pressie for you. A Christmas countdown – or advent calendar – that will hopefully  cheer you every day.

The above is just a screen shot because unfortunately the below calendar doesn’t import properly on WordPress which unfortunately also doesn’t allow any plug-ins even though I am bloody paying for a premium account 😡 So please bookmark the following link which will take you straight to my RAdvent CalendRA: HERE. You may have to scroll on the site a bit, or adjust the zoom on your screen to get a full-screen overview over the calendar. Click on the little door to open it – the contents will appear in a separate window on top of the calendar.

A new little sweetie every day… to make time pass quicker until the big day. I hope you will enjoy my cheeky fun. The doors activate only on the day, so today only door #1 can be opened…

Let me know if it works and what you think. Enjoy!


37 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown for Richard’s Fans

  1. This is the sweetest thing ever! Thank you so much!

    My Mum used to send an advent calender until I was 31 and she didn’t make it in time that year. She was so sad but I told her not to worry about it and used the refillable one she sent the year prior. Since then I’m in charge of the advent calender for Mr R an myself. (No kids yet, unfortunately.)

    I somehow miss being surprised by what to find in the respective “door” of the day since I put the stuff in there but it is still one of those traditions I don’t want to part with.


    • Same here, Luscinnia – I am glad that I have children to make an advent calendar for. Well, if it wasn’t for them, I’d make one for Mr Guylty.
      One of the best presents I ever got for my birthday was from a good friend of mine who made me an advent calendar. It wasn’t so much the daily present that I was so thrilled with; it was the fact that I thought of my friend and our friendship every day…

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  2. It’s working for me! I think the pop-up said I could make my own, but my German is rather limited …

    I sent my new granddaughter her first Advent calendar this year, so a landmark event.


    • Oh, does it? Ah, do you only get a pop-up ad or also a direct link or an interactive picture of my RAdvent CalendRA? (I hope it isn’t just advertising – I actually paid the site for having the ads removed…)
      Hehe, well done on the landmark!!


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    • Advent calendars are great, no matter what age. I got one this year again from a PR company I regularly deal with – filled with chocolates. The Armitage Calendar is sweet – without the calories *yum*

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  4. That is a real nice treat for us, thank you so much!
    I love advent calendars and we have a family calendar for the four of us, a chocolate filled one and one which is sponsored by the local Lions Club. You have every day the chance to win a price donated by several supporting stores and companies.
    And now, I additionally have an eye-candy for every day waiting for christmas…!


  5. I hope I am not too late to lavish praise on you for the lovely calendar. I seem to be a few days behind on everything computer-related. I will try to catch up on the roundup today. You are amazing.


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